Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teer (R12)

Last time at the Teer's, the kids enjoyed playing outside in the summer while Addison and Stella continued to work on their LTWs. Harley-Quinn got a bird for her birthday that she named Twain. She grew up into a Romance Teen with a LTW to reach the top of the Artist career. She tried to mack on the goth downtownie, but got rejected, but ended up getting her first kiss from fellow romancer, Nicholas Devivio. Later in the round, Addison reached TOC in Journalism, and fulfilled his LTW; Stella reached TOC in Intelligence. This round, the twins grow up into teenagers. Lets see how they're doing...

Lot 2 (Teer): Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Harley-Quinn Teer, Stella [Terrano] Teer, Addison Teer, Nexis Teer, Lexis Teer, Wiley Teer

Harley-Quinn must be a closeted Family Sim, she's always caring for her younger siblings

And she continues to care for her bird Twain

Unfortunately one evening someone left his cage door open... it took a lot of chasing to get him back into his cage

All the stresses of the day must have taken a toll on Twain because the next morning the family found him dead in his cage

The Teer kids were definitely a social group, they were always bringing friends home from school, like their cousins Wendy and Oscar ((I think this is Oscar, Brad and Tessa have too many for me to keep track of!))

The kids really required a lot of attention, Addie and Stella were surprised all their after school play dates didn't tire them out

Of course it was no surprised that Lexis and Nexis wanted to have a big birthday bash for their Teen transitions, all their family and friends were invited for their special day

Lexis was the slightly older twin, so she transitioned first

She declared a Pleasure Aspiration and is apparently turned on by homeless men

Nexis grew up next

Nexis decided she wanted to make a lot of money, and she wanted her Partner to live up to her high standards

Gender Preferences (both straight)

And Makeovers:

Lexis Teer
Pleasure (LTW: have 50 first dates)

Nexis Teer
Fortune (LTW: Become head of the SCIA)

Addison and Stella were grateful that Wiley was the only child in the house... it was much easier to keep up with one child's homework, than 4

Wiley was definitely turning out to be the "smart kid" in the family, and he was obsessed with school

All the extra attention helped Wiley make top grades very quickly

It also was good for both of the Adult's careers, Stella continued to advance in her desired Adventure career path

Addie was able to put a lot more energy into his job since he wasn't losing as much sleep with the kids... and the extra energy paid off

Despite their girls being Teens and more responsible, they were still a handful... They couldn't keep Harley-Quinn away from the boys

And they were always making off-color jokes about their heritage (something Stella didn't really find amusing)

Even when the headmaster was around, it was hard to keep the girls reigned in...

Though the headmaster didn't really seem to mind, Teens will be Teens afterall

Yes, Teens will be Teens, and Addie and Stella wouldn't have it any other way...

Scoring: 0 points this round

((Awww I love these guys, and the twins turned out soooooo adorable! Though I'm not too terribly thrilled with Lexis' LTW after just doing it with Colubia... maybe I'll reroll her in Uni... I want a primary Grilled Cheese sim /ponders... Addie and Stella will transition into Elders next round, it's hard to believe my G2 babies are getting to be elders!!! Anyway, a few bloopers:

Wait a minute Stella, you're in a Prosperity Challenge not an ISBI

Between the Wade clan and the Devivio-Ramirez Clan, its a wonder anyone in the neighborhood has a newspaper, ever... This round's paper thief seems like it's going to be Gabriel Ramirez.

That's all for the Teers, stay tuned for the Eich's next!)


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the twins turned out adorable -- should bode well for any children they all have too :) I'm kinda curious how Harley-Quinn will act in college, though, with all the boys she keeps interacting with (it should be fun though...well, unless she gets pregnant).

jungfrun68 said...

Lexis' blue eyes are reslly special with her green skin - she'll be a real heart-breaker!

Liz said...

@Eien: H-Q will definitely be a heartbreaker in college, I plan to use her to do a modified version of the String me Along challenge to see if I can do it.

@J68: Agreed, Lexis turned out so pretty... the Teer nose looks much better on women ;)

SK said...

Nexis is totally gorge! The two twins are going to take the college boys by storm!

Liz said...

She is totally adorable :) I'm pleased with how all the kids turned out! Nexis has already hooked up with another playable, you'll see soon :p

Chrissy Brown said...

The girls are so pretty but lexis has some look to her :)