Silvervale Sim Profiles

Reflects the Current Round...

To help keep track of the various sims residing in Silvervale, I decided to make up these profile pages. Sims are listed by the lot where they currently reside. University sims and Deceased sims are listed at the end of the entry.

Lot 1 (Pushard)
Allan Pushard
Jaiden (Hurt) Pushard
James Pushard

Lot 2 (Teer 1)
Addison Teer
Stella (Terrano) Teer
Harley-Quinn Teer
Lexis Teer
Nexis Teer
Wiley Teer

Lot 3 (Eich 1)
Darren Eich
Melody (Tinker) Eich
Alcea Eich
Astilbe Eich
Roberto the Servo

Lot 4 (Devivio 1)
Guy Devivio
Sofia (Teer) Devivio
Frank Devivio
Whitney (Alioto) Devivio
Veronica Devivio
Brodie Devivio

Lot 5 (Hoppes)
Amar Hoppes
Serena (Teer) Hoppes
Marty Hoppes
Sierra (Seiff) Hoppes
Jennifer Hoppes
Biff Hoppes
Clara Hoppes 

Lot 6 (Devivio 2)
Flora Devivio
Annatto Eich
Camron Devivio 
Ferris Devivio

Lot 7 (Devivio 3)
Carla Devivio
Connor Johnston
Kay Devivio
Alan Bigfoot

Lot 8 (Devivio 4)
Kurt Devivio
Brittany (Upsnott) Devivio
Nicholas Devivio
Germain Devivio
Jaina Devivio

Lot 9 (Eich 2)
Tia Eich
Angelica Eich
Kana (Wong) Eich
Zora Wong
Ziggy Eich
Zain Eich

 Lot 10 (Teer 2)
Wesley Teer
Jeannie Vijayakar
Wendy Vijayakar
Phoebe Vijayakar

Lot 11 (Wade)
William Wade
Brittany (Parker) Wade
Lindsay Wade
Michael Wade
Gob Wade
Maebe Wade

Lot 12 (Cormier)
Ricky Cormier
Janet (Devivio) Cormier
Mahran Cormier

Lot 13 (Devivio 5)
Brad Devivio
Tessa Ramirez
Carmen Ramirez
Nina Ramirez
Xavier Ramirez
Oscar Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez
Dulcinea Devivio
Ruben Devivio

Lot 14 (Hoppes 2)
Emmett Hoppes
Victoria (Pushard) Hoppes
Brianna Hoppes

Lot 15 (Cooper/Tanaka)
Kimi Tanaka
Jack Copur

Lot 16 (Lee)
Keith Lee
Anise Eich

 Lot 17 (Devivio 6)
 Columbia Devivio

Lot 18 (Smith)
Vinaya (Devivio) Smith
Kennedy Smith

Lot 19 (Devivio 7)
Magenta Devivio
Frederick Devivio

Lot 20 (Twinning)
Tabitha Devivio
Timothy Twinning

University (Annya Var House)
Lorraine Hoppes [junior R11]
Eddie Devivio [freshman R12]
Gibson Devivio [freshman R12]
Allyn Creelman [freshman R12]
Byron Wade [freshman R12]

Deceased (listed by family name)
Mathew Pushard
Kenya Pushard
Margery Pushard
Jessie Pushard
Clayton Teer
Kelly Teer
Ericka Eich
Tyrone Eich
Julio Eich
Hugh Devivio
Nita Devivio
Pamela Devivio
Darryl Hoppes
Jill Hoppes