Monday, May 23, 2011

Tanaka/Copur R11

Last time we saw Jack, he was still living with his daughter, Flora, and her new family. He fell instantly in love with a beautiful walk-by, Kimi Tanaka, from Rosebud and decided that he would give up everything to be with her. He bestowed his business to Flora, took two of the dogs, Cookie and Jake, and the few possessions that he wanted, and moved downtown to be with Kimi. Lets see how things went for these two in their first week of life together.

Tanaka/Cooper (lot 15) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Kimi Tanaka, Jack Cooper, [the dogs] Cookie and Jake

Kimi lived in an adorable little loft style house downtown (made my An_nas)

She had a quiet life up until the point when she met Jack...

She had always thought she wanted to be with as many people as she could (LTW: Woohoo with 20 sims) until she met him...

Kimi also had a quiet little job... she worked in the science career as an inventor... it wasn't glamorous, but it definitely paid the bills

Plus she got to invent really cool stuff

Jack didn't work (much) since he was a Hall of Famer, he only had to be available for speaking arrangements and appearances. It gave him a good amount of time to just socialize

((the welcome wagon consisted of Frank Devivio, Vinaya Devivio, Kennedy Smith, and fellow downtownie, Camryn Gergis))

The guests even stuck around until Kimi got off work later that evening

Even the dogs seemed to be settling in OK

Kimi even liked helping out with the dogs

Despite the changes, life for these two tended to be pretty normal

On the rare occasions that Jack did have to go into work, Kimi found that she tended to be lonely during the day. She would routinely invite over [male] friends to share the afternoons

Just because she had a live-in boyfriend... ahem... finance... didn't mean that she had to stop sewing her wild oats

Plus, it's not like Jack really cared that much...

Scoring: 1 point for adding Kimi to the neighborhood

((so, I <3 Kimi so much... and she's totally going to achieve her LTW :) You'll notice that Jack got a full week playtime in his old house, then another full week of playtime here... I kinda want him to age more quickly because I know he'll probably be around at least 2 more rounds and he was just a convenient excuse to get Kimi into my hood. Anyway, these two are surprisingly mundane for two Romance Sims. Anyway, short and sweet... Anise and Keith are up next, stay tuned!))


SK said...

Hahaha, yay, Kimi! I love her so much too, and she looks smokin' in those stilettos! They're perfect for her, and so is her habit of having dudes over whenever she darn well feels like it. I feel sorry for Jack, though. Poor old cuckold. But thanks to him for getting my gal in your 'hood, woot!

Anonymous said...

Hah, I hope Kimi can keep her affairs secret from Jack (not that it overly matters if he's furious for a 20 woohoo want, but still...). Any plans to have any children from these two?

jungfrun68 said...

What did you do to Jack to keep him alive so long?
Good for him though to be able to stick around with Kimi

Liz said...

Jack just hit perma-plat really early after he became playable so that means he'll probably live well into his elder years. Also, he only transitioned to an elder last round, so he still have quite a bit of time I think. Hopefully Kimi will have some kids, although I can't guarantee they will be Jacks ;)

Liz said...

@SK: I love Kimi too... and I'm trying to stay true to the personality you gave her, glad to hear I'm doing an OK job so far. I don't think Jack minds being a cuckold, he was quite a cheater in his hay-day too!

@Eien: I really want Kimi's genes in the hood, so hopefully she'll have some kids... I also prefer to have playables marry playables, so having new genes in the pool will be good!