Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoppes 1 (R10)

((A lot happened this round so lets get started))

Last round at the Hoppes household, Lorraine proved to be a very self sufficient young lady. As a reward her parents let her adopt a puppy named Queenie since her grandmother's cat, Alegra went to the big litter box in the sky. Lorraine took that self sufficiency into her teen years declaring a fortune aspiration with a very ambitious Lifetime want of owning 5 top level businesses. As a birthday gift to Lorraine, Serena and Amar opened a robotics shop. Marty and Sierra returned from college this round, lets see how the family is doing.

Hoppes 1 (lot 5): Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (from left): Lorraine Hoppes, Sierra Seiff, Serena Hoppes, Amar Hoppes, Marty Hoppes
Jar Card 194: Natural Alien Abduction

Marty was still a little upset with Sierra for her being a little too friendly with is cousin, Brad.

Sierra was upset with herself, she didn't mean to flirt with Brad, it was just her personality

After some profuse apologizing and groveling, Marty forgave Sierra and they made up the best way they could think of

Life was in full swing at the Hoppes house. The family didn't really need the money but Marty thought he should contribute the household funds anyway especially since they would need money to fund Sierra entrepreneurial pursuits... he found a nice paying job in the Architecture career

With the money Marty was able to make, Sierra purchased a Salon and Boutique that she named Perfect 10 ((this is a make-over of the Papaya Regime Mens' store in Bluewater))

The business got off to a pretty rocky start. Everyone was excited that a salon finally opened up in town so they wouldn't have to travel to the city to get gussied up. Unfortunately for Sierra, she didn't have perfectly polished cosmetology skills yet.

The customers were none-too-happy when Sierra managed to mess up their hair and make-up and even though she offered to fix it at no additional charge, they still decided to take their business elsewhere

After several botched make-overs, Sierra caved in and hired an employee with some Salon experience

Sinjin turned out to be such a blessing to the Salon, he was very charismatic with the customers, and rarely made a mistake

Sinjin even managed to make such a good impression that the Salon received a great review in the paper

With Sinjin on Chair duty, Sales and Register Duty fell to Sierra. Sierra was an Ace at Sales

Even managing to earn her gold Sales badge in very little time

But she generally fell short on Register...

Sierra decided that it might be a good idea to bring Lorraine along to the Salon some days after work so that she could get some experience in the business world before she tried to open her own shop. Unfortunately the Register duty fell to Lorraine who wasn't any better at it than Sierra

The shop was also the most busy in the after school hours... which made Lorraine feel a lot more pressure to perform well

When Lorraine needed a break from the shop, or couldn't make it in, Sierra hired a teen girl named Angel to fill in part-time

By the end of the week Sierra, and her employees, managed to get the shop to level 6

Sierra wasn't the only one in the family that was doing well. Marty managed to impress his boss at the Architecture firm so much that he brought home a promotion within days of starting

Since Sierra was at the Salon so frequently, Marty had to amuse himself by playing with the telescope in the back yard -- it helped calm his nerves about his impending marriage

Unfortunately, Marty's stargazing wasn't always peaceful, his grandparents would frequently come out and haunt at night

When Lorraine wasn't at school or helping at the Salon, she was tending to other matters. One evening, she convinced her parents to invite the local private school headmaster over for dinner

Dinner went very well, Amar and Sierra already knew the headmaster pretty well since they had both attended in their youth, and the twins had gone there too

It was no surprise when Lorraine got accepted into private school

Lorraine was a busy busy young lady. Her main chore was to take care of her dog Queenie who had grown up into a full grown dog

She also took up sewing as a hobby someday hoping to own her own clothing store

On the off-chance that she wasn't working on chores or a hobby or helping out with the shop, Lorraine would invite over her crush, Alvin Grove.

Alvin and Lorraine got along famously, they would play in the yard like they were back in elementary school

Finally Lorraine worked up enough courage to tell Alvin how she felt and it turned out that he had a crush on her too

When Saturday rolled around it was time for the big wedding day. While waiting for the guests to arrive, Marty and Sierra had some quiet alone time

All the guests arrived and got seated

Back Row: Whitney Alioto
Middle Row (from left): Serena Hoppes, Emmett Hoppes, Victoria Hurt, Lorraine Hoppes
Front Row (from left): Tessa Ramirez, Frank Devivio, Amar Hoppes, Brad Devivio

When they were sure that all the guests were seated, Sierra and Marty proceeded down the aisle to the arch

The recited their vows to one another

And had their first kiss as husband and wife

Everyone was having a wonderful time. After dinner was served it was time for Marty and Sierra to cut the cake

After the cake, Marty and Sierra caught the limo to their overnight honeymoon

Everyone had a wonderful time

Upon returning from their honeymoon, Sierra got a very pleasant surprise -- that she would be having a baby!

The pregnancy was timely because Sierra found out right around the time that Marty came home with a promotion to the top of the Architecture career. The extra money would definitely come in handy with a baby on the way

That evening was also the day of Serena and Amar's transition into elderhood. The family gathered in the dining room to sing happy birthday

Amar blew out his candles first. And transitioned into a very silly looking outfit

Amar Hoppes

Then Serena followed blowing out her candles and transitioning into an equally silly outfit

Serena Hoppes

Since she had reached the top of her career, Serena decided to give some up-and-coming educator a chance to reach the top. She also wanted to be around to help raise her grandbabies

A few days later, after breakfast, Sierra's water broke

The baby was on the way.... correction.... the BABIES were on their way

Sierra gave birth to two beautiful babies, and boy and a girl both with their grandfather's blonde hair and Sierra's purple eyes

Jennifer Hoppes

Biff Hoppes

Scoring: 3.5 points (.5 point for Sierra's Gold Sales Badge, 1 point for Marty reaching TOC Architecture, 1 point each for Jennifer and Biff)

Household Net-Worth:

((See I told you that it was a busy round... Since this was a lot bin house, the lot was very small and the house was at maximum size, I was worried about it being too cramped for the family after Marty and Sierra moved back. The lot got expanded thanks to Lot Adjuster and house got an addition to make room for the extension of the family. I added a separate dining room and living room on the ground floor and another bedroom on the second floor... funstuff! Marty actually took some Strawberry Juice to get over his furiousness at Sierra. What constitutes as "cheating" in this game is way too strict IMO and I didn't want to wait a week to get these two married and making babies because they were furious with each other. Speaking of making babies, Jennifer and Biff are the first Generation 4 sims! Though, I'm starting to get a little irritated at the twins trend my game is throwing at me but I guess it works because now they only need 1 more and possibly a spare to fulfill Marty's LTW of graduating 3 kids from college. The business is going pretty well though I spent a lot of time there, probably the equivalent of 2 sim weeks to get it to level 6. I'm dreading doing this LTW again with Lorraine but at least she should have the sales and register training before she opens her own shop. Other than that, nothing really to report. The jar card didn't happen this time, but eventually Marty will have a green baby! Here's a silly blooper:

No wonder Lorraine got accepted into private school... the headmaster got a private show! lol. This is the last lot that I have played at the moment. I'm working on University but the weekend is going to be pretty busy so I probably won't finish it until next week. Stay tuned for Annatto, Anise, and her boyfriend Keith at Uni next!))