Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Devivio 4 (R11)

Last time, Brittany reached the top of the Military Career achieving her LTW, then she decided to try her hand at politics hoping to one day become Mayor. Tabitha found a crush in Timothy Twining. Jaina and Germain grew up into adorable toddlers who learned all their skills in pairs and Nick grew up into a super handsome teen with a Romance aspiration and the desire to be a man-whore (woohoo with 20 sims). He was promptly initiated into the Devivio coven and will have a good alignment. At the end of the round, Jaina and Germain grew up into children. This house is awesome, lets see how things go shall we?

Devivio (lot 8) Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Nicholas Devivio, Brittany (Upsnott) Devivio, Kurt Devivio, Tabitha Devivio, Germain Devivio, Scout the dog, Jaina Devivio

Our week at the Devivio house starts off with a birthday, our CAS toddler, Kurt is turning into an elder (wow!)

Of course he grows up well, with his family and a few friends around to help welcome him into elder-hood

Kurt really has lived a great life... he had 4 wonderful kids whom he thought the world of. The twins were especially well behaved and always found ways to entertain themselves

Kurt had some unfinished business regarding the twins that he needed to take care of...

Unlike his last visit, everything went off without a hitch and the headmaster was pleased to admit the two youngest Devivio children into his school

It was hard not to be impressed by this family... despite the magical aura of the house, Kurt and Brittany were both super successful... Brittany continually proved that by bringing home promotions in quick succession

The kids getting admitted into private school combined with her recent promotion allowed Brittany to fill up her Lifetime Aspiration Meter ensuring that she would have a very happy birthday later that night

It wasn't just the humans in the house, even their little chihuahua Scout was finding some success in his career

After everyone had settled in for the evening Brittany called a few friends over

It was birthday time again!

Not surprisingly, Brittany grew up well, just like Kurt, she also retained her young appearance despite a few gray hairs

((Brittany doesn't strike me as the type that would settle fr gray hair, plus... she's a witch, she can just magic all the grays away!))

Even with Elder parents, life went on about the same in the Devivio household. Nick only had his mind on one thing... his go-to gal, Harley-Quinn

The twins were incredibly social too, always bringing friends home from school

Kurt and Brittany didn't want their social tendencies to impede on their schoolwork though and every night they made sure that Jaina and Germain were tending to their assignments

Completing their homework assignments promptly helped them earn top grades in their new school and both twins brought home A+ report cards by the close of their first week there

Tabitha was the only anomaly in the very social household... she preferred to keep to herself and study her magic or play games rather than socializing with friends. She spent so much time playing on the computer that she was able to earn her games hobby plaque

It was somewhat ironic that the entire Devivio clan was invited over to help celebrate Tabitha's transition into adulthood

((nope, Tabi had no desire to go to college and with her personality, I figured it would be torture for her anyway. Also, this is my attempt at Family Saturday, lol))

Several non-family members were also invited, especially Timothy

Tabitha was pretty sure she'd like to spend the rest of her life with Timothy

Tabitha was so excited to leave her ackward teen years behind and begin her adult life

Timothy had his adult transition that evening too ((so handsome, they're going to make 6 beautiful babies to fulfill Tabi's LTW))

After Tabitha blew out the candles, she left her guests to enjoy the rest of the party, everyone seemed to be having a good time

Even the hot tub was getting good use ((all the couples took turns woohooing in the hot tub, lol))

Scoring: 4 points (3 points for Brittany maxing her LTA meter, 1 point for Tabitha's games hobby plaque)

Household Net-Worth:

((My game was at like 5 FPS during the family event so I'm not so sure I like to do that... Also with the mass exodus of people when the party ended my game crashed. Everything still happened pretty consistently after the restart so I decided the original pictures would do. I guess I just need to use the teleporter shrub to clear off all the family members instead of having them all try to leave at the same time. Tabitha will move into her own place next round to start her adult life and begin acquiring a brood of 6 babies... she's the 4th Devivio in the hood to have that Lifetime want. Off to Tia, Angelica, Kana and family next!))


jungfrun68 said...

I love the house with the giant porch - I would like one of those!
Good luck to Tabitha to breed 6 babies!

Liz said...

I'd be happy to package it for you if you'd like to download it... will probably have a bunch of CC in it though. Let me know!

I'm definitely going to have a population explosion in the hood in the very near future with all the "marry off 6 children" LTWs floating around out there.

SK said...

I need to start a coven. This house is so awesome. Brittany looks more sallow as an adult, but still awesome, and I agree about the gray hair. I cannot BELIEVE how gorgeous Tabitha is, though. Holy. Crap. Her babies are going to be amazing. :) Squee! Very fun house.

Liz said...

Being and evil witch really suits Brittany. Tabitha is also pretty mean but she's also anti-social so it doesn't show very much. I can't wait to have a Fortune sim in this bunch so I can start a magic shop. I've decided I'm not starting businesses unless sims are fortune or secondary fortune anymore though, so I'll have to wait. Tabitha and Tim are going to make beautiful babies, too bad it'll be a while before we see them :(