Thursday, September 9, 2010

Devivio 1 (R11)

Last Round at the Devivio household Columbia went on lots of dates and Eddie grew up into a stunning teen with a Knowledge aspiration. At the end of the round, Columbia went off to college and the family's cat, Cherish went to the big litter box in the sky. This round there is a ton more going on, with tons of pictures...

Devivio (lot 4) Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (top row, from left): Magenta Devivio, Guy Devivio, Sofia Devivio, Eddie Devivio, Whitney Alioto (bottom): Frank Devivio
Jar Card: n/a this round

Things didn't stay quiet in the Devivio house for long, after college Frank moved back in, with his fiance, Whitney. There was a lot of jostling in the house and Frank and Whitney inherited Eddie and Columbia's old room... they certainly put it to good use

Magenta was also crashing with the family until James finished school and moved back to Silvervale. The Pushards said they would be happy to have Magenta stay there, but she definitely felt more comfortable at home.

Unfortunately for Magenta she had to crash in Franks old, tiny room upstairs... she moved back to Silvervale with more baggage than she expected... she was pregnant!

Having so many people around the house was hectic, but it was also helpful for Sofia and Guy to have extra hands around, especially since they were getting up in years and couldn't do as much around the huge house as they used to. It also gave them time for other things

Whitney definitely lived up to her Family aspiration, she was the perfect homemaker...

She prepared most of the meals for the family

She was also handy and was readily able to fix things when they broke

((note she discovered her love of tinkering while plunging the toilet, lulz))

Whitney also wanted to meet everyone she could in the town, it was exciting for her to live in such a rich and vibrant community. Unfortunately not all of the locals were as friendly as the Devivio's. She figured that Guillermo Chan must have been from out of town

On the morning of her wedding, while she was getting ready, she kept feeling sick... she chalked it up to butterflies about her pending nuptials

Despite her nerves, the blushing bride looked as radiant as ever... some of the guests even said she was absolutely glowing

Whitney [Alioto] Devivio - Cancer
Family (LTW: Marry off 6 Children)

The wedding went off without a hitch. Frank and Whitney happily exchanged vows

And they officially became man and wife

The yard was packed with family and friends all cheering them on

Front row (from left): Sofia Devivio, Ricky Cormier, Mahran Cormier, Vinaya Cormier
2nd row (from left): Columbia Devivio, Carmen Ramirez, Eddie Devivio, Marty Hoppes, Kennedy Smith, Sierra Hoppes
Back Row (seated): Xavier Ramirez

Despite the Cheers from the crowd, Frank and Whitney were on cloud nine and it seemed that there was nobody around, just the two of them

While the caterers were setting up the buffet and moving the tables and chairs inside the house, all of the guests enjoyed a little dancing in the backyard

After the food was served, the guests moved inside and enjoyed a nice meal together

Xavier Ramirez, Frank Devivio, Whitney Devivio, Magenta Devivio

Mahran Cormier, Carmen Ramirez

Columbia Devivio, Vinaya Devivio, James Pushard

The children opted to eat in the kitchen so that they wouldn't have to sit with the boring adults

Xavier Ramirez, Nina Ramirez

As everyone was finishing up their dinner, Frank and Whitney decided to partake in one more wedding ritual and cut the cake

Everything about their wedding was as perfect as it could be, everyone had a great time

After the guests had left, Whitney and Frank decided to enjoy their first time together as a married couple

Whitney: Honey, I think I might be pregnant... but if not can we try again just to make sure

Frank Decided that he had slacked off long enough and decided it was time to get a job, 100,000 simoleans weren't just going to earn themselves he took the highest paid position with the most potential for promotion

While Frank was at work the next day, Whitney worked on restoring things to normal after the wedding, there was a lot of cleaning up to do. In the middle of tearing down the buffet table she felt an awful tinge in her midsection which confirmed her suspicions that they were expecting their first child

Having two pregnant women in the house was a little more than most of the inhabitants of the house could handle... both Magenta and Whitney were gushing about their upcoming babies... it was almost more than Eddie could bear

Whitney: Won't it be fun to take a family cruise once all the children are old enough?

Everyone was secretly relieved when Magenta's water broke... a crying, needy infant was much preferable to a hormonal pregnant woman any day

THAT is your labor face Magenta????

Magenta gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who definitely favored his father, with dark skin and light gray eyes

She named him Frederick

There wasn't any spare space in the house so Magenta had to make room in her small space for Frederick's crib and toys

After Frederick's birth, James made a special trip out from Sim State to meet his newborn son, it was really difficult for him to be away from Magenta, especially now that they had a baby together

James couldn't get enough of the little guy and it delighted him when James would smile and coo and his silly faces

Whitney couldn't wait for her own child to be born, she happily accepted looking after Frederick so that Magenta and James could have some child-free adult time

They enjoyed a round of pool and caught up about James' life at college and talked about plans for after he graduated

Later that evening, Frank came home with his first, and only promotion in the Music Industry, he had reached the top of the career ladder with very little effort

Early the next morning Whitney's water broke. Frank was amazed that he slept through the entire birth

A lovely little lady with black! hair, green eyes and a pale skintone was born, they named her Veronica

With two infants joining an already packed house, Eddie took every advantage she could to get out of the house. Byron's house was just as insane as hers so they frequently went on dates downtown

One of their favorite hangout's was Red's 50's Style Diner, they had the best burgers in town

Eddie was highly amused by the photobooth in the diner as well

Byron's mother was so curious to meet Eddie that she called her up one day wondering if Eddie would like to join the whole family for dinner...

Eddie politely declined because the family was settling in for Frederick's birthday party...

Frederick grew into an adorable toddler, more closely resembling the Pushard lineage

Frederick Devivio -- Virgo (10/1/9/10/1)

As soon as Frederick aged, Magenta was so excited to teach him everything she could, and spend every waking moment with her son ((typical family sim))

Unfortunately, Frederick wasn't too terribly excited about learning and it was difficult for her to teach him even how to say mommy

Frederick was much more content playing with his Mom and Aunt's old doll house that was stashed away in Eddie's room

A couple week's later it was Veronica's turn for transition to toddlerhood, everyone again gathered in the kitchen, birthdays were old hat in the Devivio household

Veronica grew up heavily favoring the Devivio side of the family, Frank was delighted to see that she inherited the family nose

Veronica Devivio -- Aries (8/10/10/3/3)

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Whitney, 1 point for Frederick, 1 point for Veronica, 1 point for Frank's TOC music)

Household Net-Worth:

((Well this house was rather insane to play. Magenta got knocked up in college before she left... though I could have sworn she was on birth control and I thought it might be weird to move her into the Pushards before James was moved back so she's back home for now. My jaw dropped when Whitney had the Marry off 6 kinds LTW. Since Magenta, Whitney and Tessa all have the 6 kids LTW, I don't think I'm going to go for the 10 kid IW with Brad and Tessa anymore... sorry folks but that's just too damn many Devivio's running around the hood and they already make up like 60% of the population as it is. Just a couple funnies for you:

Guillermo (from Rosebud) is really excited about Eddie and Byron's PDA...

The family that smustles together stays together, lol... this is why i NEVER put radios in houses

We're off to the Hoppes house for another monster of an update, stay tuned! Also, if you're so inclined please check out my Pixel_Trade ISBI legacy over at my livejournal :D))


jungfrun68 said...

This seems to be a busy house, especially with Magenta and Frederick being "extras". I'm glad she could finish her education!

SK said...

Holy cow; before you know it, you might need that more than 8 sims per lot hack for the Devivios too!

Totally adorable PDAs this round...and apparently Guillermo thinks so too! LOL.