Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cormier (R11)

Last Round -- Vinaya and Mahran made lots of friends then Vinaya went off to University... that's about it. Lets see how things go this round

Pictured (from top left): Ricky Cormier, Janet Devivio-Cormier, Mahran Cormier

Ricky was doing great in his new career, he brought home a promotion very quickly after getting the position

Ricky needed a lot of logic for the new career, Mahran was always happy to help Ricky practice his chess skills

The family members were very excited that Vinaya had moved back from college and immediately invited her and her boyfriend, Kennedy over for dinner

Everyone was excited to get to know Kennedy better

Janet was especially excited to meet her soon-to-be son-in-law

There was another reason Vinaya and Kennedy were invited over that evening too... to help celebrate Mahran's transition into teenager-hood

((an extra pic of Mahran getting ready to spin because he looks too cute))

Mahran transitioned into a Pleasure-seeking young man with that same darn puffy vest that I've been meaning to get rid of

Mahran decided he liked good smelling, unemployed men, but he didn't definitely didn't want any cross dressers

Mahran Cormier --
Pleasure (LTW: become a Professional Party Guest)

Of course, Mahran and Vinaya still got along famously and Mahran couldn't wait to hear all about Vinaya's time at college (especially the parties!)

Mahran also wanted to get a job... unfortunately there wasn't any openings in the slacker career, so he settled for music

He also made sure to stop by Lorraine Hoppes' Electronics shop to pick up a cell phone

((Oh good... Lorraine is repulsed by Mahran... that's one less guy she'll try and sleep with))

Ricky's logic skills didn't do him any good the next day at work. During his lunch break he decided to let his boss win at a game

Needless to say, his boss was not very pleased when he found out

Mahran, on the other hand, was doing great his first day of work and earned a promotion that brought some more responsibility but honed his skills better

Despite his desire to top the Slacker career, Mahran was a very intelligent young man ((just don't tell him I told you so!)) and managed to excel at his after school job and finish his homework in time

He even managed to spend time with his family afterward

It didn't take long for his boss to recognize Mahran's talent and promoted him as high as he could for his age

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth:

((Well it was a short sweet little round in this household... definitely the calm before the storm in the next household. I can totally picture Mahran being like the underachieving stoner type of guy who is super smart but doesn't want to admit it to himself or anyone else, lol. Oh! And I'm also stoked to play Vinaya and Kennedy later in the round... I got them moved in and some slight makeover's done and I can't wait! Nothing else really to comment on so it's off to the Brad, Tessa and the army of children next!))


SK said...

Definitely think you have Mahran's personality pegged (which means he totally needs a bubble blower in college!). It's appropriate, today being 4/20 and all. :) What's with his upper lip, though? Is that Janet's upper lip he inherited? It's like it's invisible!

Liz said...

Yeah, Mahran reminds me of a few friends I had in high school who were super smart but just wanted to smoke pot and play guitar all day, lol. The upper lip definitely belongs to Guy (probably Pamela had it too)... Brad and Janet both got it, I'd have to take a closer look at the kids to see who else inherited it.

jungfrun68 said...

Mahran is a guy I will remember, he's got his own personality and his own personal look!

Liz said...

Mahran is actually an exact clone of Vinaya, so it's kinda funny how much his aspiration and habits make him unique from her. I kinda love him :)