Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Starting a Prosperity Challenge

Want to know who's who in Silvervale? Check out the Profile Pages! -------------->(updated May 20, 2010)
Welcome to Silvervale! Here's the hood at the end of Round 7!

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The Main page was getting cluttered! Now that Blogger has added static pages, it makes it much easier to keep things somewhat organized without having to forward-date posts and keep them at the top. Anyway, I've set up pages for: Past Rounds' Table of Contents; the Score Sheets; and Silvervale Profile Pages. The Current Round entries is still listed at the bottom of this post. I'm planning to start doing some round recaps so that new readers don't have to read every individual entry to catch up if they don't want to... that's the next project on the list.

Looking for Rounds 1-10? TOC here!
Round 11
Pushard: Far East Vacation
Teer (1): Passtimes
Eich (1): Popular
Devivio (1): Moving Home
Hoppes (1):Top Notch
University Part 1: Debauchery
Devivio (2): Love at First Sight
Devivio (3): True Love
Devivio (4): Growing up
Eich (2): Too Cute
Teer (2): Over Exposure
Wade: The Teen Scene
University Part 2: Debauchery DeuxCormier: Under-achieving
Devivio (5): Family Matters
Hoppes (2): Daddy's Girl
*Cooper/Tanaka: Uptown Girl
*Lee: One Track Mind
*Devivio (6): Pleasurable Pursuits
*Smith: Rough Start

Round 11 Recap
Round 12:
Pushard: Tough Choices
Teer (1): Rockin' Out
Eich (1): Caught Red Handed
Devivio (1): MOAR babies
Hoppes (1): Are you Feelin' Lucky?
Devivio (2): Puppy Love
Devivio (3)
Devivio (4)
Eich (2):
Teer (2):
Devivio (5):
Hoppes (2):
Devivio (6):
*Devivio (7):

Some arbitrary rules I'm setting for myself: