Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guy Devivio

Guy Devivio is a Generation 1 CAS teen who is currently in the Elder stage of life. He resides with his wife, Sofia [Teer] Devivio and two of their daughters, Columbia and Eddie.

Guy Devivio

Sign: Scorpio
Personality: 6 neat /5 outgoing /8 active / 3 playful /3 nice
Generation: 1

Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: Graduate 3 children from college
Secondary Aspiration: Fortune

Achievements: Greek House, Majored in History, A&C Hobby Plaque, TOC Military and Business

Relatives (Devivio Family Tree):
Grandparents: Hugh Devivio, Nita Devivio
Parents: Pamela Devivio
Siblings: Carla Devivio, Kurt Devivio, Flora Devivio
Spouse: Sofia [Teer] Devivio
Children: Janet Devivio, Brad Devivio, Frank Devivio, Magenta Devivio, Columbia Devivio, Eddie Devivio

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jungfrun68 said...

My Sim, Guy is quite a looker, I have never noticed before. Maybe he had too much hair :)