Friday, November 5, 2010

Devivio 2 (R11)

So I know I said that University was up next in my last post (over a month ago!), but I lied because I hate university and I'm only a little over 1/2 of the way playing it. All the uni kids are in the greek house so I'll probably blog it in installments and spread it out through the whole round. Anyway we're back to the second Devivio house on the playlist:

Last time... Flora and Annatto settled into the house with Jack. Flora got a job in the Architecture career but quickly learned that she was pregnant (a residual effect from her and Annatto's college graduation 'celebration') and got put on maternity leave only a day after starting her job. Annatto decided he would remain unemployed and work on his life's goal of raising 20 puppies -- he adopted two puppies named Jake and Sandi. Jack continued to romance the women of Silvervale but Flora did not approve of her dad's flirtations. Flora gave birth to a son they named Camron. At the end of the round, Camron grew into an adorable and inquisitive toddler and Flora and Annatto decided to try for a brother or sister for Camron.

Devivio (lot 6): Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (from left): Annatto Eich, Jack Copur holding Camron Devivio, Flora Devivio
dogs: Sandi, Jake and Cookie

Annatto took pride in two things. He delighted in fostering puppies and raising them to be good dogs. He couldn't wait to raise Sandi into a grown dog and help to find her a forever-home

Annatto also loved his family, and was especially delighted in his son

He even delighted in the mundane tasks like potty training

(Whoops, it looks like Camron lost is toussled hair-do in my delete fest... oh well, a trip to the mirror will remedy that situation)

Annatto tried to help Camron learn all his toddler skills, he was more cooperative with some than others

Annatto was also pleased that Camron seemed to take really well to the dogs, and the dogs to Camron... All of the dogs would queue up when Camron was giving out snuggles

Flora also took part in the parental responsibility, Since Annatto was home during the day, Flora often took charge of caring for Camron in the evening after work

After Camron was settled in for the night everyone went about their usual business. Flora noticed a beautiful woman passing by the house and decided to greet her

She learned that Kimi had recently moved from the bustling town of Rosebud. Flora immediately invited Kimi in for a bit to eat and some getting to know each other. Flora didn't anticipate Jack's attraction to Kimi

Jack and Kimi immediately hit it off... and strangely, Flora approved

Kimi: Of course I'll make you eggs in the morning

Jack wasn't shy about wooing Kimi, and he had had a lot of practice in his life, but Kimi was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on

Luckily for Jack, Camron usually was able to keep himself busy, so Jack was free to woo Kimi as he pleased

It didn't take much time for one thing to lead to another...

Jack's evening romp with Kimi allowed him to max out his lifetime aspiration points... he was elated to have met her

Very early the next morning, Flora wasn't feeling so hot. She woke up and realized that her and Annatto's try for another baby had taken and that she was pregnant

Since Flora was home on maternity leave and could help take care of Camron during the day, Annatto had some free time. He decided he was going to invite over his younger siblings for the afternoon

Annatto didn't really get to spend that much time with his siblings though... Anise and Keith headed straight for the (much more) private hot tub...

The twins, of course, acted like twins and just wanted to run around with each other... whether playing Red hands for chasing each other around with water balloons

At least everyone was able to get together for a delicious lunch of grilled cheese that Flora prepared

When Jack got home from work that evening it was time for a momentous event, Jack was transitioning into elder ((Sorry I forgot it was your birthday Jack and you had to grow up in the middle of the living room))

Of course Jack grew up well, he was successful in his career, had a well run business and wonderful family, and many women that the had taken to his bed

There was a lot of growing-up to be done in the Devivio house, even Annatto's latest puppy, Sandi grew up

Jack and Sandi weren't the only birthdays taking place that night... once all the guests had arrived, Annatto happily brought Camron to his cake

All of Annatto's family (and a couple of Jack's girlfriend's) were there to cheer Camron on as he grew up

It was no surprise that Camron grew up into an adorable and well adjusted child

Camron Devivio - Gemini

After Camron blew out the candles, everyone settled down to a bite of cake and conversation. It had been a while since everyone had gotten together

Even grandma Pamela was able to make it to the birthday party

Camron wasn't too keen on all the guests, they only wanted to talk about adult stuff, and the party was too late for him to hang out with his cousin, Zora... So Camron decided to play with the dogs instead

Since Sandi was all grown up, it was time for Annatto to get another puppy from the pound, this time he adopted a male puppy named Benny

Benny wasn't the only new addition to the family... after breakfast Flora felt the familiar pains of labor... Baby #2 was on the way

She had another adorable baby boy named Ferris

Flora was elated to have another beautiful, healthy baby boy... in fact she didn't think she could get any happier in life

She also couldn't wait to teach Ferris all about the finer things in life

Even though Flora thought her life couldn't get any better... she still had a nagging desire to be a Hall of Famer like her dad... Jack was always giving her tips on how she could achieve that dream

Flora mostly wanted to achieve that dream to be a good influence on Camron. Camron was always bragging about Jack's job, and how Flora would one day be a Hall of Famer too

That afternoon, Cookie, the ever snobby pooch that she was, got a chance card... her decision may have been pretty back-handed...

... but the end result was great for Cookie and the family

Jack and Kimi continued to see one another... Jack handn't spent that much time with a single woman since Pamela had passed on, he was utterly enamored with her, and she with him

They were content just cuddling for hours with one another, under the stars...

and of course, in the hot tub

Jack could hardly believe it but he thought he might be in love again

And he especially loved Kimi's quirky-ness

The next evening he asked her to meet him downtown at the newly renovated Londoste Restaurant

Jack made sure that he tipped the hostess really well to seat them in a more private area

After they sat down... jack pulled the little black velvet box out of his pocket and laid it down on the table. Needless to say, Kimi was more than surprised

It took her a while to figure out if Jack was serious or not... of course, she accepted... age was not a problem to Kimi, after all Jack was wealthy and experienced (in more ways than one)

It was decided... Jack would move out of the house (after all it was starting to get a little crowded) and move into a little place with Kimi. After a lovely dinner, Jack had a few loose ends to tie up. He went straight to the business to check in and make sure everything was going smoothly

Jack explained to his employees that he would be passing the business down to Flora and they should continue to be great employees to her too

When Jack got home, he passed on the deed to the toy store, and all of his remaining inventory to Flora. Flora was excited to take over the family business but sad that Jack wouldn't be around to see the boys grow up

After all of his affairs were in order he called a cab to look for a new place for him and Kimi

Later that evening it was time for Ferris to enter toddler-hood. Flora and Annatto decided just to have a cake to themselves this time

Ferris grew up equally as cute as his older brother Camron ((I think he might be a clone!))

Scoring: 7 points (3 points for Jack filling his LTA meter, 3 points for Flora filling her LTA meter, 1 point for Ferris)

Household Net-Worth:

((This house officially has me happy about playing my prosperity again... University is just such a drag and I'm continually getting stuck on it every round. I was elated when Kimi walked by and she and Jack had instant chemistry. I milled it over the whole round about getting them moved in together and finally caved at the end. We'll see them toward the end of the round -- my reasoning is that Jack is an elder and probably won't be around that much longer so I'll have Kimi playable!!! Anyway, I love this family and I can't wait to play them more... the boys are so so so adorable. A little girl would be nice to add, though I'm not going to force Annatto and Flora to have more (unless they get hit by risky). Just a couple bloopers:

Jack, I'm not sure thinking about your previous girlfriend while greeting your current girlfriend is very appropriate

Why am I not surprised that this happened immediately after

I think we're off to the next Devivio house on the playlist -- Carla, Connor and their two sprongs, or I might blog the half of Uni that I have played and just split it up into 2 installments, it's a surprise so stay tuned!))


SK said...

SQUEE!!!! It's so nice to see Kimi living a second life now that she's gone in my game. I'm totally delighted about this whole matchup! And if I know Kimi at all, she wouldn't have minded he was thinking about his ex while kissing her...but she probably would have laughed a little about the subsequent haunting. :)

I lovelovelove Flora and Annatto. I can't get over how utterly adorable Camron is, and even if Ferris is a clone, at least you'll have two utterly adorable kids, lol. Is that recessive red hair Ferris has from Jack? Or is that just a ruddy shade of brown?

Liz said...

I'm totally delighted about Kimi and Jack too... and I'm thinking that Jack probably won't live more than a few more rounds, so I'll just have Kimi to play!

I love them too! Ferris is brunette, I think the hair just looks red in the birthday shot because of the skintone. I changed his hair to a darker brown but didn't get a pic... whoops!

Anonymous said...

So if they have a girl, she will be named Sloane? The boys are really cute. I love how Flora thinks "gold?" when getting the present from Jack. And yay for Kimi!

jungfrun68 said...

I thought I left a comment here, but anyway - give us the Uni update! Divide it if you want, it makes it even more exciting. I must say I love Uni, both to play and to read! :)