Sunday, August 28, 2011

Devivio 6 (R11)

Last time we saw Columbia, she was whoring it up at Sim State... now she's whoring it up back in Silvervale!

Devivio 6 (lot 17) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Columbia Devivio

Columbia rented a one bedroom apartment down the street from her family home

After signing her lease she got to meet some of the neighbors (prospective future first dates!)

Then she invited an old friend over to continue her pleasure pursuits

Date #28: Zeeshan Sims

It didn't take Columbia long to get "back in the swing" after leaving university

Date #29: Jatin Bhatt

Date #30: Max Flexor

Date #31: Phil Harris

Phil hooked Columbia up with a low-level position in the Science field... after all she needed to fund all those dates

She actually managed to do as well at work as she did in the dating world

She even managed to get a promotion

... ok back to the dates ...

Date #32: Adam Howe

Date #33: Goopy Gilscarbo ((yup... I went there ;) ))

Date #34: Russ Bear

All of the dating opened up new social possibilities for Columbia, she was getting calls for outings several times per day

Considering Gilbert's past exploits, this might shape up to be a fun night...

Columbia started off the night in the photobooth... to get some photos taken

Then the outing turned into a date

Date #35: Gilbert Jaquet

it didn't take long for Columbia to visit the photobooth for a second time that night, this time with Gilbert in tow

and after the photobooth, Gilbert's past came back to slap him over the head... literally

To wrap up the week, Columbia snuck in a few more dates

Date #36: Knut Ryan

Date #37: Gordon Knot

Date #38: Alan King

Scoring: 0 points this round

((I'm going to be really happy to get Columbia's LTW out of the way, although I'm not sure what I'll do with her once it's achieved. Maybe we'll see if she wants to settle down with any of her past conquests. Not really much else to say, she spent the whole round dating and knocked out 10 more in the 5-day round. I moved Vinaya and Kennedy into their house, but I haven't played them yet. It shouldn't take too long to play through their house and then that's the end of Round 11! It only took me more than a year to play/blog... ))


jungfrun68 said...

Oh my, 50 first dates seems annoying...

Liz said...

It's totally annoying... I hate pleasure sims, lol. Though I think I prefer 50 first dates to 50 dream dates... 50 dream dates is just tedious. At least she only has 12 more to go, then I have no idea what I'm going to do with her.

Anonymous said...

Urgh, 50 1st Dates, I don't envy you -- I agree that 50 Dream Dates is more annoying.

Thankfully Columbia doesn't have too many dates left, although I am waiting for her to get oopsed.

Liz said...

I was kinda hoping she'd get oopsed too! She may still be on birth control from college though i'll have to check that

SK said...

I have yet to have that LTW and I think it's because I screwed up that whole Pleasure aspiration...i.e. never assigning number 6 to be pleasure because I'm dumb. >_< I think it would be fun once or twice, but no more after that...

Also, love that Goopy hung around to watch the sloppy seconds!

Liz said...

I don't think I'll be doing it again, unless I do 50 first disaster dates... that would be fun! (remember the asimetrical blog where she had the 50 first dates and it was hilarious?)

Goopy has no class... I kinda want to marry him to Columbia just out of spite because I hate her stupid LTW :p