Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Serena Teer

Serena (Teer) Hoppes is a Generation 1 CAS Toddler who is currently in the Elder stage of life. She resides with her husband, Amar Hoppes, their son, Marty and his wife, Sierra, their daughter Lorraine, and grandchildren, Jennifer and Biff. Serena is the daughter of Clayton and Kelly Teer.

Serena (Teer) Hoppes

Sign: Scorpio
Personality: 6 neat /5 outgoing /8 active / 3 playful /3 nice
Generation: 1

Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: Become a Game Designer (achieved)
Secondary Aspiration: Popularity

Achievements: Greek House, Graduated SCL in Mathematics, TOC Gamer, Science Hobby Plaque, Tinkering Hobby Plaque, Gold Robotics Badge

Relatives (Teer Family Tree; Hoppes Family Tree):
Parents: Clayton Teer, Kelly Teer
Siblings: Sofia (Teer) Devivio, Addison Teer, Wesley Teer
Spouse: Amar Hoppes
Children: Emmett Hoppes, Marty Hoppes, Lorraine Hoppes

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