Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hoppes (R12)

Last time at the Hoppes household, with both Lorraine and Sierra working non-stop, Sierra's salon reached level 10. Sierra celebrated by buying Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. The twins grew up into adorable, but mean, toddlers... then into children later in the round. Lorraine received the Corner Store, a robotics shop, for her graduation present, then headed off to university. Sierra ended the round pregnant.

Hoppes (lot 5) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Serena [Teer] Hoppes, Sierra [Seiff] Hoppes, Marty Hoppes, Amar Hoppes, Jennifer Hoppes, Biff Hoppes

Monday, December 12, 2011

Devivio (R12)

Last time at the Devivio house, Frank moved back home with his girlfriend, Whitney, and twin sister, Magenta, in tow. Frank and Whitney tied the knot and soon had their first (of 6) children, a girl named Veronica. Magenta also realized she was pregnant with James Pushard's baby, and gave birth to her first (of 6), a son named Frederick. Eddie continued dating Byron Wade and caught the unwanted attention of Byron's mom. Frank also reached TOC in the music career earning a bonus that will put him closer to his LTW of earning 100,000 simoleans

Devivio (lot 4) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (from left): Guy Devivio, Sofia [Teer] Devivio holding Veronica, Whitney [Alioto] Devivio, Frank Devivio, Eddie Devivio

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eich (R12)

Revenge is a re-run tonight (/lame) so I'm doing a blog post instead... Maybe 2 if I can stand typing out two posts on our crappy laptop.

Last time at the Eich's, Alcea and Astilbe transitioned into teens, both declaring Popularity Aspirations. One of the dogs also gave birth to some puppies who were given up for adoption. That's about all that's about all that is exciting. This round, nothing really happened either... Just waiting for the twins to be old enough to go to uni.

Eich (lot 3) Monday-Saturday
pictured (from left): Roberto the Servo, Alcea Eich, Darren Eich, Astilbe Eich, Melody Eich
dogs: Dakota, Robin, Danish

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teer (R12)

Last time at the Teer's, the kids enjoyed playing outside in the summer while Addison and Stella continued to work on their LTWs. Harley-Quinn got a bird for her birthday that she named Twain. She grew up into a Romance Teen with a LTW to reach the top of the Artist career. She tried to mack on the goth downtownie, but got rejected, but ended up getting her first kiss from fellow romancer, Nicholas Devivio. Later in the round, Addison reached TOC in Journalism, and fulfilled his LTW; Stella reached TOC in Intelligence. This round, the twins grow up into teenagers. Lets see how they're doing...

Lot 2 (Teer): Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Harley-Quinn Teer, Stella [Terrano] Teer, Addison Teer, Nexis Teer, Lexis Teer, Wiley Teer

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pushard (R12)

Last time at the Pushards, Jaiden and Allan were boring Elders. Jaiden worked at the Grocery store and Allan helped by working in the greenhouses. They also went on vacation to Takemezu Village and finally got married. This week, James is back from University.

Lot 1 (Pushard) Sunday-Friday
James Pushard, Allan Pushard, Jaiden Pushard, dog: Simon

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Round 11 Recap

Since it's been over a year since I started this round, I thought I'd post a little recap:

Lot 1: Allan and Jaiden Pushard
  • Allan received a gold gardening badge, and nature hobby plaque
  • Jaiden and Allan got married during their vacation to Takemezu Village
Lot 2: Addison and Stella Teer (children: Harley-Quinn, Lexis, Nexis, Wiley)
  • Stella received a nature hobby plaque and reached TOC in Intelligence
  • Addison reached TOC in Journalism there-by achieving his LTW
  • Harley-Quinn transitioned into a Teen and Declared a Romance Aspiration
Lot 3: Darren and Melody Eich (children: Alcea and Astilbe)
  • The twins got accepted into private school transitioned into teens; both declared a Popularity Aspiration
Lot 4: Guy and Sofia Devivio; Frank and Whitney; Magenta
  • Frank and Magenta, and Frank's fiance, Whitney, moved home after University
  • Frank and Whitney got married; Whitney became pregnant
  • Magenta gave birth to a son with James Pushard that she named Frederick
  • Frank reached TOC in Music
  • Whitney gave birth to a daughter named Veronica
Lot 5: Amar and Serena Hoppes; Marty and Sierra (children: Jennifer and Biff); Lorraine
  • Sierra received a best of the best award for Perfect 10 Salon; the business reached Rank 10
  • Sierra purchased Lucky Shack Cards and Drink
  • Lorraine earned a Gold Sales badge; Serena purchased a Robotics shop for Lorraine to run
  • Amar reached TOC in Natural Science
  • Lorraine left for University
  • Sierra is pregnant with baby #3
Lot 6: Jack Copur; Flora Devivio and Annatto Eich (child: Camron)
  • Jack met and fell head over heels for Kimi Tanaka, a Rosebud transplant
  • Jack aged into an Elder
  • Flora got pregnant and gave birth to a second son named Ferris
  • Jack moved out
Lot 7: Carla Devivio and Connor Johnson (children: Gibson and Kay); Alec Bigfoot
  • Alec reached TOC in Music and fulfilled his LTW (yay perma plat bigfoot)
  • Gibson and Kay got admitted into private school
Lot 8: Kurt and Brittany Devivio (children: Tabitha, Nicholas, Germain, Jaina)
  • Kurt and Brittany aged into Elders
  • Germain and Jaina got accepted into private school
  • Tabitha earned a Games Hobby Plaque
  • Tabitha decided to forgo college and transitioned into an adult, along with her boyfriend Timothy
Lot 9: Tia Eich; Angelica and Kana (children: Zora and Ziggy)
  • Kana's alien spawn, Ziggy, was born
  • Angelica is pregnant with their second biological child
Lot 10: Wesley Teer and Jeannie Vijayakar (children: Wendy and Phoebe)
  • Jeannie turned into a plantsim
  • Wesley earned a Nature Hobby Plaque
Lot 11: William and Brittany Wade (children: Byron, Michael, Lindsay, Maebe, Gob)
  • William reached TOC in Law Enforcement and fulfilled his LTW
  • Brittany reached TOC in Education and fulfilled her LTW
  • Lindsay and Michael transitioned into Teens; both declared Pleasure aspirations
  • All of the kids got accepted into private school
Lot 12: Ricky and Janet Cormier (child: Mahran)
  • Mahran transitioned into a teen and declared a Pleasure aspiration; he reached TOC in the teen Music career
Lot 13: Brad and Tessa Devivio (children: Carmen, Nina, Xavier, Oscar, Gabriel)
  • Brad gave birth to his alien spawn, a daughter he named Dulcinea
  • Tessa became pregnant with their sixth (and hopefully final) child
  • Nina and Xavier aged into Teens; Nina declared a Romance aspiration, Xavier a Family aspiration
  • Tessa gave birth to a son named Ruben
Lot 14: Emmett and Victoria Hoppes
  • Emmett earned a Arts and Crafts Hobby Plaque; he reached TOC Gamer fulfilling his LTW
  • Victoria gave birth to a baby girl named Brianna
Lot 15: Kimi Tanaka and Jack Copur
  • Jack moved downtown with Kimi
University: Columbia Devivio, James Pushard, Keith Lee, Kennedy Smith, Anise Eich, Lorraine Hoppes, Vinaya Devivio
  • James cheated on Magenta with Lorraine
  • Columbia worked on her LTW and ended college with 30/50 first dates
  • Columbia, Keith, Kennedy, Anise and Vinaya Graduated SCL
Lot 16: Anise Eich and Keith Lee
  • Keith and Anise moved back to Silvervale from University
  • Keith reached TOC in Business fulfilling his LTW (immediately after entering the career)
Lot 17: Columbia Devivio
  • Columbia moved back to Silvervale from University; she ended the round with 38/50 first dates toward her LTW
Lot 18: Vinaya and Kennedy Smith
  • Kennedy and Vinaya moved back to Silvervale from University; they got engaged then married
  • Vinaya became pregnant
  • Kennedy got abducted by Aliens

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smith (R11)

We didn't see much of Vinaya and Kennedy in the last university update because they were well-behaved and boring. But now their back in Silvervale, lets see how their first week as adults went.

Smith (lot 18) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Kennedy Smith, Vinaya Devivio

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Devivio 6 (R11)

Last time we saw Columbia, she was whoring it up at Sim State... now she's whoring it up back in Silvervale!

Devivio 6 (lot 17) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Columbia Devivio

Lee/Eich (R11)

We last saw Anise and Keith as the most well behaved couple at the Annya Var house. Now they're back in the hood so lets see what they get up to...

Lee/Eich (lot 16) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Keith Lee, Anise Eich

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tanaka/Copur R11

Last time we saw Jack, he was still living with his daughter, Flora, and her new family. He fell instantly in love with a beautiful walk-by, Kimi Tanaka, from Rosebud and decided that he would give up everything to be with her. He bestowed his business to Flora, took two of the dogs, Cookie and Jake, and the few possessions that he wanted, and moved downtown to be with Kimi. Lets see how things went for these two in their first week of life together.

Tanaka/Cooper (lot 15) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Kimi Tanaka, Jack Cooper, [the dogs] Cookie and Jake

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoppes 2 (R11)

Last time, Victoria moved in with Emmett, got knocked up, and ended up having a shotgun wedding (hey! she and Emmett both had the wants to get married). I'm excited to see how the baby looks... lets get to it, shall we?

Hoppes (lot 14) Saturday-Thursday

Emmett and Victoria always managed to find ways to entertian themselves... Emmett had his Arts enthusiasm and was always painting, he even earned recognition from the local Arts society

most of the time though, they just hung out on the couch and played video games

Victoria was also an excellent cook, and was always looking to get feedback on new dishes for her restaurant endeavors

Even throughout the pregnancy, they both still found time to head downtown in the evenings after Emmett got home from work

Uhmmmm... Victoria... do you really think that's a good idea considering the advanced stages of your pregnancy?

The outing must have induced labor, because as soon as they arrived home, it was baby time!

Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, with pale blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair. They named her Brianna

As unlikely of parents as Emmett and Victoria seemed to be... Brianna definitely wasn't starved for attention

Since the baby was just born, and these two have small families, I decided a family Sunday wouldn't crash my game and invited both households over the traditional way

The grandparents talked about finances in the front yard

There was also so smustle with the younger generation

And where did Lorraine and James go? mmhmm... newly installed hottub - oy!

Since everyone was out gathering in the front yard, Victoria had the opportunity to greet walk-by, Neal Cleary, from Rosebud

I forgot that Lorraine was "friends" with Neal ((Lorraine is really seriously a huge skank biscuit...))

Everyone was excited to meet Brianna as well, Sierra was especially excited pending the arrival of another baby in their household as well

Family Sunday wrapped up with the relaxing tai chi before everyone headed home for the evening

Life was going well for these two. Emmett was working hard in his gamer career and was swiftly promoted to Game Designer

Maybe it was Victoria's superb cooking skills, or maybe it ran in the family, but Emmett decided that he really had a desire for Grilled cheese more often than not

The birth of Brianna combined with their job and general life success allowed Emmett and Victoria to max out their Lifetime Aspiration points as well

Despite being younger and having to take time off for maternity leave, Victoria was definitely not lagging too far behind her husband in job success

It didn't hurt that she was able to make work friends very easily. She had made a new friend in the business, the beautiful Imelda Vinci (also from the neighboring town of Rosebud)

They got along so well in fact that they decided they'd like to hang out more -- each one hoped that having a friend in the business would mean more promotions, more quickly

Things were progressing on the house front too... the steady increase in their salaries allowed them to improve the living conditions in the house... Emmett was most pleased with the new fireplace they had installed

Even with new toys installed, Emmett was always wanting to improve the house in some way, shape, or form

Pssst... Emmett... you're supposed to be a PLEASURE sim... not a FORTUNE sim...

Their little girl was growing up fast... Victoria went to her mom's store to pick up a cake and some miscellaneous groceries for the birthday party

When Victoria got home from work, it was time for a quick family birthday party, Emmett did the honors of taking Brianna to her cake

She turned into a gorgeous little lady who was sure to be a heartbreaker when she grew up

Brianna Hoppes

Emmett continued in his unlikely role of doting father and delighted in teaching his little princess new skills

It was also a favorite pass time for both of them to play some peek-a-boo before bedtime

Parenthood was one game that Emmett wasn't expecting but found he liked very much :)

Scoring: 10 points (1 point for Emmett's Arts Hobby Plaque, 1 point for Brianna, 1 point for Emmett reaching TOC Gamer, 1 point for Emmett reaching his LTW, 3 points each for Emmett and Victoria maxing LTA points)

((Well I certainly didn't expect such an adorable, functional family out of these two. Honestly, Victoria couldn't really care less about the baby, but Emmett usually wants to spend every waking minute with her, which is super cute. His wants bar is either filled with "buy me stuff" wants or "Brianna" wants. Until family Sunday, I kinda forgot that James was Victoria's brother and Lorraine was Emmett's sister, but they obviously want to be together... Though it looks like Lorraine isn't too picky.../sigh. Now it's time to start the new households on the playlist. Another Rosebud transplant -- Kimi Tanaka -- and her beau Jack Copur are up next and I'm super excited because I <3 Kimi so much!))

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Devivio 5 (R11)

Last Round was full of birthdays -- Tessa gave birth to twin boys, Gabriel and Oscar who later transitioned into toddlers; Xavier and Nina transitioned into children; Carmen transitioned into a teen and declared a Pleasure Aspiration with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. Brad and Tessa also finally got married. Brad got abducted by aliens and was very, very upset about it. I've installed the more sims per lot hack (mostly for my ISBI... but it should come in handy with this household too). Lets see how things go shall we...

Devivio (lot 13) Friday-Wednesday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Carmen Ramirez holding Gabriel Ramirez, Tessa Ramirez-Devivio, Brad Devivio, Xavier Ramirez, Oscar Ramirez, Nina Ramirez

Brad was super hungry all the time (despite his clothes not showing as man-ternity wear!) so of course he enjoys grilled cheese frequently... even for breakfast)

Perhaps the cheese was undercooked, because Brad felt strange pains after breakfast while he was studying for his next promotion

Nope, Brad, those are definitely labor pains

He gave birth to a happy, healthy, blonde little girl he that he named Dulcinea
((if it was a boy I had Quixote picked out for the name... so I figured I'd stick with the theme :p))

Since Dulci was born in the morning, and Tessa was a stay-at-home mom... Brad decided that he would try going into work that afternoon... and it was a good thing he did because the school was having some trouble with students sleeping in class

The local college was so impressed with Brad's handling of the situation that they offered him a professorship

That evening was birthday time for the next set of twins in the house -- Gabriel and Oscar

After helping the boys blow out their candles they turned into adorable young men

Oscar Ramirez

Gabriel Ramirez

((Sorry no posed pictures because things were sooooo hectic in this household! I don't think I even had a chance to give them makeovers at all the whole round!))

Carmen, Nina and Xavier had the want to visit the roller rink, so they went. Nina disapproves of Xavier's lack of skating skills

Perhaps she shouldn't have been so smug though...

With the kids out of the house for a bit, Brad and Tessa had some time for other extracurricular activities ((Tessa needs one more biological baby for her LTW...))

Weekends were always a treat in the Devivio household, especially family breakfast

I've never used this game before ((and I forget what it's called)) but I bought them one in hopes of getting the kids' fun levels up

Nina is a total Film and Literature nerd ((girl after my own heart)) and prefers to sit in the study reading books most of the day

Later that evening it was time for yet another birthday... Dulci was turning into a toddler

Her daddy brought her to the cake and helped her blow out the candles

((I think I have a new favorite))

Dulcinea Devivio -- Aries (10/10/10/0/0)

After everyone was finished eating their cake, Tessa noticed that she was putting on some weight... too much birthday cake right...

Instead of family Sunday... Brad and Tessa decided to invite the equally large Wade family over for brunch ((A look into the crystal ball told me that Carmen and Michael might be a good match /grins))

The Devivio and Wade Clans seemed to be getting along swimmingly

Tessa is wondering if Brittany swelled up like a beach ball when she gave birth to her 2 sets of twins too...

The crystal ball was right, Michael and Carmen share two bolts

They decided to ditch the parental and family units and head downtown to FM for a date. Things started off kinda slow... the getting-to-know-you phase is always the most difficult :p

But then things started to heat up

Don't worry... they just got pictures taken

Then they sang a duet ((it took Carmen a couple of tries to convince Michael to sing a duet with her... is this a too-low relationship score or does it have something to do with shy/outgoing points?))

Last but not least they cut a rug on the dancefloor and it looks like Michael's twin, Lindsay decided to follow them out

Later that evening, Michael even dropped off a small thank you gift to commemorate their date

Time for moar birthdays! This time was Nina and Xavier's turn to transition into teens

Nina went first and turned into a lovely young lady with a Romance aspiration

And here's Nina's makeover ((which I loooooove!))

Nina Ramirez
Romance (LTW: Become a Visionary [Art])

Xavier was next to transition (though he doesn't look too excited)

Like his siblings before him, he turned into a very handsome young man with a Family Aspiration

Xavier Ramirez
Family (LTW: Become Education Minister [Education] )

The twins' gender preferences ((a gay family sim will be... interesting ...))

Carmen and Nina's room got a make-over since the girly pink of their childhood didn't fit Nina's new persona ((The boys' room will get a makeover next week since this one took me a while to do))

Nina's Side

Carmen's side

The house was very large, but with such a HUGE family it still was difficult to get around sometimes... and there were always plenty of things to get done...

Despite lack of promotions, presumably from being exhausted from caring for his growing brood, Brad continued to do well at work

The bonus definitely helped in caring for the children and supported the never ending supply of birthday cake they seemed to need... Dulci was due for a birthday that evening when Brad returned home

No close-up shot, but don't worry, she's still adorable!

Early on the last morning of the round, Tessa went into labor while the kids were getting ready for school

She gave birth to a baby boy, the only one bearing the Devivio name

Welcome to the insanity Ruben Devivio! ((and I think it's HILARIOUS that the twins looked pissed about the new baby))

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Dulcinea, 1 point for Ruben)

Household Net-Worth:

((Yeah... so... this house is crazy, totally, utterly crazy. But I loved every minute of it. The kids are a hoot. It's so hard to get Brad the needed friends for the promotions because of all the insanity going on, I just didn't have time for them to socialize much... they did make headway with the Wade brood though since Brad knows Brittany from the Education career track. I'm pleased that one of Carmen's matches was a playable and since she has recessive blond I'm doubly pleased :) Also... how darn cute is Dulci! Oh my goodness she's definitely my new favorite... and her very extreme personality [0 playful / 0 nice] is just going to make her even more entertaining. No other comments but here's a silly blooper for you:

Nina... there are many other ways to get upstairs... but I'm glad you're concerned about your passed out twin... lol, silly sims

Moving on to Emmett and Victoria next then on to the new households this round...))