Thursday, February 10, 2011

Devivio 3 (R11)

Last time at the Devivio house, Connor reached TOC in the Business Career, Carla reached TOC in the Education Career, and 2 of the cats reached TOC getting Connor halfway through his LTW. Gibson transitioned into a teen with a Popularity Aspiration and a desire to become a Cult Leader. Gibson also thwarted my plans, and decided that he had no attraction what-so-ever to Meadow Thayer. He did have dates with two lovely ladies though so we'll see how he gets along with them more this round. Kay transitioned into a toddler and then later to a child at the end of the round. Carla transitioned into a very hip elder, and promptly retired. Lets see what happens this round...

No Loading Screen Pic because I accidentally deleted it... the whole household doesn't fit on anyway because of the cats...

Devivio (lot 7) Saturday-Thursday
Carla Devivio, Connor Johnston, Gibson Devivio, Kay Devivio, Alec Bigfoot
Cats: Sebastian, Snolanna, Snickers, Heath, Heidi

Gibson and Kay were two of the most gregarious kids in the neighborhood, they were always bringing home friends from school. Kay especially always wanted to bring home one of her many cousins. She loved playing with her cousin Camron especially.

Gibson's wants revolve heavily around Allyn, he wanted to ask her on a date

And as Gibson is a meanine... right after greeting her, he gave her a noogie

Allyn decided to wash off most of the make-up she wore, and style her hair a little differently. She looks quite nice without all the spackle on her face.

Things were a little boring around the house, so I sent the teens on an outing with Gibson's cousins, Eddie and Nick, Eddie's boyfriend Byron and a few random townie teens that he was friends with. I also sent Gibson's other love interest, Shelby, to see what developed. They went out to a made-over Lulu Lounge

Gibson wanted to drink tea, it's a double date at the tea table with Gibson, Allyn, Eddie and Byron

The rest of the teens socialized, looks like Nick is makin' on Shelby, lol

Gibson did a little slam poetry before the outing was over

Back at home, the cats continued to truck along their careers. Heath, the newest kitty to the house started to get closer and closer to the top by making some good decisions

Carla decided that since she was retired, she should start working more on her floral shop, plus having Alec around was a huge help especially with being able to keep the shelves stocked

With cleaned stocked shelves, and good salesmanship, the shop easily soared to rank 6

Carla was also getting a lot more proficient with using the cash register, it was much easier now that she had an assistant to help out and didn't have to be in two places at once

Alec wasn't just a help around the shop, he was a contributing member of the household. With all of his skills he easily reached the top of the Music Career and achieved his Lifetime want

(woot perma-plat Bigfoot!)

The kids were super self-sufficient, when they weren't out hanging out with friends they were pursuing their various interests. Gibson felt the need to stay fit, who was going to want to follow a flabby cult leader anyway?

He also developed an interest in music and begged his parents to buy him an electric guitar that he wailed on frequently. Carla and Conner were pleasantly surprised when he actually was good at it

Kay generally kept herself occupied at the drawing table in her made-over princess room

Surprisingly, she and Gibson hung out frequently despite the difference in their ages

One thing that Carla insisted on was that the kids keep up with their homework, sometimes it took some coaxing to get them to do so

In the end though, all the hardwork paid off when the kids brought home perfect grades

With all the hard work the kids were putting in, Carla and Connor thought it was an appropriate time to invite the headmaster over for dinner and audition to get the kids into private school

The family was perfect as perfect can be, the house tidy, and the food impeccably cooked

It was no question that the kids would be accepted into the prestigious school

Carla couldn't have been more proud of her little family

The kids weren't the only ace's in the house, the cats also performed at their peak... Heath continued to excel in the Security Career

Sebastian and Snolanna's kitten, Snickers, also started to find success in his career

Since the last two cats of the pack were starting to rise up in their respective careers, Connor decided it was time to adopt a sixth cat into the household. The new cat was named Sweets

Sweets had a very striking look to him, Connor decided that it would be best to find him a career in showbiz, he'd be perfect for any TV or movie spot

Carla immediately started training Sweets in the skills he would need to make it big in Showbiz

And Sweets sure did show a lot of promise in the first few days in his new home

Unfortunately for Sweets, he was still naive and wasn't really sure how to play the politics of the Showbiz field and made some poor decisions early-on in his career

No matter... Sweets would get right back in the saddle and try again.

Scoring: 0 points this round (since Bigfeet(?) don't count toward score total)

Household Net-Worth:

((I am surprisingly in love with this house... who would have thought that Carla would have turned out to be such a family sim? She's constantly doting on the kids and it's adorable. I think Gibson solved my dilemma from last round, all he wanted to do was play guitar and hang out with Allyn, so I guess that's who he wants to be with. All of the cats, except Sweets, are primed to TOC, they have all their skills it's just a matter of getting promoted and not failing at any chance cards, heh. Here are a couple outtakes for you all:

The cats all decided they needed to use the same litter box at the same time in the smallest bathroom in the house
Gibson has definitely made his decision regarding women... any girl who can fall in love under these circumstances must be a keeper
I'm actually 2 houses ahead in playing! Yay, go me! ANNNNND... I have University complete, so lots of updates on the way. Will probably update the next two houses then post part 2 of University, since it's kind of a beast. Thanks for reading!))


jungfrun68 said...

It has been a while, but now I look forward to your frequent updates :)
Yay for Gibson and Allyn!

Liz said...

Glad you're still keeping an eye on things! And I agree with you on Gibson and Allyn, I'm glad he didn't make me have to make a decision for him!

SK said...

I love sim kitties! I know a lot of people hate the Pets EP, but I think the cats are so adorable. The dogs annoy me more because you have to bathe them, but even they're kind of cute. Glad to see Gibson is making up his mind, and I love seeing Carla as such an awesome elder. I love this house too!

Liz said...

I actually don't care too much for pets myself, but cats are much easier to deal with than dogs, you're right. Pet-related LTWs are just a pain though... I think I'd uninstall pets if I could still have warewolves without it. Carla is such a hip elder, which doesn't surprise me :)