Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Devivio 2 (R8)

When last we visited Pamela, Jack and Flora, Jack had opened up a toy shoppe in Bluewater Village as a birthday gift for Flora. Flora aged into a teen declaring a Fortune aspiration with a desire to one day reach the top of the Athletic Career like her dad. Jack and Flora worked the business up to Rank 5 and earned many badges in the process. How will Flora prepare for her college years in her last round at home? Lets find out

Devivio 2 (Lot 6) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #204: Create one of each item from the Robot Workbench, then use them on your lot

Like any good fortune sim, Flora had the bright idea that being accepted in the prestigious Silvervale Private School would help her attain great success in her future. She begged Jack and Pamela to allow her to invite the headmaster over for dinner. Proud of Flora's initiative, they happily obliged her request

When the headmaster showed up, Jack greeted him at the door and gave him a quick tour of the house while Pamela prepared dinner

A scrumptious dinner of blackened catfish was on the menu and enjoyed by all

With the delicious food and a house full of charismatic individuals, there was no question that Flora would be accepted into private school

Pamela noticed she was beginning to put on weight from her recently discovered talent for cooking. She took to the punching bag to work off those extra pounds and even managed to earn a Fitness Hobby Plaque in the process

The luck continued to stream into the household. First Jack received a huge bonus by promoting a new sports complex despite his personal feelings on the matter

That evening, Pamela also received a bonus for a successful experiment

With the sudden influx of money, Pamela and Jack could indulge Flora in another present, a robot bench, that she had been hoping to get. She felt robots would make a welcome addition to the toy store she and her father shared... "grown-up toys..." she remarked

Before the weekend, Flora managed to attain her silver Robotics Badge.

The week continued to go well for Flora. She discovered that one of her good friend, Annatto Eich, had a small crush on her, a crush that she reciprocated. One afternoon she worked up the courage to invite him over.

They had a wonderful time together hanging out and singing karaoke in the back yard

Later in the afternoon, Annatto surprised Flora by giving her her first kiss

Flora was on cloud nine after their afternoon together. She knew she had found someone that she could potentially spend the rest of her life with.

Despite private school, robots and her new boyfriend, Flora didn't feel that she was busy enough and begged Jack to get her a job on his team. He was able to find her a position in the locker-rooms, nothing glamourous but it kept Flora even more busy than she already was.

With Flora's wit and charm, it didn't take long for her to be promoted up to team mascot, the highest level she could attain in the field until she had a university degree in her hand

To celebrate her promotion, Flora invited Annatto downtown to Sims Gone Wired.

When they arrived at SGW the couple enjoyed a few games and some PDA

Then they headed upstairs to the dining room for a quick dessert before heading home for the evening

When their date had ended, Flora said goodbye to Annatto and promised to visit often. She was moving to Sim State the next day but he would not be starting until she was halfway through. They were both sad about being separated but Flora had plans to share a rental with Annatto's sister, Angelica, so he was sure he would be able to see her often.

That evening, when Flora got home, she applied for her scholarships

Early the next morning, Flora left for Sim State

Scoring: 1 point for Pamela's Fitness Plaque

Household Net-Worth: 294,581

((Well there are going to be a lot of "bloopers" for this round so here goes. Pamela and Jack, being the two romance sims that they are, date a lot. Pamela spun up a silly want during one of their dates this week:

Annatto and Flora could potentially be a 3-bold couple if he puts on a little weight and doesn't shave for a while -- for a fortune sim, Flora doesn't really have high standards:

And here are the results of the robot Jar Card, Flora only got to a silver badge, so I will keep the Card open for next round as well. The hydrobot malfunctioned

Luckily the cleanbot was there to clean up the mess

Does the cleanbot remind anyone else of the broom-dog in the animated version of Alice in Wonderland? Well that's it for this house for the round. Join us for the 3rd Devivio house on the playlist next...))

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

University G2

Brad Devivio and his girlfriend, Tessa Ramirez just started at Sim State University. How will these two family sims fare in the world of knowledge?

Here are updated YA pictures Brad and Tessa. They make quite a handsome couple in my opinion.

Brad Devivio - Aries
Family (LTW: Become Education Minister)

Tessa Ramirez - Aries
Family (LTW: Marry off 6 Children)

Tessa's father, Checo, arranged for Tessa and Brad to live in a small rental property during their time at Sim State. He also had arranged for the house to be completely furnished, being in the furniture business and all.

Brad's sister, Janet, and her boyfriend, Ricky recently pledged Brad and Tessa into the Annya Var Greek house and made arrangements to move into Tessa and Brad's rental with their daughter, Vinaya. The switch would be made after Janet and Ricky finished up their Junior year. Until then, Brad and Tessa fell into a basic routine. They relaxed around the house...

Watched TV and studied

And ate most of their meals together

When the time came to move into the Annya Var house, Brad and Tessa did much of the same except the Greek house afforded them more opportunity to pursue their hobbies

Brad enjoyed the large TV at the Greek House and could often be found parked on the couch watching whatever sport was showing at the time

Tessa, on the other hand, enjoyed the nicely tuned piano, something she hadn't been able to play since leaving for college

Brad and Tessa did more than just play though. The larger lodgings meant more chores, something Brad wasn't too happy about

Despite schoolwork and household chores, the couple still had time for other recreational activities

they especially liked that the beds in the Greek House were a lot more plush than the cheaply made furniture in their rental.

Being family sims, Brad and Tessa did not heed Janet's warning about using birth control while in college... One night after class halfway through freshman year, Tessa found out that she was pregnant. Of course, Brad was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father so quickly

Tessa, despite wanting a large family, was a little more hesitant of the prospect of having a baby while still in school, she considered the prospect of dropping out and returning home. She called her parents to break the news to them.

Checo and Lisa were somewhat disappointed that their daughter would squander the opportunity of a college education so Checo used his influence to get Tessa into the accelerated program at Sim State rather than allowing her to drop out completely. The accelerated program meant that assignments were accelerated as well and Tessa could be found camped out at the kitchen table most nights working on the never-ending pile of schoolwork

Tessa was in the middle of one of her all night study sessions when she felt her water break

A few agonizing hours later, Carmen Ramirez was born

Carmen was a delightful baby and Tessa relished every moment she got to spend with her new daughter

Being blessed with a beautiful daughter had it's stresses too as Brad and Tessa struggled to keep up with school and the house. By chance one day, just when they were feeling the most overwhelmed, a gypsy dropped off a magic lamp at their doorstep

Brad thought of their future and the large family that he and Tessa would like to have and wished for fortune.

Tessa also had her future family in mind when she made her wish. She couldn't have been happier being with Brad and having the opportunity to start their family so early, but at times the stress was too much for her. Tessa wished for Peace of Mind to get through the hard times that inevitably lay ahead for the family.

After Tessa made her wish, it was time for Carmen's birthday.

Carmen grew up in a lovely toddler that heavily resembled her mother but seemed to have the Devivio nose.

Carmen Ramirez - Aries

With the genie wish behind her, Tessa took a few deep breaths and realized that life was going to be fine, despite all the stresses they were currently facing.

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Tessa, 1 point for Carmen)

# of mascot fights: 0!

((I adore this couple they are going to make many many beautiful babies! I have to say though, Carmen really isn't a surprise, with Tessa's lifetime want I was kinda banking on them getting pregnant at Uni in order to get an early start. I was considering just dropping Tessa out but decided against it and opted to put her in the "accelerated" program -- i.e. college clock. Tessa is actually halfway through her Junior year, Brad is going through school normally. This couple has one more round at Uni and then will be moving back to Silvervale. I think Brad's siblings, Frank and Magenta will be joining them next round but I don't know for sure. Here's a little funny:

This cheerleader got frozen when Guy and Sofia were at Sim State and still hasn't thawed!
We're off to check on the Second Devivio household -- Pamela, Jack, and Flora -- next.))