Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tia Eich

Tia Eich is a Generation 1 CAS Toddler who is currently and eternally in the Adult stage of life (as a vampire). Tia is the daughter of Tyrone and Julio Eich and the sister of Darren Eich. She resides with her neice, Angelica Eich and Angelica's girlfriend, Kana Wong and their children.

Tia Eich

Sign: Aries
Personality: 5 neat /8 outgoing /6 active / 3 playful /3 nice
Generation: 1

Aspiration: Romance
Lifetime Want: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers (achieved)
Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese

Achievements: Vampire, Greek House, Big Sim on Campus, TOC Culinary, Games Hobby Plaque, Arts&Crafts Hobby Plaque, Owner: Silvervale Spa

Relatives (Eich Family Tree):
Parents: Tyrone Eich, Julio Eich
Siblings: Darren Eich

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