Monday, December 12, 2011

Devivio (R12)

Last time at the Devivio house, Frank moved back home with his girlfriend, Whitney, and twin sister, Magenta, in tow. Frank and Whitney tied the knot and soon had their first (of 6) children, a girl named Veronica. Magenta also realized she was pregnant with James Pushard's baby, and gave birth to her first (of 6), a son named Frederick. Eddie continued dating Byron Wade and caught the unwanted attention of Byron's mom. Frank also reached TOC in the music career earning a bonus that will put him closer to his LTW of earning 100,000 simoleans

Devivio (lot 4) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (from left): Guy Devivio, Sofia [Teer] Devivio holding Veronica, Whitney [Alioto] Devivio, Frank Devivio, Eddie Devivio

Magenta and James' relationship was very strained since he returned back home from Sim State. Since Magenta's plans to move with him to his family home were put on hold, she looked for a nice little home for her and Frederick... Her parents' place was getting a little crowded

Magenta and Frederick's departure opened up two free bedrooms in the house, so Frank and Whitney could try for more babies

Having Guy and Sofia around was a great help since they planned to have at least 6 children

The Elder Devivio's knew that they weren't long for this world yet, so they tried to spend as much time with the children and grandchildren as they could

Sofia was especially helpful taking care of Veronica while Frank was at work

Just because Sofia and Guy were attentive grandparents didn't mean that Frank would let them raise Veronica. Even with his hectic schedule he still tried to spend a lot of time with her

Teaching her to talk was the highlight of his week and pushed him over the edge of his lifetime aspiration meter

Frank's timing couldn't have been better; Whitney soon learned that she was pregnant again and being perma-plat would certainly help him take better care of her

Their second child turned out to be a boy, they named him Brodie

Gratuitous dangle-master shot of Brodie just because the animations are so cute

Little Brodie was born just in time for Veronica's birthday

Veronica grew up really favoring her grandma, Sofia

She also managed to inherit Frank's music gene, and loved to play the piano, even at all hours of the night

Eddie was just itching to get out of the house and go off to spend 4 glorious baby-free years at university. She was always bragging about all the scholarships she would get

Until the day came when Eddie could cash in those scholarships, she tried to get out of the house as much as she could. Being the oldest child in his large family, Byron was happy to indulge her

Guy was getting older, he needed someone to take up the mantle of his business enterprise... who better than his son and heir

It didn't take long for Frank to rise up and take over Guy's position

Retirement left Guy a lot more time to smell the flowers

and pursue other activities

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Brodie, 1 point for Frank TOC business)

((This house definitely was more entertaining than the Eichs... I guess 7 sims crammed in will do that. I was holding my breath all round because I thought Guy and Sofia were going to croak :( They most definitely will next round, and I'll probably cry. Also, Eddie did leave for university at the end of the round. It'll be a while before I play it though because Gibson and Byron are slated to go this round as well... and I still hvae 6 lots to play before I get to the Wades. Can anyone guess the naming theme of the third generation of the Devivio clan?))


jungfrun68 said...

Have no idea what your naming theme is, not even after a Google search. I ended up in Australia...

SK said...

Aw, Sofia and Guy... *wibble* I don't want them to die!

Totally love Eddie, though. She is so pretty. <3 And I know the naming scheme!! :D