Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hoppes (R7)

Last round at the Hoppes house, both Amar and Serena reached the tops of their respective careers achieving their lifetime wants in the process. The twins, Emmett and Marty grew into children and Jill was granted her geanie wish from Round 5 to cheat death. We left off with a cliff-hanger of Jill begging Grim for a second time. Lets see how much longer Jill's wish holds out...

((This image is a little bit of a spoiler, but I didn't take a loading screen pic when I opened the lot for the first time... whoops!))

Jill Hoppes, the longest living CAS elder in Silvervale, managed to beat the Grim Reaper a second time at the close of Round 6

Jill knew she was living on borrowed time, so she took a job to invest a little money into the boys' college fund

She also enjoyed the remaining time she had with her family

Jill received a promotion after her first day in the office

Unfortunately, right on schedule, Grim comes for Jill a third time

And she is able to defeat him... a third time ((sighs))

After her third run-in with Grim, Jill decided to take a hike, instead of coming home refreshed from the fresh air, she disturbed a beehive

Having the day off gave Amar time to work in the greenhouse and he earned his Silver Gardening Badge

That evening, Serena got a little surprise, she found out she was pregnant ((This house was my inTeen test house))

The next day at work, Jill got a small bonus

and a promotion

and another visit from Grim

Somehow she managed to survive again, just long enough to see her grandsons transition into teens

Birthday time!

First Marty transitioned

Then Emmett

((I had to show these pictures back to back because they transitioned into the same puffy vest just different colors -- leave it to twins right))

Anyhoo lets check out the apirations:

Marty Hoppes - Family
LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College

Emmett Hoppes - Pleasure
LTW: Become a Game Designer

Jill spent the rest of the night stargazing hoping that she'd see a satel... er... shooting star

The next day, the boys invited over their intended mates

Emmett invited over Victoria Pushard

To my delight - 3 bolts with NO meddling from me at all

Emmett and Victoria were already childhood best friends so Emmett easily managed to get his first kiss

They then headed downtown for a date at the Karaoke bar

Emmett and Victoria got along great, however, Marty didn't have nearly as good of luck with his intended, Angelica Eich

Negative bolts... ouch!

While the boys were pursuing romance, Jill got her fifth visit from Grim

This was Jill's final visit from Grim, she finally passed on ((thank goodness!))

During her very long life, Jill managed to have many beneficiaries in her will

Bye Jill -- uh... sorry to see you go?

Marty continued to try and find some girls he gets along with

no bolts with Audrey Tomyoy ((whom I aged up with Annatto Eich))

Marty went to the Cafe -- he wasn't attracted to anyone either there, but Tia Eich did enjoy his piano playing

Marty finally found a woman he is attracted to -- a downtownie Adult named Camryn Gergis

He asked her if she would like to go downstairs and dance for a little bit

That evening when all the Hoppes family were sleeping, a burgaler broke into the house -- they had neglected to install a burgaler alarm

While Amar was phoning the police department, the bugaler made off with the car.

The police pulled up as the burgaler was running off the lot and I got these two pop up messages

The next morning at breakfast Serena went into labor

Baby girl Lorraine Hoppes was born while the men of the house enjoyed their omelettes

((Here's your chance to guess the naming scheme for this house))

The boys loved to take care of their little sister

that evening, Grim visited the Hoppes house again... this time it was for their doggie, Shelly

Amar, once again, brought Clayton home from work and he spent some time bonding with his new grand-daughter

While Clayton was taking care of Lorraine, Serena worked on the last Charisma skill she needed to achieve her impossible want

((Note Serena's wants panel... I have no idea what she wanted associated with Jill Hoppes, but Jill was most definitely dead by the time this achieved -- I just noticed it when I was editing the image))

Amar was harvesting the veggies and suddenly went invisible. While invisible, he earned his gold gardening badge

With her impossible want out of the way, Serena set her mind on earning her gold robotics badge

The next day, Amar got a nice bonus from a chance card

Emmet asked Victoria to the park for another date -- he is really smitten with her -- most of his wants revolved around seeing her, talking to her, inviting her over, etc.

Marty also asked Camryn out on another date to the Cafe

Camryn gave Marty his first kiss, although it was very tame since she knew she shouldn't be seeing someone so much younger than she is

When the boys got home, it was time for Lorraine to transition into a toddler. Angelica Eich and Grandpa Clayton were there for the occasion

Lorraine Hoppes - Scorpio

Maybe it was because she new he wasn't interested in her, but Angelica was flirting with Marty the whole night after Lorraine's birthday party

That is... until Jill's ghost came out and scared her so much that she left

Serena got a start on teaching Lorraine her toddler skills

While the boys' girlfriends brought by thank you gifts for the terrific dates they had been having. Victoria dropped off a stereo for Emmett

And Camryn brought a fountain for Marty

To round out the week, Serena and Amar decided it was time for some career changes. Amar got a job in the Natural Science Career track

And Serena decided to go into education since her mother, Kelly, would be retiring soon

They both came home with promotions after their first days on the job

How will Lorraine fare being the "little sister" of two hormonal teen boys? Will Camryn continue to see Marty even though he is very much younger than she is? Will Amar ever get that wishing well? Find out next time

Scoring: 5 points (.5 point for Amar's gold gardening badge, .5 point for Serena's gold robotics badge, 1 point for baby Lorraine, 3 points for Serena achieving her IW)

Household Net-Worth: 169,846

((I'm really glad that Jill finally died... is that mean? The house was tiny and Serena got pregnant almost immediately after I opened the lot -- thank you inTeen -- so the house needed the space. It's funny how the boys look like each parent, Marty looks pretty much identical to Amar but with brown hair, and Emmett looks almost identical to Serena. Lorraine has a mixture of features from her parents which makes her look very interesting. I hope she grows into her looks. I was stoked that Emmett and Victoria have 3 bolts, they are so cute!! Marty and Angelica had negative bolts until Angelica flirted with Marty, then they had one... when I closed the lot they had 0 so I doubt these two will be a couple. Camryn had caught my eye on a community lot a few rounds back so I guess it's good that she may be Marty's partner but we'll have to see how the boltage works out when he goes to college -- now they have no bolts but that's b/c he's a teen and she's an adult I suspect. Camryn is also a family sim. It was definitely time for a career change for Amar and Serena, now instead of bringing his BFF Clayton home, Amar will probably start bringing Kurt Devivio home all the time, lol. Anyway... I will leave you with this funny blooper shot:

The ghosts of Jill and Shelly came out the same night and spontaneously started playing fetch... this game never ceases to amaze me ::smiles:: We're off to Sim State next to check on the Annya Var kidlets.))