Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eich 2 (R11)

Last round at the Eich's, Kana gave birth to a baby girl that they named Zora. Angelica reached TOC Military thus fulfilling her LTW and declared a secondary Grilled Cheese aspiration, like her father. Tia got turned into a vampire and also turned one of her lovers, Mr. Big into a vampire as well. Zora grew up into a very adorable toddler and Kana got abducted by aliens. At the end of the round, Kana found out she was alien impregnated and she and Angelica decided to get married. Lets see what happened this round shall we?

((I lost a couple pictures of the beginning of the round... so you're going to miss pictures of the alien baby, Ziggy, being born, and Zora growing up into a child, but that's pretty much it))

Eich (lot 9) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (from left): Tia Eich, Kana (Wong) Eich, Angelica Eich holding Ziggy Eich, Zora Wong

Angelica and Kana were enjoying their new little bundle of joy, a green boy named Ziggy. Angelica's sister, Anise, was half alien so she was excited that the aliens were keeping tradition

Ziggy's birth allowed Angelica to fill up her Lifetime Aspiration Meter fairly quickly

Angelica and Kana also tried to spend as much time as possible with Zora, telling her all about her new baby brother

They managed to instill a good tolerance into Zora at an early age, she was excited when she met Wiley Teer at school and wanted to bring him home to meet her green brother

Despite her new affliction, Tia continued to work in the music career, and she did well at it too... the problem was, she arrived home in the middle of the day most of the time

Luckily she could swiftly fly into the house and get into her coffin before any real damage was done

Kana was also progressing in her culinary career

((heart-farting over the nanny? really!?))

After getting settled in from work, Kana helped Ziggy transition into a toddler

Ziggy turned out to be an adorable toddler, more resembling his mysterious alien parentage than Kana but she delighted in him just the same

Unfortunately there were not enough hours in the day to keep up with two full time jobs, and training a toddler, but Angelica and Kana tried their hardest to help Ziggy learn all his skills

It was also important to help Zora with her school work and not let her fall victim to neglect that often comes with a newborn

Happily she started bringing home A+ report cards, all their hard work was paying off

Luckily for them, Aunt Tia could babysit while they were resting or partaking in other marital activities

((cue Vampire potty training spam))

((I can just imagine Tia's thinking that she's undead and that she should be prowling the night, not spending eternity potty training, lol))

Even with fairly around-the-clock supervision, Ziggy still managed to get into trouble when nobody was watching

Tia not only helped tremendously with the children, she continued to be active in her career and her quick advancement up the latter helped add to the family funds

Angelica was sure moving in with Tia was the right decision... especially since there would be another little on on the way soon!

Everyone was thrilled to be adding to their happy little family

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Ziggy, 3 points for Angelica maxing her LTA meter)

Household Net-worth:

((This was a quick round, really not much went on. The family is so super cute. Although we're running out of space in the house and I don't want to change the layout too much because I really like it. I'm really pleased with how Ziggy turned out, he's a super cutie, and so is Zora. I'm really glad that they got hit with Risky because I was hoping for one more baby in the house :) I have some cute!spam for you:

Also... why do sim children always love snow despite how dreadful it is in real life...

I think Wesley and Jeannie are up next, then methinks University, but we'll see!))


jungfrun68 said...

Everybody loves the first snow. Now, four months of the sh*t later, I'm not so happy anymore :/

Tia in potty training is super fun! I look forward to a little more vampire action, though!

Anonymous said...

This family looks really adorable :) I used to like snow as a child (mainly because it is so rare where I am); now when I see it, all I see is immense difficulty in getting anywhere :P

Ziggy looks like he should be a real cutie when he's older.

SK said...

Haha, come on. Didn't you love it every time it snowed when you were a kid? Kids don't have to worry about whether they can get to work in the crap; they just get to worry about whether school will be cancelled or not!

Loving Auntie Tia as the vampire skill teacher. :) Maybe she could be doing other things with an eternal life, but what better than to spend it helping raise her extended fam? Can't wait to see the new baby!