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Eich 2 (R12)

Aaaaand we're back

Last round, Kana gave birth to her alien spawn whom they named Ziggy who grew up into an adorable toddler.  Mistress of the Night, a.k.a. Auntie Tia turned out to be a great nocturnal babysitter for both Zora and Ziggy despite thinking she'd spend eternity doing interesting things.  At the end of the round, Angelica discovered that she was pregnant.  ((I played this house in February 2012 according to the dates on the screenshots... it's been two and a half years, I'm not sure I remember what exactly went on so I'm going to wing it, lol!)

Eich (lot 9)  Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (from left): Tia Eich, Kana [Wong] Eich, Angelica Eich, Zora Eich, Ziggy Eich

Things were getting along well in the Eich household.  Kana and Angelica, and even Tia to some extent, were very content with their little budding family.  Everyone was amazed that Ziggy turned out to be such a quick learner

Ziggy especially learned to love his new friend, Sandi

Ziggy's toddlerhood flew by and soon it was time for him to transition into a child

He transitioned into an handsome young man with big, intelligent otherworldly eyes.

Zora and Ziggy were very playful children.  They were constantly able to amuse themselves and were very self sufficient.


They were both also very social children, always bringing home friends from school.

cousin, Ferris Devivio

Sometimes Ziggy wondered if he shared some heritage with his friend Dulcinea Devivio from across town, they got along great!

With Zora and Ziggy more grown up, Tia was able to escape the house in the evening to prowl around downtown.  Her most frequent haunt was the Crypt-O-Nightclub where she could often find her maker, the Countess, looking for new prey hanging out.  The countess definitely noticed that the quality of the patrons of the nightclub had diminished over the years

Lucky for the countess, her ridicoulsly good looking "children" weren't shy about coming to give her more tolerable company at the club

Tia and Mr. Big always managed to spice up the scene

With Tia out of the house more often, it was good that the kids were able to keep themselves entertained... because the family was about to add another member

Angelica gave birth to a bouncing baby boy they named Zain

Now that she had more energy and with spring on the horizon, Angelica decided it was time to get the family's vegetable patch in order

The weather was warming up quickly and soon the crops were growing out of control

She was spending so much time in the garden, and with the new baby, that she thought it would be a good idea to take the older children out to the park so they didn't feel neglected

At the park, Angelica also ran into her younger sister, Alcea.  It was nice to get the low-down on the goings on at the Eich homestead.

The beautiful weather attracted a lot of visitors to the park that day, even some from other towns

ohai Guillermo!

As Angelica and the kids were arriving home from the park, Kana was arriving home from work.  Angelica thought it would be nice to get a little private time before Zain's birthday later that evening

Then it was birthday time!

Zain Eich
Sagittarius 5/5/9/10/1

Zain immediately fell into step with his siblings and their activities

Everyone seemed to be happy to have a toddler around the house again, nobody could claim Zain was starved for attention

The following day brought another birthday to the Eich household.  This time Zora was transitioning into teenager-hood

She transitioned into a gorgous young adult who definitely favored the Eich side of the family.

Zora loved her family so much that she decided she wanted a big family of her own one day.  Hopefully she could do it with a handsomely dark and logical man (I don't have a screen shot of her gender preferences so this may be an assumption!), just as long as he didn't walk around in his underwear all the time

Zora Wong
Family (Become Education Minister)

Kana and Angelica were happy that Zora was so willing to help take care of her younger brothers

Unfortunately teenagers are pretty fickle and Zora didn't want to be babysitting 24/7...

Zain still got into trouble from time to time when the rest of the family's attentions were elsewhere.

Scoring: 1 point for Zain

Household Net-Worth: (no clue)

((Welp... Halfway through writing this entry, I found my sims notebook packed away in my desk supplies box -- did I mention we just moved??? -- Luckily for me, it had everyone's stats written down, unluckily for me it had no other information for this round.  So I just kinda winged it based on the order the pics were in.  I honestly didn't even remember Kana and Angelica had another baby until I reviewed the pictures, lol.  This is definitely it for them (unless they get oopsed) because I have so many sims in my hood it's a little crazy!!!  Not much else to say other than Zora is a beautiful teen, she definitely carries on the Eich genes well!  I'm a little rusty at this whole Sims blogging thing, so thanks for sticking with me!  Wesley, Jeannie, and the girls are up next...))

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