Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marty Hoppes

Marty Hoppes is a member of Generation 3 and is currently in the Adult stage of life. He resides with his parents, Amar and Serena, his wife, Sierra, their two children, Jennifer and Biff.

Marty Hoppes

Sign: Gemini
Personality: 5 neat /8 outgoing /9 active / 3 playful /1 nice
Generation: 3

Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: Graduate 3 Children from College
Secondary Aspiration: --

Achievements: Greek House, Secret Society, SCL in Philosophy, Games Hobby Plaque, Cuisine Hobby Plaque, TOC Architecture

Relatives (Hoppes Family Tree):
Parents: Amar Hoppes, Serena [Teer] Hoppes
Siblings: Emmett Hoppes, Lorraine Hoppes
Spouse: Sierra [Seiff] Hoppes
Children: Jennifer Hoppes, Biff Hoppes

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