Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Round 11 Recap

Since it's been over a year since I started this round, I thought I'd post a little recap:

Lot 1: Allan and Jaiden Pushard
  • Allan received a gold gardening badge, and nature hobby plaque
  • Jaiden and Allan got married during their vacation to Takemezu Village
Lot 2: Addison and Stella Teer (children: Harley-Quinn, Lexis, Nexis, Wiley)
  • Stella received a nature hobby plaque and reached TOC in Intelligence
  • Addison reached TOC in Journalism there-by achieving his LTW
  • Harley-Quinn transitioned into a Teen and Declared a Romance Aspiration
Lot 3: Darren and Melody Eich (children: Alcea and Astilbe)
  • The twins got accepted into private school transitioned into teens; both declared a Popularity Aspiration
Lot 4: Guy and Sofia Devivio; Frank and Whitney; Magenta
  • Frank and Magenta, and Frank's fiance, Whitney, moved home after University
  • Frank and Whitney got married; Whitney became pregnant
  • Magenta gave birth to a son with James Pushard that she named Frederick
  • Frank reached TOC in Music
  • Whitney gave birth to a daughter named Veronica
Lot 5: Amar and Serena Hoppes; Marty and Sierra (children: Jennifer and Biff); Lorraine
  • Sierra received a best of the best award for Perfect 10 Salon; the business reached Rank 10
  • Sierra purchased Lucky Shack Cards and Drink
  • Lorraine earned a Gold Sales badge; Serena purchased a Robotics shop for Lorraine to run
  • Amar reached TOC in Natural Science
  • Lorraine left for University
  • Sierra is pregnant with baby #3
Lot 6: Jack Copur; Flora Devivio and Annatto Eich (child: Camron)
  • Jack met and fell head over heels for Kimi Tanaka, a Rosebud transplant
  • Jack aged into an Elder
  • Flora got pregnant and gave birth to a second son named Ferris
  • Jack moved out
Lot 7: Carla Devivio and Connor Johnson (children: Gibson and Kay); Alec Bigfoot
  • Alec reached TOC in Music and fulfilled his LTW (yay perma plat bigfoot)
  • Gibson and Kay got admitted into private school
Lot 8: Kurt and Brittany Devivio (children: Tabitha, Nicholas, Germain, Jaina)
  • Kurt and Brittany aged into Elders
  • Germain and Jaina got accepted into private school
  • Tabitha earned a Games Hobby Plaque
  • Tabitha decided to forgo college and transitioned into an adult, along with her boyfriend Timothy
Lot 9: Tia Eich; Angelica and Kana (children: Zora and Ziggy)
  • Kana's alien spawn, Ziggy, was born
  • Angelica is pregnant with their second biological child
Lot 10: Wesley Teer and Jeannie Vijayakar (children: Wendy and Phoebe)
  • Jeannie turned into a plantsim
  • Wesley earned a Nature Hobby Plaque
Lot 11: William and Brittany Wade (children: Byron, Michael, Lindsay, Maebe, Gob)
  • William reached TOC in Law Enforcement and fulfilled his LTW
  • Brittany reached TOC in Education and fulfilled her LTW
  • Lindsay and Michael transitioned into Teens; both declared Pleasure aspirations
  • All of the kids got accepted into private school
Lot 12: Ricky and Janet Cormier (child: Mahran)
  • Mahran transitioned into a teen and declared a Pleasure aspiration; he reached TOC in the teen Music career
Lot 13: Brad and Tessa Devivio (children: Carmen, Nina, Xavier, Oscar, Gabriel)
  • Brad gave birth to his alien spawn, a daughter he named Dulcinea
  • Tessa became pregnant with their sixth (and hopefully final) child
  • Nina and Xavier aged into Teens; Nina declared a Romance aspiration, Xavier a Family aspiration
  • Tessa gave birth to a son named Ruben
Lot 14: Emmett and Victoria Hoppes
  • Emmett earned a Arts and Crafts Hobby Plaque; he reached TOC Gamer fulfilling his LTW
  • Victoria gave birth to a baby girl named Brianna
Lot 15: Kimi Tanaka and Jack Copur
  • Jack moved downtown with Kimi
University: Columbia Devivio, James Pushard, Keith Lee, Kennedy Smith, Anise Eich, Lorraine Hoppes, Vinaya Devivio
  • James cheated on Magenta with Lorraine
  • Columbia worked on her LTW and ended college with 30/50 first dates
  • Columbia, Keith, Kennedy, Anise and Vinaya Graduated SCL
Lot 16: Anise Eich and Keith Lee
  • Keith and Anise moved back to Silvervale from University
  • Keith reached TOC in Business fulfilling his LTW (immediately after entering the career)
Lot 17: Columbia Devivio
  • Columbia moved back to Silvervale from University; she ended the round with 38/50 first dates toward her LTW
Lot 18: Vinaya and Kennedy Smith
  • Kennedy and Vinaya moved back to Silvervale from University; they got engaged then married
  • Vinaya became pregnant
  • Kennedy got abducted by Aliens


jungfrun68 said...

So, you're planning a come-back! :)

Liz said...

I'm trying to... but it's slow going, I find that I have a lot less time on my hands lately :( Maybe with winter coming I'll have some more time to spend with my sim babies!