Monday, April 18, 2011

University Part 2 (R11)

And finally I'm getting around to writing the University update (I switched my picture size after playing the first half of this update, so that's why the pictures are bigger...)

Pictured (top from left): Columbia Devivio, James Pushard, Keith Lee, Kennedy Smith, Anise Eich
(bottom from left): Lorraine Hoppes, Vinaya Devivio

Last time at University... This is where we left off... who is in bed with whom? and who is getting cheated on?

We're about to find out........

Lorraine and James -- Fortune sims seem to be worse than Romance sims when it comes to promiscuity. Worst of all...

Lorraine was still on a date with Malcolm when this all went down

Lorraine was due for punishment so I set her to work beautifying townies

I think Lorraine may also have her eye on Anise's beau, she's always rolling up wants to socialize with Keith... no way sister, you're not breaking up any more happy households!

Luckily Keith only has eyes for Anise still

To keep her away from the men in the Greek House, Lorraine got put on leaf duty... and there were A LOT of leaves

Columbia continued to work on her LTW

Date #24: Jack Midlock

Date #25: (the maid) Remington Harris

Columbia really enjoys Remington...

Date #26: (the evil cow mascot) Ash King

The Gypsy Matchmaker hates the Cow Mascot for some reason... Luckily the Date with Columbia went OK ((I think she paid the absolute lowest amount for this one...))

Date #27: Makato St. Julien
((who dated Jill Hoppes back in the beginning of the challenge... I really need to start killing off some of these elders))

Date #28: Ashley Pitts

Date #29: Wyatt Cameron
((I didn't get a pic of him dropping out of the sky, but they ended up in bed together))

Date #30: Damion Creelman

Date #29 does not like it that Columbia is on another date right after his...

Hey Lorraine... What are you looking so smug about?


These two were driving me insane... While Columbia was on her dates they just hopped into bed with each other ALL THE FREAKIN TIME... so I made them do school work

Then I sent Lorraine off to her robotics shop

She earned a level before heading back to the Sim State

When I got back to the Greek House... This was what was going on

That's Columbia and James, if you can't tell

Then immediately after ...

James: Dear Diary... I am in love with a woman who is not my girlfriend... and I am also sleeping with my girlfriend's sister. Does this make me a total ho?

((Lizbeth: YES! Yes James it does))

James: ::gasps:: She might realize I actually have feelings for her, and it's not just casual woohoo

You may be wondering what the other residents of the Greek House are doing while we're following the more promiscuous members...

Well... they're dancing

Kennedy: Why the hell am I dancing with this other dude when my girlfriend is boogie-ing down right over there?!?!

Oh... and Kennedy also built a snowman

Then everyone graduated with 4.0's (except Lorraine who gets to stick around the Greek House for another Round)

Scoring: 6 points (1 for each SCL graduate)

((I guess James is trying to tell me he doesn't want to be with Magenta... after him being such a Lothario this round I'm not sure I want him with Magenta either. He'll be back in the hood at the start of Round 12 and then I guess I will figure out what to do with him... oh the drama... It was a crazy round trying to keep track of everyone especially while Columbia was on her dates. I lost count of how many times James and Lorraine hopped in the sack with each other but it was most certainly >10. We'll see the rest of the graduates back in the hood in a couple of Rounds. Off to the Cormier's next to check in on Ricky, Janet and Mahran.))


SK said...

Hey, it's like my round when Take the fortune sim and Willow and Gemma the romance sims were living in the greek house together! Constant woohoo all the time. One word for you: BIRTH CONTROL. Okay, that's two, but still. Thank god you got through the round with no oops babies.

Can't wait to see what happens with James when he gets back to the 'hood, and what happens with Lorraine. I love her. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, I'm sorry for laughing but I found the constant bed-hopping to be quite amusing (although it probably was annoying playing through it).

You do seem to have more luck than me with avoid college babies, though.

Liz said...

I'm fairly certain that everyone was on birth control (I know for a fact I put Columbia on it... but I may have forgotten with Lorraine). Also, I'm fairly certain that James and Lorraine will end up together which kinda bums me out because I really enjoyed him and Magenta together, but Magenta deserves way better :p

jungfrun68 said...

With woohooing like that, I feel right at home :)
If you want to be sure with birth control, both males and females should use it. Then you have no risk for alien babies either :)

Liz said...

I didn't even think to use it with the males... I thought male pregnancy only worked with a same sex couple, or with alien abductions.