Thursday, October 29, 2009

University G3

Well, well, it's University time again. In this entry we'll check up on Angelica Eich, Sierra Seif, and Flora Devivio and see how they are doing their first two years at Sim State. Will we have more uni babies? How will Flora fare without Annatto for two years? Will Angelica be able to find a suitable mate? Lets find out!

Darren dropped Angelica off at Sim State, it had been a long time since he and Melody graduated, but it brought back a flood of memories. He hoped that Angelica would be able to enjoy her time here as much as he had

Angelica was joined at her small rental by Flora Devivio, her little brother's girlfriend, and a young lady they had gone to school with, Sierra Seif.

Angelica Eich - Taurus
Popularity (LTW: Become General)

Flora Devivio - Libra
Fortune (LTW: Become a Hall of Famer)

Sierra Seif - Virgo
Fortune (LTW: Own 5 Top Level Businesses)

Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed the girls started studying right away. They all wanted to do well in school, for various reasons

With all their scholarship money, the girls were able to buy a pool table. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit in their small rental so they had to make sure to get one with all-weather felt

After getting all settled in, Sierra invited over the Hoppes brothers and quickly rekindled her crush on Marty Hoppes

Angelica was surprised by Sierra and Marty's relationship, she had no idea that they even dated in high school!

Marty and Sierra were confused by Angelica's anger toward them because, as Marty said, nothing ever happened between him and Angelica other than being "friends." Sierra decided to show Angelica that she would not be messed with and fought back

Flora and Emmett decided to stay out of the confrontation and headed out to the backyard to play some pool

After pulling Angelica and Sierra off one another, Marty left. Sierra decided she needed to cool down and headed outside to do some stargazing, one of her favorite activities

The next morning at breakfast, the animosity between Angelica and Sierra came to a head

Angelica didn't anticipate Sierra being so strong and quickly lost the fight

Flora wanted no part in the drama between her roommates, so she mostly kept to herself. Most of the time, she could be found giving financial advice on the computer for spare cash

Before class that day, the three roommates decided to declare their majors. Flora chose a Drama major

Angelica chose History, which was preferred for military officers

And Sierra chose Economics which would definitely help her with her dream to own top level businesses in Silvervale

To get a head start on her business aspirations, Sierra also used her scholarship money to buy a salon chair. She offered Emmett Hoppes the first spin in the chair. Luckily the make-over was a success

After seeing how good Emmett looked, Flora asked if Sierra could do something with her hair as well. She was really impressed with Sierra's skill

After the make-overs, Sierra left for class and Flora, Angelica and Emmett had a nice lunch. Flora tried to talk with Angelica about the situation between her and Sierra, but Angelica didn't want to hear it

Flora thought that maybe an outing to the student center would help Angelica get her mind. At the student center, Angelica and Flora met some new people and had some fun in the beautiful weather

Angelica was confused over the whole situation with Marty. She thought she had a crush on him in high school but nothing really did ever happen between them other than a little friendly flirting. Angelica wasn't sure she liked guys at all in fact... She ran into a particularly attractive young lady named Kana Wong and they hit it off right away

Her attraction to Kana made Angelica even more confused over the whole situation

Sierra really didn't want to rub her relationship with Marty in Angelica's face so she usually only invited him over when Angelica was at class

Sierra and Marty also frequently met up at the campus cafe because of the cozy atmosphere

That evening, Angelica looked Kana up in the campus directory and gave her a call. She invited Kana over and found out that Kana was living in the dorms. She asked Kana if she would like to move into their rental with them

Kana accepted Angelica's invitation, she really enjoyed Angelica's company and they seemed to really have a lot in common

Kana Wong - Taurus
Romance (LTW: Become a Rock God)

Kana chose to study Literature, hoping that it would help her creativity to write song lyrics.

Despite Kana living at the house, the situation didn't improve between Angelica and Sierra, every time they were in the same room they would bicker and fight

Things got so bad between Angelica and Sierra that they got into a major fight in the bathroom of all places

This time Angelica was able to get a leg up on Sierra and she won the fight

Things weren't all bad in the tiny rental. Angelica, mostly avoiding Sierra, played a lot of games and was eventually able to earn her games hobby plaque

Also, she and Kana decided that they wanted to be more than friends with each other

Sierra, mostly avoiding Angelica, spent a lot of time outside looking at the stars

And Flora, avoiding both of her crazy roommates, spent a lot of time on campus meeting new friends. All of the girls were surprised one night when a limo pulled up in front of the tiny rental and the girl inside handcuffed Flora

Flora was excited to learn that all those friends she made that were wearing llama blazers had pulled some strings and gotten her into the secret society on campus. She was sure having so many contacts in the upper echelon of society would help her later in life

Scoring: 3 points (1 point for Sierra, 1 point for Kana, 1 point for Angelica's games plaque)

((Well, there was no shortage of drama this round at uni, these girls kept me on my toes! I completely forgot that Angelica had crush hearts for Marty back when they were teens when I set her up to be roommates with Sierra. Sierra actually had Marty over before and they were kissing and cuddling and Angelica didn't think anything of it. The second time the Hoppes brothers came over, Marty autonomously flirted with Sierra and Angelica just lost it. I was really shocked especially since Angelica clearly doesn't like guys... After the original slap fest, Angelica and Sierra just wouldn't stop fighting. I couldn't take my eyes off them for a second or they would get into an all out brawl. I am glad that Angelica found someone, I'm not glad, however that Kana turned out to be romance /facepalm. Flora was kind of on the sidelines this entry because she was quite boring. All she wanted to do was give financial consulting [which she did autonomously most of the time] and call Annatto to chat. All of the girls will pledge the Greek House next round and some of them may move out and live there. We're off to visit Wesley and Jeannie next!))

Eich 2 (R8)

Last time we visited Tia Eich, she had purchased a community lot that she dubbed the Silvervale Spa. While she did her best to make the establishment look legitimate, it was really just a front for her to seduce the eligible men of Silvervale (married or not!). Tia managed to complete her Lifetime Want of having 20 simultaneous lovers. Will she make it to 30 this week? Lets find out

Eich 2 (Lot 9) Friday-Wednsday
Jar Card #159: Learn to Slap Dance

Despite all the bad things that had happened to her, Tia was feeling pretty good about life. It was hard to bring her down after besting Pamela Devivio for most notorious romancer in Silvervale!

Tia decided that she would celebrate by going for a long weekend up in the mountains. She booked a shuttle and off she went

Tia checked into the lodge she picked to stay at, there was no way she was going to be sleeping in a tent... she wanted to rough it... only in luxury.

After settling into her room, she scoped out the others staying at the lodge, particularly the men

Unfortunately none of them suited her fancy, so she headed out for a little recreation. At the flapjack stand she enjoyed some local cuisine and the company of a local lumberjack

She also tried her hand at some axe throwing

When it started to get dark, Tia decided to walk back to the lodge. On her way back she ran into a very handsome man named Sebastian Sartor

Tia made sure to get his number since he wasn't staying at the same lodge as she was. He had to give her his cell phone number because he was staying at the campsite, and reassured her that he got signal.

The next day, Tia called Sebastian and asked if he wanted to join her for lunch

Tia and Sebastian had a wonderful day together, they even managed to join in with a group doing the local slap dance

Tia asked Sebastian back to the lodge. When they got out of the taxi, Tia was surprised to see one of her past lovers, Darren Johnston... She was puzzled because out of all the places to meet him, the last place she expected was the remote mountains, afterall, she had met him while on vacation in Twikki Island

Despite running into Darren, Tia was able to successfully bring Sebastian under her spell

The lodge even had a sauna that she and Sebastian could enjoy

(Sebastian Sartor - lover #25/woohoo #19)

After saying goodnight to Sebastian, Tia headed off to learn a new massage that she could take back to her spa in Silvervale

On the last day of her trip, Tia Decided to take a few tours and see some of the sites before heading home. She started her day with a logging tour:

Tia decided to try the nature trail hike next. Sadly she could not bring back any proof of her close encounter with the fabled Big Foot

After arriving home from her hike, Tia had time for one more tour before catching her shuttle home. She decided to see if she could catch any of the local birds on a bird watching tour. Unfortunately the only thing she caught sight of was a hive of bees!

As a result of the tour, Tia would be heading home with a lot of swollen stings... it was not going to be a very comfortable ride back to Silvervale

Tia stopped for a visit to the medic to get some calamine lotion to treat her bee stings before catching to shuttle home

When Tia arrived back in Silvervale, She called up one of her associates, Russ Gordon King.

It took her a little while to get Gordon to warm up to her, he was still mad for failing to successfully initiate her into the crime ring and getting caught by the police.

Eventually Tia was able to lure Gordon into her bedroom

(Gordon King - lover #26/woohoo #20)

Gordon made lover #20, and Tia achieved a second Lifetime Want

Tia bid Gordon farewell and headed off to work where she received a promotion

The following day, Tia headed over to the Spa to check on her business, and possibly meet some more men. She met one such fellow named Quinten Brown

Tia thought Quinten was a little strange wearing chain mail around town, but then she remembered it was close to Halloween. No matter, she managed to get him out of the chain mail and into a towel by selling him a deep tissue massage that she learned in the mountains

In selling Quinten his massage, Tia earned her Silver Sales badge

Tia went out and socialized with her customers in the hot spring

Socializing with her customers helped bring the spa to level 5

With all the successes of the day, Tia closed up shop for the night and headed home. The next morning she went back to the spa, only this time she didn't open the spa for public business, she invited Quinten over for some private relaxation

(Quinten Brown - lover #27)

After spending some time with Quinten she called up another friend, Komei Tellerman, and invited him over to the house for a home date. As she was greeting Komei, another past lover came by and caught her.

Corbin Jakobsons stormed off in a rage. Komei didn't seem to care, he was very receptive to Tia's advances

(Komei Tellerman - lover #28)

Tia heads off to work that night and ends up with a very bad chance card

Despite the bad decision, Tia received a promotion because she was able to cover up her tracks enough by paying off the authorities

Despite the promotion, Tia didn't feel that the Criminal track was really the place for her, she suddenly got the urge to be a musician

On her first night of her new job, Tia brought home another promotion

To celebrate she invited over one of her old colleagues, Russ Bear and quickly managed to get him to fall in love with her

(Russ Bear - lover #29)

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth: 165,209

((First of all, sorry for being a total sims slacker! This is my first update in almost two months, sheesh! Well this has been another busy round for Ms. Tia -- she's at 29/30 lovers so she should definitely reach her IW next round. I don't think that the jilted lovers count against her as long as she is still in love with them right? As soon as the furiousness from the robberies wore off, I noticed that Tia had quite a good relationship score with both of them - Gordon and Russ. As a sidenote, woohoo with the robbers counts toward the woohoo with 5 service sim want. Anyway, we're going to check in on Tia's niece, Angelica, and her roommates, Flora Devivio and Sierra Seif, at university next))