Monday, April 27, 2009

Pushard (R7)

Last Round at the Pushards, Jaiden gave birth to their second child, and heir to the house, James. Victoria transitioned into a child and James into a toddler. The family also adopted a new dog named Simon. Allan was distant and retreated into his career and helping to teach the kids and Simon. At the end of the Round, Allan had a little indiscretion with his old friend, Carla Devivio. Will Allan snap out of his funk? How will the kids grow up? Lets find out...

Also, check out a Tour of the Pushard Home

**the external website is a work in progress but I hope you enjoy it!**

At the beginning of the week, Victoria brought home her first A+ report card

And James transitioned into a child

James Pushard

Jaiden thought it was about time to get the kids into private school so she invited the headmaster over

True to the Murphy's law of Headmaster's Visits, Allan set his first batch of lobster themidor on fire

Allan had time to remedy his mistake while Jaiden showed the headmaster the house. After the tour the family enjoyed a delicious dinner

With the tour and dinner combined, the kids easily got admitted into private school

Did I mention Suzi and Simon had a little romp in the doghouse last round? Well after the headmaster visit, the puppies arrived

Meet the puppies: Cookie, Danish, Muffin and Strudel (I can't tell you which is which because they all look the same)

Simon does a good job watching over his litter

Allan reached the top of the Criminal Career thus fulfilling his lifetime want

The top of career also allowed Allan to max out his lifetime aspiration meter

Jaiden also brought home a promotion

Here's Allan in his shmexy Criminal Mastermind outfit...

Too bad he'll be changing to Oceanography, which is his next LTW

Allan was a lot more chipper after fulfilling his lifetime want. He even autonomously made the moves on his fiance (this is something he didn't do at all last round)

Puppy in the background: "'scuse me Miss... you were going to feed me... yes?"

To keep up their good grades, the kids worked diligently on their homework

The homework sessions paid off when James brought home his first A+

And Jaiden brought home another promotion

Victoria brought a friend home from school that also happens to be her prospective mate, Emmett Hoppes (we'll see how it works out when they're teens)

That evening Victoria transitioned into a teen

And now for the aspiration:

After the requisite trip to the mall for some new duds and a cell phone, here's Victoria's makeover

Victoria Hurt-Pushard - Romance
LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef

Allan was bored so he took up pottery and earned himself a bronze pottery badge

The puppies grew up into dogs and the family promptly started selling them to the neighbors (you'll see more of the grown-up dogs in later updates this round - Danish was sold to the Eich's and Cookie was sold to Jaiden's friend, Jack Copur)

Jaiden brought home her final promotion to Hall of Famer, fulfilling her lifetime want

She also started to use the wishing well working on her impossible want of 30 best friends

after the promotion and 10 best friends later, Jaiden had enough lifetime aspiration points to declare a secondary aspiration:

heh... I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em right? Hopefully she and Allan will get along better now that they're both secondary romance... this could lead to some interesting drama as well...

To round out the week, Allan gets a bad chance card... not too good for a fortune sim

How will Jaiden and Allan get along now that they are both secondary Romance? Will they ever want to get married? Find out next round

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for Allan reaching top of the the Criminal Career, 1 point for Jaiden reaching top of the Athletic Career, 3 points for Allan maxing out the lifetime aspiration meter)

Household Net-Worth: 188,613

((Well this is the beginning of round 7. You'll start to see some changes coming throughout the blog. I've started an external website to keep track of non-blog related information, family ties, general neighborhood stuff, etc. - - it's very much a work in progress but I hope to keep updating while I post entries in the blog... now that the hood is getting pretty big it helps me to keep track of my simmies and hopefully it will help you too dear reader! I'm also going to be installing Risky WooHoo sometime during the round... I hope it doesn't turn out to be a mistake :) On a lot related note: I love how Victoria looks after he makeover, she's absolutely gorgous. Other than that, this round was much of the same - working, skilling, taking care of the pups. I really don't think I'll be breeding dogs/cats anytime again soon unless the sim in question has a LTW to raise 20 puppies/kittens... it's a lot of work and I'm just not that enthralled with pets TBH. Off to the Teer's and their empty nest next...)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eich 2 (R6)

The last time we checked in on Tia Eich she had just graduated from Sim State and embarked on her adult life. Unfortunately luck was not with Tia during her first week as an adult. She had a hard time picking up men, got struck by lightning, lost her job due to a bad chance card, came down with the flu, and to top it all off, her apartment got robbed. Will Tia have better luck this week? Lets find out.

Tia's life hadn't been going so well thus far, but she was determined to make a better go of it. She met Ryker Terrill, a.k.a. Mr. Big, downtown and decided to invite him over to her apartment.

Tia appealed to Mr. Big's vanity and it didn't take long for him to succumb to Tia's feminine wiles

(Ryker Terrill, a.k.a. Mr. Big - lover #8)

Tia was having a blast heading downtown almost every night to pick up men that it was only fitting she declare a secondary aspiration of pleasure.

And maximized her Arts and Crafts enthusiasm

Tia got a great bonus at work

The bonus allowed her enough cash to:
1) move out the apartments and into a home of her own
2) buy a small bungalow on Twikki Island
3) take a vacation

Tia's dad Julio told her how he found a map to a secret location when they took their Far East vacation. Tia thought it would be neat if she could find a similar map at her beach house. The minute Tia got to Twikki Island, she dug up the backyard looking for a map

After finding a map to the Mysterious hut, Tia traveled around the island taking in the sites and meeting the locals. At the beach she learned to fire dance

she built a sandcastle

And worked on her tan

Tia also booked her first tour, a glass-bottomed boat ride. Unfortunately the relaxation didn't help Tia's unlucky streak

After the disasterous boat ride, Tia headed back home to use the energizer and invite over one of the island natives she met at the beach, Jim Reeves.

Tia and Jim have 3 bolts of attraction so it was easy to build their relationship quickly

(Jim Reeves - lover #9)

The next day for breakfast, Tia tried the island specialty - pineapple surprise

She also explored an abandoned pirate ship exhibit and managed to meet the ship's ghostly captain

After meeting a few more natives, Tia embarked on another tour, this time a parasailing excursion. Like the last tour, Tia's luck wasn't so hot

To cheer herself up after another horrible tour, Tia invited over Talin Vijayakar for a little romance

(Talin Vijayakar - lover #10)

After saying goodbye to Talin, Tia went off to the monkey shrine to wish for some better luck

The wishing shrine seemed to work. Tia entertained another guest, Darren Johnson, a fellow tourist

((it looks like Darren anticipated Tia's intentions for his visit))

Tia added another notch to her lipstick case

(Darren Johnston - lover #11)

and then headed off for her third and final tour. This time she had much better luck than subsequent tours

Tia then decided to scope out the mysterious hut where she met a witch doctor with a lot of broken stuff. Tia repaired the witch doctors hut

While the witch doctor lounged around in the hammock ((no wonder he can't fix his stuff if he spends all day in the hammock instead of skilling!!))

The witch doctor also had a bit of a nervous breakdown due to his lack of mechanical skill I suppose

After the hut was in good working order, Tia and the witch doctor had some hula time

The witch doctor also gave Tia a voodoo doll as a thank you present

Tia was playing with the voodoo doll, apparently it doesn't work on the witch doctor

Tia headed to the expensive beach-front hotel restaurant for dinner

She scoped out the room and found another prospective lover

Troy left before Tia had the chance to introduce herself... and the voodoo doll backfired on him as well :(

She was hanging out at another lot when she met Goopy Kimbrell

In the morning she invited Goopy over for a quickie ((he is a family sim, I'm surprised their relationship grew as fast as it did))

(Goopy Kimbrell - lover #12)

During her date with Goopy, the gypsy matchmaker dropped off a genie lamp

((This was strange because throughout the whole vacation, Tia was getting pop-ups that she was losing enthusiasm in this, that, and the other. I think the lamp is a reward for the music and dance enthusiasm Tia gained while on vacation))

The genie was loathe to comply with Tia's request for a wish though

All the dates and woohoo allowed Tia enough points to max out her lifetime aspiration benefits

Tia's vacation was winding down. She had time to invite over one more hottie, Zeeshan Kimbrell

(Zeeshan Kimbrell - lover #13)

Tia had enough time to relax and learn the hot-stone massage before she headed back to Silvervale. ((I have plans for this new massage when we see Tia next round ::evil grin::))

When Tia got back from her massage, Goopy had dropped off a big screen TV for her

Bright and early the next morning Tia left Twikki Island to head back to Silvervale

Tia took advantage of her vacation benefits and spent her points in refreshed, productive and je ne sais quoi

She also displayed her vacation mementos

And the men she romanced on the island stopped by to drop off gifts

At work the next day Tia earned her final promotion bringing her to the top of the culinary career

She also took advantage of the genie lamp that she got while on vacation. She wished for fortune twice and beauty once ((although I'm not quite sure what beauty does))

between the promotion and the wishes, Tia earned 100,000 in her lifetime

To round out the week, Tia called up two of her friends from town to take advantage of her je ne sais quoi vacation benefit

(Jim Lillard - lover #14)

(Vince Johnston - lover #15)

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for maxing A&C enthusiasm, 3 points for maxing the lifetime aspiration meter, 1 point for TOC culinary)

Household Net-Worth: 100,007

((That wraps it up for Tia. this 20 simultaneous lovers LTW is so hard!!! Not only does Tia have to seduce the men, she has to keep up relationships with them. I can't wait until I complete it. I actually played Tia's lot normally but then I felt badly because she only had a very short play session so I sent her on vacation. Without vacation she would only be at 10 lovers instead of 15. The vacation actually happened after everything else in the round, but I thought it made a better story to put it in the middle. This officially completes round 6. We'll be heading off to start round 7 with the Pushard's next))

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