Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kana Wong

Kana Wong is the Generation 2 wife of Angelica Eich. She is currently in the Adult stage of life and resides with Angelica; their children, Zora, Ziggy, and Zain; and Angelica's Aunt, Tia Eich.

Kana Wong

Sign: Taurus
Personality: 5 neat /5 outgoing /3 active / 8 playful /4 nice
Generation: 2

Aspiration: Pleasure
Lifetime Want: Become a Celebrity Chef
Secondary Aspiration:

Achievements: GH, Secret Society, Graduated SCL in literature

Relatives (Eich Family Tree):
Significant Other: Angelica Eich
Children: Zora Wong, Ziggy Eich (by alien abduction), Zain Eich

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That's a cool idea having achievements listed.