Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pushard (R11)

Here we are, starting Round 11 -- Yay! Last time at the Pushard's Allan and Jaiden transitioned into Elders. Jaiden continued to work at the grocery store and primed James to take over after he finished at SimState. Allan's grandfather's dog, Suzi passed away and Allan got a visit from the social bunny. At the end of the round, James went off to university. This round it will be Allan and Jaiden alone in the house, lets see how things go

Pushard (Lot 1) Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (left to right): Allan Pushard, Jaiden Hurt
[I neglected to draw a jar card for this house this round, so I'm eliminating it entirely this round]

Despite both of their children growing up and leaving the house, Jaiden and Allan didn't have time to suffer from empty nest syndrome... things were as hectic as ever in the Pushard household. When Jaiden wasn't working, she was tending her plants

Since James was off at college, Allan had to help pick up the slack in the greenhouses. They planted planted so many crops that season that Allan managed to earn his Gold Gardening badge

He also was awarded a special plaque from the garden club for his devotion to the craft

When the fruit matured then came the task of packing them for the market

Fresh produce always brought a lot of patrons into the store... it was the most stressed Jaiden had felt since her school days

She spent so much time at the register that season that she earned a Silver level register badge

The rewards weren't enough to detract from the stress so Allan decided it was time to take a vacation as far away from Silvervale as they could get...

The airport shuttle arrived the next morning to whisk them off to their week of rest and relaxation

When they arrived at the hotel something magical happened...

... they finally they decided it was time to get married

Allan and Jaiden tied the knot right then and there on the front steps of the Flaming Dragon Hotel with the oxidized bronze dragon statues and passing tourists as witnesses

Then they retired to their hotel room to celebrate the best way they knew how

They passed the rest of their vacation by sightseeing and trying out all the local passtimes

((since all vacations are essentially the same and I'm lazy... here's the home video they made of their vacation, lol))

After a wonderful and relaxing vacation, Jaiden and Allan returned back to Silvervale refreshed and ready to begin a new chapter in their lives... a few short years when James returned from school, there would be toddlers filling their home again

Scoring: 1.5 points (.5 point for Allan's Gold Gardening badge, 1 point for Allan's nature hobby plaque)

Household Net-Worth:

((This house was actually pretty hectic with the garden and the store, I don't think I appreciated James enough when he was around, lol. Neither Allan nor Jaiden are retired because I don't think I would be able to stand it if they were both in the house all the time. This will probably change when James and Magenta move back in, especially since Magenta wants 6 kids. I'm glad that these two finally decided that they wanted to get married, however, immediately after they married, they both rolled up the woohoo with 3 different sims want /facepalm, silly secondary romance aspiration! We're off to the Teer house next to check up on our little green alien spawn!))


jungfrun68 said...

So, they have been living in sin all this time - I thought things like that happened only in Sweden :D

SK said...

Oh my gosh, I had completely forgotten they never got married! Awww, that makes this doubly sweet. :) Though I suppose if the laws in SimCity are the same as they are here, they'd totally have been common law married by now.

Isn't that the BEST way to deal with vacations ever? Such a relief not to blog it. Also, you had a positive outcome to a tour: wow!

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic video of their vacation! Also, how funny that they had never gotten married.