Friday, February 20, 2009

Eich 2 (R5)

After achieving big sim on campus and graduating with a degree in Art from Sim State, Tia headed back to Silvervale to continue to work on her lifetime want of 20 simultaneous lovers. Unfortunately Tia inherited the bad luck that her fathers had when they first moved to Silvervale. Lets see how she made out

The week started out pretty well, Tia signed a lease at the Coral Villa Apartment complex for a small one bedroom apartment on the lower level

She also took a job in the Culinary Career

Tia headed downtown to pick up some new clothes and guys, this is where her bad luck kicked in

First... ALL (and I'm not kidding) of the townies at the 5 community lots she visited were female...

Tia's needs got pretty low hopping from lot to lot. Unfortunately on her way to the taxi she got struck by lighting

((I really thought I was going to lose Tia... the lightning strike tanked her needs which were kinda low to begin with -- her hunger, energy, and hygiene were all in the red))

Fortunately Tia got home in on piece and got cleaned up and fed. Abhijeet Deppiesse (another romance sim) was passing by so Tia decided to chat him up a little

Abhijeet and Tia were a 3 bolt match so it was a quick conquest for Tia. Just to seal the deal, Tia took Abhijeet over to the hot tub before he left

The next day Tia got promoted to executive chef ((I had gone AFK and got distracted so I missed her coming home from work))

Unfortunately her promotion didn't last long, Tia got a crummy chance card

Seriously... how can you go wrong with sporks? grr

Tia got right back on track and went back to her old job as a sous chef ((culinary is the highest paying job available for Tia))

Tia headed downtown to Sims gone Wired and met Jace Macarevich

She asked him back to the apartment where he fell under her romance sim spell ((they only have 1 bolt so she had to use A LOT of cool shades but I was getting desperate with the over-abundance of female townies))

The next day, Tia got promoted back up to executive chef

Unfortunately her bad luck struck again and she got the flu!

The flu really put a damper on Tia's love life for the rest of the week but she did manage to study quite a bit and brought home another promotion

On the last night of the week, Tia's bad luck strikes again when her apartment gets broken into

The burglar managed to swipe the treadmill before the cops showed up

Another unlucky thing... the insurance money only covered 900 of a 2500 treadmill :(

Points: 0 this round

Household Net-Worth: n/a ((not tracked in apartments???))

((That's it for Tia... I think every unlucky thing that could have happened to her this week did. I'm just glad that she didn't die from the lightning strike because she was really close! I feel bad about when I said that I didn't like Tia because of her lifetime want a few rounds ago when she transitioned into teen. Hopefully she does a little better next round. She's 7/20 on the way to her 20 simultaneous lovers))

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Devivo 4 (R5)

After graduating from Sim State with a degree in Biology, Kurt Devivio moved back to Silvervale and bought a small starter home on GoldTone Road next door to his mother and across the street from his sister, Carla. Lets see how he's doing in his first week as an adult.

The first thing Kurt did in his new house was invite over his girlfriend Brittany Upsnott and pop the question

They immediately got hitched in the backyard with a small group of friends, welcome wagon wedding crashers, and family

With only one nice point, I'm surprised Brittany didn't smash cake in Kurt's face

The guests enjoyed food and smustle and the party was a big success

Here's a nice portrait of Brittany and her stats:

Brittany (Upsnott) Devivio - Capricorn
Popularity (LTW: become General)

Here's also a nice picture of Kurt, he grew some facial hair in college because it was one of Brit's turn-ons

Right after the wedding, Brittany was able to find an entry level job in the Military ((I rushed her through uni so I could move her in with Kurt so she didn't have a ton of skills and I don't even think she had the appropriate major))

There were no openings in the Oceanography career, so Kurt took a job in Natural Science as a poopsmith

Brittany and Kurt both brought home promotions right away

((Yay cowplant!))

While she was out buying some new clothes, Brittany ran into the atrociously evil witch, Sheila Buckingham

Brittany invited Sheila over to the house where she asked to be taught the ways of darkness. Sheila was more than happy to oblige.

I don't know how the degree of affiliation is determined but Brittany was immediately atrociously evil ((When Ericka Eich turned into a witch she was just a little over center))

Brittany Devivio the Atrociously Evil Witch

Brittany enjoyed going to work on her broom instead of taking the carpool

Kurt got a nice chance card

Kurt and Brittany bring home another round of promotions

To round out the week, Kurt brings home one final promotion

And Brittany tries an outing with her co-worker Joy Seiff

Not only will the outing get Brittany a promotion she also got some skill points out of it :)

Will this household become a totally evil dwelling? How will Kurt adjust to having an evil witch as his wife? Will Kurt use the Cowplant or will it just become a nice lawn ornament?

Points: 1 point for adding Brittany to the neighborhood

Household Net-Worth: 48,802

((That's the last Devivio household for this round. Brittany had only one nice point so it seemed fitting for her to become an evil witch especially since I didn't really get to play around with it for more than a day with Ericka Eich. Between the evil witch and the cowplant townies best beware!!! Off to Tia next))

Devivio 3 (R5)

Last round Carla quickly flew through the ranks in the Dance Career. She also made a lot of waves in the apartment complex hot tub if you know what I mean :) Lets see how she got along this week shall we? ((this is going to be a short update, Carla didn't really do much except woohoo))

Carla wasted no time picking out her next victim. She met Brandon Lillard downtown at Rodney's

And he agreed to come back to the Coral Villas with her

Brandon Lillard (woohoo #10)

((note the snow on the ground... Carla's apartment bugged out so nobody could enter but her -- even though the door was unlocked -- she had to do her business in the hottub.))

After Brandon headed home for the night, Carla's friend Hun Vu was passing by, she invited him to join her in the hottub as well

Carla maxed out her lifetime aspiration points ((she rolled the knowledge power want to max all skills which she achieved -- too bad there aren't points for that))

Carla also maximized her cuisine enthusiasm but the apartment was so buggy that the hobby person never showed up to give her the plaque ((I'm still going to count it though!))

The Gypsy dropped off a genie lamp to reward Carla for her hobby devotion

And Carla wished 3 times for fortune so she could move out of her buggy apartment and into a nice little house across the street from her mother ((will post a picture of the house next round -- I forgot to take one!))

This super stud, Jason Menon, came on the welcome wagon, he and Carla have 3 bolts so it was an easy conquest for her

Jason Menon (woohoo #12)

To wrap up the week, Carla invited over another one of her down-townie friends, Charlie Copur, to see her new place

Charlie Copur (woohoo #13)

We'll end this entry with Carla busy at her new flower arranging bench. Will Carla meet her lifetime want next week? Will she take to flower arranging like she has taken to the men of Silvervale?

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Carla's cuisine hobby plaque, 3 points for maxing the lifetime aspiration meter)

Household Net-Worth: 79,683

((It's kinda boring playing two Romance Sims in a row so Carla just woohooed this week. I'm thinking she may open a small home flower business just to build some customer relationships -- I think woohoo will definitely help her customer loyalty, lol. On to the non-romance Kurt Devivio next))

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