Tuesday, February 1, 2011

University Part 1 (R11)

So since I'm a slacker and I haven't even played the entirety of Uni this round, I've decided I'm going to blog it in 2-3 installments. This installment is the first semester of the year round that I played like 4 months ago or something crazy, luckily I still have my notes. I think this is the first round I played with ACR installed, which explains all the dramaz going around. I have more played, but pics aren't edited, and I have a nice cliffhanger ending for you ::wink:: I also played through a round of Devivio house 3 (Carla, Connor, Gibson and Kay) so I have to edit those pictures as well.

I threw everyone in the Greek House this round, so here we go...

Juniors: Columbia Devivio, James Pushard, Anise Eich, Keith Lee, Vinaya Devivio, Kennedy Smith
Freshmen: Lorraine Hoppes

Serena bid a tearful farewell to her youngest daughter (probably anticipating the drama she would cause!)

I'm pretty impressed with how pretty Lorraine turned out, I was kinda worried when she was a teen

Lorraine Hoppes
Fortune (LTW: Own 5 Top Level Businesses)

I cheated a little before Greek House try outs and invited the Greek House members over to the dorm for some social time to work up Lorraine's relationships, she seemed to get along well with everyone

In the meantime, Lorraine declares her major, Economics is typical for the business minded fortune sim

The next evening she invited everyone over again for her official hazing ceremony

It didn't take long for her to get accepted

Back at the Greek House, everyone is up to the usual activities (at least they are with their significant others)

Anise and Keith have their first woohoo? I could have sworn they woohooed before in their first half of college ::shrugs::

Columbia earns her Games Hobby Plaque

And then celebrates by calling over the matchmaker

Check out the schnoz on this guy... Geez

Date #21: Alon Kauker

While Columbia is enjoying her time with the big schnoz, James invites Magenta over for a little quality time

In the middle of both of their dates... Columbia decides she wants to flirt with James... In front of Magenta (wtf ACR, seriously?)

While James is groveling to Magenta, Columbia then hops in the hot tub with her (now over) date...

Since Columbia is a complete ho... I put her on birth control

After --- leaves, Columbia calls back the matchmaker... nothing notable happens on this date

Date #22: Patrick Spitzig

The next morning brings Columbia's third date of the round, also nothing notable

Date #23: Tyson Kosmokos

Lorraine invites over fellow Fortune sim, Malcolm Landgrabbe... not surprisingly, they chat about wealth for a while


Mmmmhmmm... This is working out perfectly

And here is my cliffhanger ending...

Next time: Who is in bed with whom and who's being cheated on? And lots more!

((Well ACR at uni is totally insane... really, really insane and totally frustrating. At least my monogamous couples are behaving themselves for the most part. Columbia is a total ho, I have no idea what I'm going to do with her. Sorry it was so short but even a short post is better than nothing at all right? I'm itching to play again so maybe I'll have something in the next few days to post. Next up we'll have Devivio 3 then maybe more Uni if I can bring myself to finish it up, if not we'll move on to other houses in the hood so stay tuned...))


SK said...

Hahahaha, now you see what made all my sims go horny-rabbit when they went to uni the last two or three rounds! I hated it at first, but now I kind of like it. It's much more random and awesome. :) I hope you find it to be that way after a while too.

jungfrun68 said...

You'll get used to your little simmies misbehaving. I long since gave up on keeping a lutheran lifestyle in my hood :)

Liz said...

@SK... I should have known what I was in for after reading you and J68's university rounds. I'm kinda getting used to it now, although it's hard for me not to try and control their every move, as you'll see in the second installment.

@J68... Lutheran lifestyle, lol. We Lutherans here in America tend to be a little on the wild side :p Maybe Puritan would be a better descriptor