Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eich 1 (R11)

Last time at the Eich household, Alcea and Astilbe were cute toddlers who later grew up into adorable children. Anise was an overachieving fortune sim and went off to colleage with her beau, Keith. Melody and Darren both aged into elders. The dogs, Robin and Dakota had a little romp in the doghouse and are expecting a littler soonish. Lets see what happens this round

Eich (Lot 3) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (from left) Alcea Eich, Darren Eich, Melody Eich, Astilbe Eich
Jar Card: n/a this round

Like their neighbors, the Teers, Astilbe and Alcea were taking advantages of the last remaining vestiges of summer. Astible really enjoyed playing on the waterslide, he'd be sad when they had to close the pool for the winter

Alcea wasn't quite as much into the water slide, but she did regularly join her brother for a game of Marco Polo

The family also had something important to take care of with the beginning of a new school year. Darren invited over his old friend, the headmaster of the local private school

The Eich's had a long standing relationship with the private school, despite that they still went all out for their headmaster entertaining

After dinner Darren and the headmaster sat down to discuss world events over some espresso and dessert

it was no surprise that the yougest Eich children got accepted at the end of the night

While Melody was cleaning up, she heard some yelping from the living room

She discovered that the dog was giving birth to the new puppies

Two bouncing puppies were born in the Eich household that night. Alcea and Astilbe decided to name them Montana and Carolina

The next morning, Melody called the local humane society to give the puppies up for adoption... 5 pets, she decided, were just going to be too many to keep in the house

The officer promised that the pets would go to a good home

The weather got cold quickly that winter and snow started falling earlier than normal... Alcea and Astilbe traded the pool for a snowball fight

While the twins frolicked in the snow, Melody was making preparations for the twin's birthday party. All of the members of the Eich Family were invited

Flora Devivio, sister-in-law, and Annatto Eich, brother

Angelica Eich, Sister, and Kana Wong, sister in law

While the rest of the guests were arriving, the older siblings had the chance for some catch-up time

After everyone had arrived they all gathered in the kitchen to watch Alcea and Astilbe blow out their candles

Guests pictured (clockwise from left): Flora Devivio, Kana Eich, Anise Eich, Melody Eich, Angelica Eich, Serena Hoppes, Darren Eich, Keith Lee, Sofia Devivio, Brittany Wade

The twins grew up almost simultaneously

They even decided to declare the same aspiration

Astilbe Eich - Scorpio
Popularity (LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef)

Alcea Eich - Capricorn
Popularity (LTW: Have 20 Pet Best Friends)

They also both decided they liked members of the opposite sex ((I finally figured out how to roll gender preferences with ACR, lol)) albeit, older members of the opposite sex

The party went so late into the night that the police had to show up to tell them to quiet down

Despite the police rudely breaking up the party, everyone had a great time

the twins were quintessential popularity sims... Alcea was always primping in the mirror, she needed to be the hottest, most popular girl in school

Astilbe was also very conscious of his looks, he was always asking Darren for health tips, and to spot him at the punching bag

True to their aspirations, both Alcea and Astilbe constantly brought home friends from school. Astilbe really had the hots for one of Alcea's friends, named Abbey Cameron

Even though it was hard to tear the two girls out of their conversation, Astible finally managed to get Abbey alone, he was confident they would become fast friends, and hopefully more...

While Astilbe was getting to know Abbey, Alcea took the alone time to get better acquainted with their dogs... she had ignored them most of her life, but she really felt a fondness for the furry family members

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth:

((This household was actually a blast to play. I think the twins might have the most personality out of my sims. I also had a lot of fun inviting everyone over for the birthday party, I'm glad the Eich's have a large kitchen that can accommodate that many guests. I'm not sure about Alcea's LTW... I need to think about whether I want to attempt it or re-roll her in college. Re-rolling in college has really been biting me in the ass lately though because they roll a new aspiration with a LTW almost as bad as the original one -- i.e. Magenta re-rolling from 50 Dream Dates to Marry off 6 Children. Just one funny for you:

I guess this is what happens when you've been married to someone for so long eh? Anyway, we're off to the Devivio homestead next, stay tuned!))


jungfrun68 said...

20 pet best friends - I have one of those, and think about re-rolling. But as you say, will probably end up with something even worse - like 50 first dates

SK said...

You know my feelings on the 20 anything-related-to-pets LTWs. They are getting rerolled in uni, and I don't even care what they get as a replacement. I'd take another 20 simultaneous loves over raise 20 puppies or kittens any day!

Those teens have very bizarre eyebrows!! Nevertheless, they're both gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You can get extra points if the headmaster drinks coffee? I never knew.

And agreeing with SK, those teens are gorgeous.