Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hoppes 1 (R11)

Last time at the Hoppes House Marty and Sierra moved back after graduating college. Sierra purchased a Salon and Boutique as her first of five businesses. Marty got a job in the Architecture career track and, later, reached the top of the career ladder. Lorraine endeavored and got accepted into private school. On the weekend, Marty and Sierra got married in a beautiful backyard ceremony... soon after the wedding Sierra found out she was expecting the first child of generation 4! At the end of the round, Amar and Serena transitioned into elders and Sierra gave birth to twins -- a boy named Biff and a girl named Jennifer. Lets see how things go this round...

Hoppes (Lot 5) Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (from left): Lorraine Hoppes, Serena Hoppes, Sierra Hoppes holding Biff Hoppes, Marty Hoppes holding Jennifer Hoppes, Amar Hoppes
Jar Card: n/a this round

Business was booming at the Salon... People were pouring in for Sinjin's famous make-overs

Merchandise was flying off the shelves as soon as they could stock it... the place was a madhouse and it took all the staff power just to keep up

So many people were making purchases that Lorraine earned her silver register badge

Sierra took Lorraine off the register for a bit to help with sales, she really needed more practice helping the customers

After helping a few customers, Lorraine was really getting the hang of things. She managed to earn her Bronze sales badge in no time

It seemed that all of the commotion was hurting Sinjin's concentration, he was having somewhat of an off night in the haircut department. Angelica Eich came in for a simple straightening and ended up with a worse hair day than she was having before

Denise Jaquet had similar luck and ended up with a look she was not pleased with

While Angelica took off, Denise stayed and complained to Sierra... Sierra offered to fix her makeover free of charge

As the owner of the store, Sierra really knew what she was doing... Denise was more than happy with her free makeover

Sierra was luck that her good customer service was seen by a secret shopper who ended up praising Sierra on her good work and awarding the salon with a Best-of-the-Best award

Lorraine continued to help customers, she really had a knack for helping them with their purchases

She learned so quickly that she soared through her sales training and earned a gold sales badge

Sierra and Lorraine were a great team. And Lorraine was happy to receive the training she would need to achieve her dream of owning 5 top level businesses

Lorraine was an asset to the Salon in other ways too. That evening the elevator broke down and nearly killed Jack Copur

Lorraine quickly took the initiative to fix the broken elevator so that other customers would not have to experience the same thing

Unfortunately for the business, Angela, Sierra's other employee, couldn't handle the pressure of the shop. As the shop got more busy, she got more and more fed up

She ended up walking out in the middle of her shift

Sierra took over the beautician chair to give Sinjin a break. On his way to the restroom he stopped to help a confused Imelda Vinci find a particular brand of perfume

Imelda was so grateful for the help that her loyalty helped to push the Business to the maximum level

Sierra was grateful to have such a great employee like Sinjin that she promoted him to store manager. It was time for her to start looking for new business prospects... She thought a venue might be a nice change of pace

Sierra didn't have to worry about the twins being taken care of at home. Serena was retired and more than capable of caring for the babies

Amar, bored at home, decided to continue to work. His persistence paid off and he was rewarded with a promotion to the top of the Natural Science career track

After everyone had gotten settled in the house for the evening, it was time to celebrate the twins' transitions into toddlers. The happy parents did the honors of bringing Jennifer and Biff to their birthday cakes

Biff grew up first into a very handsome little guy who favored the Hoppes features

Biff Hoppes

Jennifer was also adorable and Sierra was pleased to see that she reflected her own natural beauty but with Amar's blond hair

Jennifer Hoppes

Marty and Sierra were pleased to find out that Serena and Amar still relished time with their grandchildren. Both Serena and Amar enjoyed reading to the children before bed

(A story about toilets seems exciting, lol)

Serena and Amar's doting on the children gave Marty and Sierra more time to wind down after hectic days.

Sierra liked to unwind out in the greenhouse. She spent so much time tending the garden that she earned a bronze gardening badge

Marty still enjoyed spending time at telescope... it had always been a favorite passtime of his since high school

The toddlers were a joy to have around. Marty and Sierra helped them learn all their toddler skills

They also picked up walking very quickly

Marty was so pleased that Biff and Jennifer learned so quickly that it sent his lifetime aspiration score so high that he was able to choose a secondary aspiration. He figured that a little Romance would never hurt anybody

On the rare occasion that the children were left to their own devices they were more than happy to amuse themselves. Biff found fun in the simplest of toys

And Jennifer took quite a liking to Lorraine's dog, Queenie

The family was happy and functional. The only anomoly was Jennifer's refusal to sleep in her crib. The only place she would even think of sleeping was in Queenie's bed

With all the adults in the house, Lorraine was completely off the hook as far as babysitting was concerned. It gave her a lot more time to network with like-minded community business owners, she was especially thrilled to meet the (in)famous Malcolm Landgrabbe

Macolm really was quite taken by Lorraine... Too bad for him, she was still a few months away from her 18th birthday

Lorraine had other matters to attend to as well. Since she had helped Sierra work the Salon up to level 10, she was going to try and concentrate on her electronics store a little bit before college... plus she needed Serena's help to construct the higher end items for the store... Lorraine only had a bronze robotics badge

Serena helped Lorraine make some stock for the store. Lorriane stocked the shelves with the brand spankin' new machinery

Serena promised to help Lorraine get the business off the ground, plus she didn't want Lorraine in a building all by herself.

Since Lorraine already had experince on the cash register, Serena took charge of helping customers. She earned a bronze sales badge fairly quickly

The bronze sales badge was followed by a silver sales badge as more customers came into the shop

Time was flying so quickly around the Hoppes house that it was time again for another birthday for the twins

Biff went first again and grew into a very handsome young man who insisted in keeping his beanie

Biff Hoppes

Jennifer closely followed behind her twin. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she was going to be the princess of the family

Jennifer Hoppes

After the twins' birthdays, Lorraine was ready to get out of the house and head off to college. She checked with financial aid to see which scholarship she was able to earn

After checking her scholarships she called the taxi and was swept off to begin her college life at Sim State

Lorraine's departure for college was perfect timing for the household. Soon after Lorraine left Sierra found out that she was expecting another baby

The kids were really excited that they were going to have a baby brother or sister running around soon

Scoring: .5 point (+.5 point for Lorraine's gold sales badge, -1 point for Angela quitting, +1 point for Amar TOC Natural Science)

Household Net-Worth:

((Well this house was a whirlwind to play... there was soooo much going on. Sierra is 1/5 for her LTW now which is a nice but businesses take soo damn long to build to level 10. I'm hoping Lorraine can work on her business while she is in college though I'm not sure if that's possible. The twins are ADORABLE I love them to pieces. I can see Jennifer being the "mean" girl this generation, she would fit the persona so well with her platinum blond locks and tan skin. Marty needs 1 more child for his LTW, so I'm pretty certain they're only getting 1 more with the imminent population boom I just can't allow myself to let them have more kids even though the kids they have are beautiful. Just one silly little outtake:

Serena took Jennifer? [judging by the fact that the pink crib is empty] then immediately dropped her on the floor and started doing tai chi... silly sims

We're off to University next and the crazy full crazy Annya Var greek house... stay tuned!))