Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Starting a Prosperity Challenge

Want to know who's who in Silvervale? Check out the Profile Pages! -------------->(updated May 20, 2010)
Welcome to Silvervale! Here's the hood at the end of Round 7!

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The Main page was getting cluttered! Now that Blogger has added static pages, it makes it much easier to keep things somewhat organized without having to forward-date posts and keep them at the top. Anyway, I've set up pages for: Past Rounds' Table of Contents; the Score Sheets; and Silvervale Profile Pages. The Current Round entries is still listed at the bottom of this post. I'm planning to start doing some round recaps so that new readers don't have to read every individual entry to catch up if they don't want to... that's the next project on the list.

Looking for Rounds 1-10? TOC here!
Round 11
Pushard: Far East Vacation
Teer (1): Passtimes
Eich (1): Popular
Devivio (1): Moving Home
Hoppes (1):Top Notch
University Part 1: Debauchery
Devivio (2): Love at First Sight
Devivio (3): True Love
Devivio (4): Growing up
Eich (2): Too Cute
Teer (2): Over Exposure
Wade: The Teen Scene
University Part 2: Debauchery DeuxCormier: Under-achieving
Devivio (5): Family Matters
Hoppes (2): Daddy's Girl
*Cooper/Tanaka: Uptown Girl
*Lee: One Track Mind
*Devivio (6): Pleasurable Pursuits
*Smith: Rough Start

Round 11 Recap
Round 12:
Pushard: Tough Choices
Teer (1): Rockin' Out
Eich (1): Caught Red Handed
Devivio (1): MOAR babies
Hoppes (1): Are you Feelin' Lucky?
Devivio (2): Puppy Love
Devivio (3)
Devivio (4)
Eich (2):
Teer (2):
Devivio (5):
Hoppes (2):
Devivio (6):
*Devivio (7):

Some arbitrary rules I'm setting for myself:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teer 2 (R12)

Last Round, Wesley and Jeannie took surprisingly good care of their two little girls. Wesley was still pretty self-absorbed though and still haven't realized that Phoebe doesn't really look too much like the Teer side of the family, nor does she much resemble her mother. During her maternity leave, Jeannie took up writing, and gardening. After a too-high dose of pesticide exposure, she turned into a plant sim. Over the course of the round, both Wendy and Phoebe transitioned into lovely young ladies. Will Jeannie and Wes curb their cheating ways now that the girls are old enough to know what's going on? Lets see...

 Pictured (clockwise from left): Jeannie Vijayakar, Wesley Teer, Phoebe Vijayakar, Wendy Vijayakar

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eich 2 (R12)

Aaaaand we're back

Last round, Kana gave birth to her alien spawn whom they named Ziggy who grew up into an adorable toddler.  Mistress of the Night, a.k.a. Auntie Tia turned out to be a great nocturnal babysitter for both Zora and Ziggy despite thinking she'd spend eternity doing interesting things.  At the end of the round, Angelica discovered that she was pregnant.  ((I played this house in February 2012 according to the dates on the screenshots... it's been two and a half years, I'm not sure I remember what exactly went on so I'm going to wing it, lol!)

Eich (lot 9)  Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (from left): Tia Eich, Kana [Wong] Eich, Angelica Eich, Zora Eich, Ziggy Eich

Saturday, August 9, 2014

a Silvervale renaissance?

Well hello!  I'm not sure anyone is still watching this blog but I wanted to say -- thanks to Origin, I can play TS2 again :)

Back in, oh... February 2012 (that's when my last TS2 screenshot is dated) my older Windows Vista computer began having issues.  When I got a new computer it had Windows 8 and I honestly didn't want to jump through the hoops of getting TS2 to work on it.  Sims in general kinda fell off my radar...

Last month, Origin was having the SIMS 2 ultimate collection for free to anyone with a Sims game registered.  And, best of all it works with Windows 8!!!!

So anyway, Silvervale might be making a comeback because I really miss my sim-babies.  I have the 'hood installed and working in my new game, and just finished reading through my own blog from the beginning to reacquaint myself.  I have screencaps from two houses on my backup drive that I played 2 and a half years ago and haven't blogged yet, lol!  

A lot of other things have changed (we just moved in to our new home) so things around here are super busy.  But I can't wait to start playing again :). I might even blog those two found households if I can remember what happened.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Devivio 4 (R12)

Last time we visited Kurt, Brittany and the kids, not much went on.  Kurt and Brittany aged into elders and the twins got admitted into the private school.  At the end of the round, Tabitha decided to for-go college and transition into adulthood along with her boyfriend Timothy.  Lets see what happens this round

Devivio (Lot 8) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Brittany [Upsnott] Devivio, Kurt Devivio, Nicholas Devivio, Jaina Devivio, Germain Devivio

Friday, February 24, 2012

Devivio 3 (R12)

Last time at the third Devivio house in the rotation, Gibson and Kay were super social. Gibson took advantage of having "cool" parents and often spent late nights out with his group of friends. He continued to date townie, Allyn. With the help of Alec Bigfoot, Carla continued to work at the flower shop and ended up getting it to Level 6. Alec also got promoted to TOC music, fulfilling his LTW in the process. All of the cats continued to work toward the top of their careers so that Connor could fulfill his LTW.

Devivio (Lot 7) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (clockwise from top left) Connor Johnson, Carla Devivio, Alec Bigfoot, Gibson Devivio, Kay Devivio
Cats: Snickers, Heath, Heidi, Sebastian, Snolanna, Sweets
((I had to photoshop Kay in there because she didn't fit with all the damn cats!))

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Devivio 2 (R12)

Apologies for not updating much lately... I got TS3 for Christmas and I've been playing it a lot :p I'm definitely not giving up TS2, but now I have to divide my time between them. Also, if you're interested, I have a Tumblr where I post random pics, it's much less commitment than blogging so I feel like I'm much more active there, feel free to follow if you'd like :) Now on to the update...

Last time we visited Flora and Annatto, they were raising their first son, Camron, and more puppies for Annatto's LTW. Flora discovered she was pregnant with another bundle of joy. Jack met Kimi Tanaka from Rosebud and fell head over heels for her, at the end of the round he moved out to be with Kimi. Camron transitioned into a very cute child, and Flora gave birth to another boy that they named Ferris (who turned out to be a personality clone of Camron). Lets see how they get on this round.

Devivio (lot 6) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left) Flora Devivio holding Ferris, Annatto Eich, Camron Devivio, Dogs: Benny and Sandi

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hoppes (R12)

Last time at the Hoppes household, with both Lorraine and Sierra working non-stop, Sierra's salon reached level 10. Sierra celebrated by buying Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. The twins grew up into adorable, but mean, toddlers... then into children later in the round. Lorraine received the Corner Store, a robotics shop, for her graduation present, then headed off to university. Sierra ended the round pregnant.

Hoppes (lot 5) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Serena [Teer] Hoppes, Sierra [Seiff] Hoppes, Marty Hoppes, Amar Hoppes, Jennifer Hoppes, Biff Hoppes

Monday, December 12, 2011

Devivio (R12)

Last time at the Devivio house, Frank moved back home with his girlfriend, Whitney, and twin sister, Magenta, in tow. Frank and Whitney tied the knot and soon had their first (of 6) children, a girl named Veronica. Magenta also realized she was pregnant with James Pushard's baby, and gave birth to her first (of 6), a son named Frederick. Eddie continued dating Byron Wade and caught the unwanted attention of Byron's mom. Frank also reached TOC in the music career earning a bonus that will put him closer to his LTW of earning 100,000 simoleans

Devivio (lot 4) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (from left): Guy Devivio, Sofia [Teer] Devivio holding Veronica, Whitney [Alioto] Devivio, Frank Devivio, Eddie Devivio

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eich (R12)

Revenge is a re-run tonight (/lame) so I'm doing a blog post instead... Maybe 2 if I can stand typing out two posts on our crappy laptop.

Last time at the Eich's, Alcea and Astilbe transitioned into teens, both declaring Popularity Aspirations. One of the dogs also gave birth to some puppies who were given up for adoption. That's about all that's about all that is exciting. This round, nothing really happened either... Just waiting for the twins to be old enough to go to uni.

Eich (lot 3) Monday-Saturday
pictured (from left): Roberto the Servo, Alcea Eich, Darren Eich, Astilbe Eich, Melody Eich
dogs: Dakota, Robin, Danish