Monday, May 23, 2011

Tanaka/Copur R11

Last time we saw Jack, he was still living with his daughter, Flora, and her new family. He fell instantly in love with a beautiful walk-by, Kimi Tanaka, from Rosebud and decided that he would give up everything to be with her. He bestowed his business to Flora, took two of the dogs, Cookie and Jake, and the few possessions that he wanted, and moved downtown to be with Kimi. Lets see how things went for these two in their first week of life together.

Tanaka/Cooper (lot 15) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Kimi Tanaka, Jack Cooper, [the dogs] Cookie and Jake

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoppes 2 (R11)

Last time, Victoria moved in with Emmett, got knocked up, and ended up having a shotgun wedding (hey! she and Emmett both had the wants to get married). I'm excited to see how the baby looks... lets get to it, shall we?

Hoppes (lot 14) Saturday-Thursday

Emmett and Victoria always managed to find ways to entertian themselves... Emmett had his Arts enthusiasm and was always painting, he even earned recognition from the local Arts society

most of the time though, they just hung out on the couch and played video games

Victoria was also an excellent cook, and was always looking to get feedback on new dishes for her restaurant endeavors

Even throughout the pregnancy, they both still found time to head downtown in the evenings after Emmett got home from work

Uhmmmm... Victoria... do you really think that's a good idea considering the advanced stages of your pregnancy?

The outing must have induced labor, because as soon as they arrived home, it was baby time!

Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, with pale blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair. They named her Brianna

As unlikely of parents as Emmett and Victoria seemed to be... Brianna definitely wasn't starved for attention

Since the baby was just born, and these two have small families, I decided a family Sunday wouldn't crash my game and invited both households over the traditional way

The grandparents talked about finances in the front yard

There was also so smustle with the younger generation

And where did Lorraine and James go? mmhmm... newly installed hottub - oy!

Since everyone was out gathering in the front yard, Victoria had the opportunity to greet walk-by, Neal Cleary, from Rosebud

I forgot that Lorraine was "friends" with Neal ((Lorraine is really seriously a huge skank biscuit...))

Everyone was excited to meet Brianna as well, Sierra was especially excited pending the arrival of another baby in their household as well

Family Sunday wrapped up with the relaxing tai chi before everyone headed home for the evening

Life was going well for these two. Emmett was working hard in his gamer career and was swiftly promoted to Game Designer

Maybe it was Victoria's superb cooking skills, or maybe it ran in the family, but Emmett decided that he really had a desire for Grilled cheese more often than not

The birth of Brianna combined with their job and general life success allowed Emmett and Victoria to max out their Lifetime Aspiration points as well

Despite being younger and having to take time off for maternity leave, Victoria was definitely not lagging too far behind her husband in job success

It didn't hurt that she was able to make work friends very easily. She had made a new friend in the business, the beautiful Imelda Vinci (also from the neighboring town of Rosebud)

They got along so well in fact that they decided they'd like to hang out more -- each one hoped that having a friend in the business would mean more promotions, more quickly

Things were progressing on the house front too... the steady increase in their salaries allowed them to improve the living conditions in the house... Emmett was most pleased with the new fireplace they had installed

Even with new toys installed, Emmett was always wanting to improve the house in some way, shape, or form

Pssst... Emmett... you're supposed to be a PLEASURE sim... not a FORTUNE sim...

Their little girl was growing up fast... Victoria went to her mom's store to pick up a cake and some miscellaneous groceries for the birthday party

When Victoria got home from work, it was time for a quick family birthday party, Emmett did the honors of taking Brianna to her cake

She turned into a gorgeous little lady who was sure to be a heartbreaker when she grew up

Brianna Hoppes

Emmett continued in his unlikely role of doting father and delighted in teaching his little princess new skills

It was also a favorite pass time for both of them to play some peek-a-boo before bedtime

Parenthood was one game that Emmett wasn't expecting but found he liked very much :)

Scoring: 10 points (1 point for Emmett's Arts Hobby Plaque, 1 point for Brianna, 1 point for Emmett reaching TOC Gamer, 1 point for Emmett reaching his LTW, 3 points each for Emmett and Victoria maxing LTA points)

((Well I certainly didn't expect such an adorable, functional family out of these two. Honestly, Victoria couldn't really care less about the baby, but Emmett usually wants to spend every waking minute with her, which is super cute. His wants bar is either filled with "buy me stuff" wants or "Brianna" wants. Until family Sunday, I kinda forgot that James was Victoria's brother and Lorraine was Emmett's sister, but they obviously want to be together... Though it looks like Lorraine isn't too picky.../sigh. Now it's time to start the new households on the playlist. Another Rosebud transplant -- Kimi Tanaka -- and her beau Jack Copur are up next and I'm super excited because I <3 Kimi so much!))