Monday, April 19, 2010

Eich 1 (R10)

Last round at the Eich household, Melody got pregnant from closet woohoo and gave birth to late-in-life twins Alcea and Astilbe who transitioned into toddlers at the end of the round. Anise started seriously dating Keith Lee. At the end of the round, Annatto went off to college. Lets see how this family gets along this week.

Eich (lot 3): Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Anise Eich holding Alcea Eich, Darren Eich, Melody Eich, Roberto, Astilbe Eich
Jar Card 151: Add soap to the Monkey Ruins

Alcea and Astilbe were both pleasant, inquisitive children. Astilbe seemed particularly interested in the fish tank outside his bedroom.

Both of the twins were a breeze to teach their toddler skills, it didn't take long for Astilbe to learn how to talk

Even the nanny was able to help with the teaching, she managed to teach Alcea how to use the potty on her own

Anise was itching to get out of the house, with some persistent searching and a little luck, she managed to find a job in her desired Adventure career track

Anise managed to do very well at her new job, she managed a promotion the very next night

The next night it was time for Melody and Darren to transition into elders

Synchronous air boxing!

The family gathered to watch them blow out their candles then enjoyed the cake

Melody [Tinker] Eich

Darren Eich

There was also another birthday party on the horizon, it was the twins turn to transition from the toddler stage into childhood

Melody took Alcea to her cake first and helped her blow out the candles

Alcea grew into a beautiful young lady that really resembled her mother

After Alcea had her turn in the spotlight, it was Astilbe's turn

Astilbe grew into a handsome young man more closely resembling his older siblings

With the twins a lot more self sufficient, and fewer demands at their jobs, Melody and Darren had the opportunity for more recreational pursuits.

Melody would spend hours at the basketball hoop or watching sports on TV

Darren frequently invited people over to hang out, especially friends that he had grow up with

Alcea and Astilbe easily entertained themselves. The frequently played out on the playground equipment

When they weren't playing, they were doing more constructive things. Astilbe liked to tend the much neglected family garden

And Alcea liked to bake muffins in her EZbake oven

They also really liked having their big sister, Anise, around to take them on outings, one afternoon they went over to the newly built boardwalk to play at the beach

Anise helped Astilbe build a sandcastle

While Alcea enjoyed the warm fall ocean water

While the twins were getting washed up in the locker rooms, Anise took a look around the Monkey Ruins on site. First she made a money offering

Then Anise made an offering of a different kind

The results were rather frightening

When the kids returned home that evening it was time for Anise to head off to college. First, she checked her scholarships

Then Anise called up her boyfriend Keith and they went off to Sim State together to start their young adult lives

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth:

((This house is actually way more insane than the entry would imply. I have lots of pictures of promotions for the Dogs and Roberto but none of them are really relevant to the story of this particular lot since Servo's don't count toward points and nobody in this household has the get 6 pets to TOC. Anyway, Roberto is now in the journalism career -- his LTW field -- so hopefully I'll have a perma-plat servo. Something that didn't fit into the entry that seems relevant, Robin and Dakota, the family's two beagles are going to be expecting puppies

The puppies will go to the pound and then get adopted by Annatto next round most likely. Anise and Keith are off at Sim State living at Annatto's rental. We'll see them in a few lots. We're off to the Devivio house next to check in on Guy, Sofia, Columbia and Eddie))

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Teer 1 (R10)

Last round at the Teer's, Clayton and Kelly and their dog Maxx passed on to the Great Sim Beyond. Harley-Quinn grew up into a Toddler then a Child later in the round. Addison got abducted and is expecting some [cheesecake] twins this round. And that's really all that happened.

Teer (lot 2): Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Stella Teer, Addison Teer, Harley-Quinn Teer
Jar Card 134: Get into the Garden Club

Addison spent his maternity leave busying himself with a tinkering bench in the garage.

Since Addie was home all day, Harley-Quinn was free to bring friends home from school. She spent most of her time romping outside

And Stella tended to work late nights at her job. She was never out too late though to be greeted by H-Q when she got home from work

Early in the morning, after Addie had gotten breakfast made for Harley-Quinn and sent her off to school Addie started to feel pains in parts he didn't know he had... the baby was coming

Stella bounded down the stairs just in time to receive the first baby as Addie gave birth to a second

Addison had given birth to twin girls he named Lexis and Nexis.

((I was puzzled because the babies didn't come out with green skin... I went into SimPE and check out the twins' family tree and it showed Addison as both mother and father -- whoops! I had taken out my downloads folder to backup my game [taking out my 2gb downloads folder makes the process go much faster] and I suspect taking out the multi-pollination tech hack somehow bugged the pregnancy. I tested the multi-pollination tech hack in a test hood to make sure it was working OK, and it was. So anyway, I exported Addison and one of the pollination techs from the hack and scrambled them up in CAS and then used SimPE's sim surgery to make-over the girls, you'll see the makovers when they transition into toddlers. Anyway, on with the entry...))

That afternoon when Harley-Quinn arrived home from school she was excited to meet her little sisters. But she was even more excited about the A+ she brought home from school

The combination of the birth of the twins and Harley-Quinn's A+ gave Addison enough life time aspiration points to fill up his meter

Lexis and Nexis were surprisingly low maintenance for infant twins and things went by relatively quietly until their birthday

Lexis grew up looking a lot like her father, she even got his eyes

Lexis Teer - Libra

Nexis didn't seem to resemble anyone in the Teer family and seemed to reflect the genes of her unknown originator.

Nexis Teer - Pisces

The twins seems to have similar personalities but they acted very different from one another. Lexis was stubborn as stubborn can be, it took a long time for her to learn her toddler skills

Nexis, on the other hand, was agreeable and playful.

Both of the girls managed to entertain themselves sufficiently when left to their own devices though

Soon after the twins' birthday, Stella found out some news that she would be expecting another addition to the family

Time flew by and before anyone realized it was time for the twins to transition into the next stage of life

Both of the girls grew up into pretty young ladies

Lexis Teer

Nexis Teer

The girls got along famously and would spend hours together amusing themselves

The morning following the girls' birthday, Stella got the familiar labor pains. There was another baby on the way

Stella gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that they decided to name Wiley

With the house filling up, Stella and Addison decided that Wiley would be the last addition to their family. They took steps accordingly to make sure that there wouldn't be any surprises in the future

Scoring: 6 points (1 point for Lexis, 1 point for Nexis, 3 points for Addie maxing LTA meter, 1 point for Wiley)

Household Net-Worth:

((I really have to stop letting my sims have so many babies! My hood population just keeps growing, but I can't resist the cute little green babies :) Plus the Teer's needed a male heir for the house, so Wiley was necessary. I was a little upset that Lexis and Nexis didn't come out green, I don't know what bugged the pregnancy but the hack seems to be working OK in other hoods, so I fixed it! I completely forgot the jar card this round because of the confusion over my non-green alien offspring. They will be calling for garden club membership right away next round. Stella has a gold gardening badge and I think Clayton was a member, so it shouldn't be a problem. We're off to the Eich's next!))