Saturday, September 4, 2010

Teer 1 (R11)

Last Round, Addison gave birth to twin alien sprogs that he named Lexis and Nexis. Everyone loved playing with the new babies. Lexis and Nexis grew into toddlers and then children. Stella also found out that she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy named Wiley. This time we have a house full of kids, lets see how things are going...

Teer (Lot 2): Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (top row from left): Stella Teer, Addison Teer holding Wiley Teer
(bottom row from left): Nexis Teer, Harley-Quinn Teer, Lexis Teer
Jar Card: n/a this round

Summer was quickly coming to an end in Silvervale... the weather was changing at the Teer house. Lexis and Nexis, ever popular, were always bringing friends home from school. Nina Devivio and Lexis were almost inseparable

The girls took advantage of the outdoors before the weather got too cold. The water wiggler was probably their favorite passtime

Often times it was hard for the nanny to keep track of all of the Teer children and the friends they brought home from school. As long as they weren't crying or screaming, she generally let them do what they wanted

It also gave her time to play with the many toys in the Teer's possession

Stella was also busy preparing the garden for the coming cold months. She worked in the greenhouse so much that she managed to earn a hobby plaque for her nature enthusiasm

When she returned home from work, she also had other things to be happy about, she had managed a promotion bringing her one step closer to reaching the top of the intelligence field

Other changes were afoot in the Teer household. Wiley was growing up quickly and it was time for his birthday

Even though it was late after Stella got home from work, the family gathered around and watched Wiley's transition into toddlerhood

Wiley was a strapping little guy that surely inherited the Teer genetics ((no close up, but he has the Teer shovel nose; Wiley is an outgoing, active and super nice Pisces))

Despite Wiley not being entirely helpless anymore, there was still a lot of work to do to teach him all his toddler skill. Addison and Stella took turns teaching how to talk

And walk

Stella also read Wiley adventures of outerspace and his alien heritage, but it seemed like it was too hard for him to understand at his early age

In between teaching Wiley his skills, Addison and Stella also had to help the kids with homework, they had to divide their time between all 3 of the girls in the evenings after Wiley had gone to sleep

((This picture is mostly here to show off the awesome room makeover that I did for the twins))

Things were so hectic in the house that Addison and Stella barely had time to study for their own promotions... luckily they had a nice bumper crop of eggplants ready for juicing

All their hard work paid off. The girls came home with A+ report cards

And they both continued to bring home promotions. Addison was promoted to magazine editor

Stella was also getting closer and closer to the top

She was getting along so well in the bureau that she she invited the director, Sofia Devivio, back to her place for dinner

That evening was Harley-Quinn's birthday... the thing she wanted more than anything else was a bird. Since everyone was doing so well in school, and Addie and Stella had some leftover money from their promotions, they caved in and bought her one... Harley-Quinn named him Twain.

Once everyone had gotten settled in, Stella brought out a cake and Harley-Quinn blew out the candles

She turned into a lovely young lady closely resembling her mother

Harley-Quinn decided that she wanted to live a life of love and romance... love and be loved

Harley-Quinn Teer -- Saggitarius
Romance (LTW: Become a Visionary)

The next day after school, Harley Quinn went out to get a cell phone and to scope out some of the local boys. She met a cute, but very goth boy named Adam Kimbrell

They had a nice time hanging out together and Harley-Quinn thought that she might be able to snag her first kiss from Adam

Unfortunately, Adam didn't want to move too fast with Harley-Quinn and turned her down...

Harley-Quinn wasn't all romance all the time, she loved spending time and taking care of her younger siblings. She was also happy to take care of Wiley after school especially since it meant that there wouldn't have to be a nanny in the house anymore

Having a teen in the house was really helpful to Addison and Stella, they were able to get in more skilling time for their jobs. Addison managed enough studying to get a promotion to the top of the Journalism career and achieving his Lifetime want in the process

Stella took advantage of her close-knit relationship with the current director of the SCIA. Lucky of Stella, Sofia was close to retirement age. When the time came to make an important decision she didn't want to blow it

Diplomacy is always preferable in most situations, and Sofia is doubly impressed and makes Stella the acting head of the SCIA

The birthdays never seemed to stop in the Teer house... Wiley was due for another transition, this time into childhood

Wiley was a cheerful little guy who closely resembled a green version of Addison

Wiley Teer - Pisces

Wiley was even outgoing with the animals in the house. He was excited to take care of the fish in the aquarium

And take care of Twain when Harley-Quinn was occupied with other matters

Harley-Quinn's "other mattes" mostly revolved around her latest fling... Nicholas Devivio

Nicholas was more than happy to give Harley-Quinn her first kiss...

and entertain her for the remainder of the weekend

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Stella's Nature hobby plaque, 1 point for Addison's TOC Journalism, 1 point for Addison's LTW, 1 point for Stella reaching TOC Intellingence)

Household Net-Worth:

((This house was a never ending stream of birthdays and promotions this round. Harley-Quinn is going to be a fun Romance sim to play... I'm going to do ASimWen's string me along challenge with H-Q so she'll earn enough skill points to get her through college, especially since her LTW requires a college degree, but she won't skill beyond that. Other than that, I'm super excited about the redecorating in the house. AND...

I downloaded bunkbeds!!! Which I'm stupidly excited about, lol. In other news, there was also another Rosebud Sim sighting this round... this time it was Neal Cleary /swoon

I am finishing up editing pictures for the next couple houses, we're off to the Eich's next!))


SK said...

The first part of this entry cracked me up! Number one, on the very first picture, for some reason I looked at Lexis, saw her green skin, then looked at Nina and thought she had green legs with boots on. Odd trick of my brain. I was Nina half alien!?

Number two, lmfao, who has the floaty thing around their waist in the water wiggler picture? Wouldn't want to drown!

Number three, the nanny looks like she's trying to give herself an enema, hahahaha. Sigh. Yes. I was greatly amused by the beginning of the entry.

As for the rest... Harley-Quinn is gorgeous! She does look like her mother, but even though she has a little bit of pinchy nose, it's not that bad. Other things: Wiley is adorable with the Infamous Teer Nose, and Stella looks hot as a secret agent. Can't wait to see these kids next round. :)

/giant comment

jungfrun68 said...

Wow, long update, and all I saw was Nicolas devivio - what a guy! I would totally make a cougar move on him if I met him IRL ;)

Anonymous said...

Lots going on here! Bunk beds are super exciting...maybe I will follow suit.