Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wade (R11)

Last Round the Wade household was completely insane! Bryon transitioned into a Teen and declared a Knowledge aspiration. He also discovered a spark with Eddie Devivio. The family arranged a visit with the headmaster, unfortunately everything went horribly wrong and the children were not admitted into private school. Maebe and Gob transitioned into toddlers, then later into very cute children. How will the family make out this week with the kids growing older and more self sufficient? Will the children finally be able to get into private school now that they are all of age? Lets see...

Wade (lot 11) Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Byron Wade, Brittany Wade, William Wade, Gob Wade, Michael Wade, Lindsay Wade, Maebe Wade

Maebe and Gob were really growing up, they were always bringing kids home from school, Gob and Wendy Vijayakar got along famously

With the kids being a lot more self sufficient, William and Brittany were able to concentrate on their careers. The extra time helped William to finally reach the top of the Law Enforcement career achieving his lifetime want in the process

Brittany also moved closer and closer to reaching the top of the Education Career (her LTW)

It didn't take Brittany long to continue to climb up to the top of the career ladder... she had 5 kids, and she wanted to make sure the University system was the best it could be with her children getting closer to college age

Brittany was on top of the world, reaching top of the Education Career and achieving her lifetime want

Unfortunately for William, his stay at the top was very short lived... he made a poor decision his first day on the job as Captain Hero

William wouldn't stay unemployed for long though, he figured if he could fight the scum of SimCity for the majority of his adult life, he could combat the other dangers facing their fair city and took a job in the Adventure Career

It didn't take the higher-ups long to notice William's skills he acquired in the Law Enforcement career and he was promoted almost immediately

The Wade children continued to grow up... Lindsay and Michael were getting older and were ready to transition into teenagers

Lindsay transitioned first into a lovely young lady with a Pleasure Aspiration.

Looks like Lindsay likes Men who perform mechanical tasks in their bathingsuits... but not if they have black hair

Lindsay Wade --
Pleasure (LTW: 50 First Dates)

Michael transitioned next ((dang I need to find a default replacement for that damn puffy vest...)). Like his twin, he also declared a Pleasure Aspiration

Michael likes well spoken, artistic women, as long as they don't have red hair ((presumably from growing up in my "ginger infusion" household!))

Michael Wade --
Pleasure (LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef)

The Wades decided to give their Private School audition another try

Since it was the twins' birthday, they had to hurry up and finish their homework before the headmaster arrived

Brittany and William were still exhausted from having 5 children in the house (even if 3 of them were still teens). William managed to prepare dinner before he and Brittany headed off to bed

It would be up to Byron, Michael and Lindsay to entertain the headmaster

Luckily the teens did an impeccable job and everyone was accepted into the prestigious private school

All of the Wade children were incredibly social. Like her twin brother, Maebe made many friends at school and became friends with Phoebe Vijayakar

Lindsay was getting to know her school friends in a different way. She wanted to date as many boys as possible so she had to start somewhere and there were a lot of really really cute boys at her school. Zeeshan Langerak was the first of her many first dates

Date #1: Zeeshan Langerak

She even managed to get her first kiss from Zeeshan

Zeeshan was falling hard for Lindsay, little did he know that he had no chance with her ((nor do they have any bolts))

While Lindsay was pursuing her romantic interests, Byron was pleased to have another teenage guy in the house to hang out with

After their parents got home to take care of the younger siblings, the teens went off to Sims Gone Wired to hang out with some other neighborhood teens

Eddie looking awesome, and Lindsay rocking it out on the arcade game

Byron wanted some alone time with his girlfriend, so after playing some games and picking up cell phones, everyone headed back to the house to finish up the outing

They all enjoyed the bubble blower after dinnertime

Lindsay was happy to get to know some other teens in the neighborhood ((She has 2 bolts with Gibson Devivio!))

Lindsay was turning into a very popular young lady, she was always spending time on the telephone

Most of the time, to her chagrin, it was Zeeshan asking her to go out on further dates...

one of these days she hoped he would get the hint that she wasn't interested in dating just one man

Scoring: 8 points (1 Point for William's TOC in Law Enforcement, 3 points for William achieving his LTW, 1 Point for Brittany's TOC in Education, 3 points for Brittany achieving her LTW)

Household Net-Worth: ((I don't know why I even have a spot for this anymore...))

((Overall I like this house, it's challenging to play considering both parents are townies, so they don't have a million skills and aren't already set up for perfect lives. Wow! Lindsay is gorgeous! I kind of expected it because I packaged her up and sent her over to Shannon @ Rosebud but I'm, nonetheless, very pleased with how she turned out as a teen. I am not, however, not pleased with Miss Lindsay's LTW since Columbia is in the process of doing it too. Lindsay also has 2 bolts with Gibson Devivio and I'd prefer to playables to marry playables -- PLUS they are both redheads! -- so I may re-roll Lindsay in college. I'll probably also send Gibson's girlfriend, Allyn to University but make her a YA townie, to see who he chooses since Lindsay is 1 round behind him Uni wise. Speaking of University... that's up next))


SK said...

Ooooooh, I vote for a reroll and a pairing between Gibson and Lindsay!!! What amazing ginger children they would have! I can't wait for Lindsay to fall in love with someone in my hood so I can integrate her in as more than "friend who teens bring home from school." :p

Liz said...

hehe, I'm excited to be integrating your sims into my hood too :) I need to get someone to marry Neal but he's so nice, and my sims are so mean that they just end up picking on him everytime he is around, lol.

jungfrun68 said...

Hah, I already saw the gorgeous Lindsay over at SK's :)
If you talk to her, tell her that I'm trying to comment on her blog, too, but fail most of the time. Something is strange there :/

Liz said...

haha, when I packaged Lindsay up, I packaged her in her current (child) stage, it's funny that Shannon chose to age her up... I got spoiled for my own hood, lol.