Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smith (R11)

We didn't see much of Vinaya and Kennedy in the last university update because they were well-behaved and boring. But now their back in Silvervale, lets see how their first week as adults went.

Smith (lot 18) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Kennedy Smith, Vinaya Devivio

Things got off to a somewhat rocky start for Kennedy and Vinaya... Lindsay Wade came by to steal the paper as soon as it was dropped off (these Wade kids are bad news!)

She then proceeded to run through the house and out the front door with it...

Kennedy was more worried about Lindsay reading his diary than her making off with their newspaper

Luckily there was enough money in the budget for a computer and they were both able to find suitable jobs... Kennedy in architecture and Vinaya in journalism

Things on their first night didn't get much better... Neither Vinaya nor Kennedy picked up much cooking skill during college so dinner making didn't go so well

The biggest plus to their shiney new house was breaking in the shiney new bed...

The first day on the job didn't go so well for Kennedy, he received a demotion for a bad decision at work

Vinaya was doing a little better on her first day at work. She got a promotion to Obituary writer on her first day...

and the next day she managed to bring home a little bonus (Yay! now they can buy a real couch!)

Kennedy's demotion didn't last long and he got promoted back to his previous position within a few days

Vinaya also continued to do well at work (although I don't know what she does all day as a journalist for her hygiene to tank from full to empty by the time she gets home...)

The couple was also able to start making friends at work, and enjoyed some luxury to fix up their home more to their tastes

They were even able to afford some nice new toys for their house

... and a few dates

The cooking at Londoste was way better than anything they could make at home

Kennedy had made one purchase without Vinaya's knowledge... it was something he had been wanting to give her since before they graduated university

Vinaya was on such a high after her engagement that she was doling out love advice in her column

Unfortunately her judgment was a little bit clouded

Despite the bad advice, Vinaya still managed a promotion that day

Kennedy also managed to bring home another promotion

the couple could really use the bonuses because it was the night they had invited friends and family over to help them celebrate their wedding

left to right: Jeannie Vijayakar (friend), Mahran and Ricky Cormier (brother and father of the bride)

left to right: Janet Cormier (mother of the bride), James Pushard, Wesley Teer, and Lorraine Hoppes (friends)

The happy couple greeted their friends and family

Then proceeded to recite their vows

Toasts were made

Then the cake was cut... everyone had a fantastic time

When the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith returned from their honeymoon... two very unexpected things happened...



Scoring: 0 points this round

((Next time -- two pregnant sims at the same time and BABIES! I can't believe Kennedy got abducted as soon as the limo dropped him off... he was only trying to get the 2 logic points he needed for his next promotion. After Anise and Keith not conceiving, I'm glad these two are going to have some little ones running around. It gives me motivation to play through another round :) I kinda love these two so I purposely put them at the end so I'd be excited to play. This is the end of Round 11... Round 12 will start back at the Pushard's where we'll see if James chooses his baby-mama Magenta, or his mistress Lorraine... 50 simoleans says it'll be Lorraine... stay tuned!))


Anonymous said...

Ahaha, wow, two pregnant sims at the same time. The last time that happened to me was when Astro Martin had been conceived, and he's now an adult!

You're not the only one wanting to see some kids out of these two, and I'll be curious about Kennedy's alien sprog as well.

Liz said...

Here's hoping neither of them die lol. I didnt even plan to get kennedy abducted but those PTs make their own plans i guess ;). Also i hope the babies inherit kennedys elf ears... I dont have any sims in silvervale w elf ears yet i dont think

jungfrun68 said...

Maybe Vinaya's desk is right at the door to the smoking lounge to make her hygiene plummet like that?
Her wedding dress looks fabulous!

Liz said...

Lol... good theory, I just imagine all those 50's and 60's sitcoms where the news room was just a big ole smoke ball.

I'm glad you like the dress, although I'm not sure it survived my clothing folder deletion that I just recently did. I think it's by BBKZ at TSR (who's pay but you can of course get it at <a href=">the booty</a>

SK said...

Hahaha, yaaaaay, dual babies! It will be kind of neat that the two kids will grow up at the same time. Was Vinaya a victim of risky honeymoon? I LOVE that feature. :)

Liz said...

Vinaya was knocked up before the wedding I just managed to beat the first pop :p I played through until Kennedy had his babies (yes 2!) because my multipolination tech hack has been acting up lately... so there are actually 3 kids growing up at the same time, lol. This coming round is going to be crazy... I can't wait!