Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pushard (R12)

Last time at the Pushards, Jaiden and Allan were boring Elders. Jaiden worked at the Grocery store and Allan helped by working in the greenhouses. They also went on vacation to Takemezu Village and finally got married. This week, James is back from University.

Lot 1 (Pushard) Sunday-Friday
James Pushard, Allan Pushard, Jaiden Pushard, dog: Simon

James was officially back from college, Allan hoped that all James did was hit the books and didn't party like he did back at university

James was ready and willing to pitch in around the household. Everyone pitched in working in the orchard and greenhouse and made sure that they had a good harvest for their season at the store

Being back home and an adult, James could appreciate the finer things in life... he decided that his secondary aspiration would be Grilled cheese. All those melty layers of cheese between perfectly toasted bread... was there anything better to life?

With the store and his parents both still working their full time jobs, James didn't necessarily need a job, but he decided to get one anyway, even though it wasn't in his desired field ((Law))

Jaiden and Allan, despite being older, didn't act much older than they did as Adults. Jaiden kept her figure nicely ((looks like she got hit with my default replacement binge))

Allan was also acting younger than his age would imply... You'd never think a man pushing 60 would be caught dead running naked through the town, but Allan didn't care and it paid off in the end

James had other things on his mind... he had two relationships going with two women. He wished he could keep things going with both, but it was time to make a choice ((I summoned both Magenta and Lorraine and let James friendly hug both of them then waited for ACR to kick in...))

Everyone seemed to be getting along fine

Then James made his move... he didn't want to hurt Magenta, but he just couldn't resist Lorraine. Magenta didn't even seem to care

Yup... looks like James made his choice

Allan and Jaiden kept themselves busy... James was an adult now and he could make his own decisions, they just hoped that it wouldn't cause them not to see their new grandson once in a while ((remember: Magenta and James have a toddler son))
Allan kept himself busy with his gardening blog

Jaiden always had people to keep contact with... she had lots of friends in her phonebook and only 24 hours in the day to keep up with all of them

There were also the naps... the glorious, glorious naps

Yes, Jaiden and Allan had much more important things to worry about than their son's love life

Lorraine continued to come home on weekends from Sim State to visit James, he still didn't have the heart to break the news to Magenta though

Scoring: 0 points this round

((Despite James being home, this house was incredibly boring to play. All the occupants did was work in the garden to replenish the stock of the grocery store and work on their hobbies/relationships. The mini bachelor challenge was kinda fun and helped James make his pick, although I had a feeling he was going to pick Lorraine... I think it will work out better for both of them because they are both Fortune Sims... Magenta can do much better. A quick funny for you: Suzi doesn't approve of James and Lorraine's relationship

Looks like Lorraine doesn't care though

The Teer Household is up next!))


jungfrun68 said...

Yay, Silvervale is back!
And also realistic with relationships that are not necessarily for life

Liz said...

ACR does make things easier, and it's less choices for me to have to make. I do feel really badly for Magenta though... being a single mom and all... plus she's probably going to go into aspiration failure when James finally breaks it to her. Either way I'll have to move her into her own place this round since my plans of moving her into this house have been thwarted.