Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teer 2 (R11)

Last Round, Wesley and Jeannie continued their swinger lifestyle. Jeannie was surprised when she found out she was pregnant and hoped that it was Wesley's baby. Jeannie gave birth to a little girl that they named Wendy, who did belong to Wes (though both parents were unsure of how exactly to take care of the newborn). Later in the round, Jeannie seduced the mailman and subsequently got knocked up by him. Jeannie hoped that Wesley wouldn't take notice to Phoebe's striking blue eyes, that only could have come from Pao. Lets see how everyone is getting along this round.

Teer (lot 10): Tuesday-Sunday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Wesley Teer holding Phoebe Vijayakar, Jeannie Vijayakar, Wendy Vijayakar

Wesley and Jeannie surprisingly turned out to be great parents once they got the hang of things... kids were actually fun to play with (who knew?)

Wes especially had fun helping Wendy learn how to talk, maybe one day she'd know enough to help him do line reading for his scripts

Both parents still had time to pursue their own interests while the girls were sleeping, which was nice

Since her maternity leave, Jeannie had taken up writing novels on the side... her slacker lifestyle and profession gave her plenty of ideas for plot lines and her novels were selling like hotcakes

Jeannie had also taken to gardening during her pregnancies, luckily the chemicals from the pesticides didn't affect the girls too much (she hoped!)

Since Wesley was a retired movie star, and Celebrity Chef... of course they both had high interests in movies and literature. Jeannie was excited when a co-worker suggested a movie marathon


Wesley also continues to pursue certain interests... he has a lot of free time now that he has reached the top of his career

Plus, Jeannie doesn't care too much that Wesley is sleeping with other women... on the contrary, she actually finds some of his girlfriends pretty interesting

The girls were growing up fast... Phoebe was set to have a birthday that evening

She grew up into an adorable toddler, but it was very obvious that she didn't at all resemble Wesley or his family

Phoebe Vijayakar

Phoebe turned out to be quite a playful child, she and Wendy got along famously and would amuse themselves for hours just scribbling on the playtable

Unfortunately, when it came time to teach Phoebe her skills, she wasn't as agreeable

Jeannie usually tender her garden at night, that way the plants wouldn't get burned by the sun's rays after being sprayed

This particular night, the fertilizer spray started to make Jeannie feel a little woozy...

(YAY! plantsim!)

Jeannie found her new condition very comfortable, she no longer needed to sleep or eat which left her free to partake in her hobbies and spend more time with the girls. She was glad that her plantsim-ism didn't affect her job performance either

After Jeannie returned with her promotion, it was time for another birthday... Wendy was transitioning into a child

Wendy grew up into quite a little firecracker who greatly resembled Jeannie

Wendy Vijayakar

The sisters still got along extremely well and spent hours playing with one another

Wendy was a curious young lady, and was always wondering what her parents were doing, she would often listen in when Jeannie was giving Wesley horticultural advice (it's Oregano...)

She definitely shared her parents wonder about nature, and begged for a pet... Jeannie and Wesley relented and bought her a pet bird ((Also, a bedroom room makeover :) ))

(commencing bird !picspam just because Wendy looks adorable in these pictures)

Everyone in the house spent so much time on nature related activities that it was no surprise when Wesley earned a Nature Plaque from a local club

Wendy was also smart as a whip, she always did her homework and turned it in on time... and she wasn't too keen on enabling cheaters

Unfortunately some of her classmates are complete bully's

((total bull crap... seriously... also, why on earth would a CHILD have $25 for lunch money...))

After explaining the situation to her teacher Wendy got her grade restored, and was happy to show off her A+

Since the girls were getting older, Wesley and Jeannie thought it would be nice if they got to spend some more time with their cousins... Plus Wesley always liked inviting over his twin and family

Stella, ever the knowledge sim, was also super curious to find out more about Jeannie's new condition

Inviting the other Teer clan over served a dual purpose, Phoebe was growing up so fast, it was time for her to transition into a child

Phoebe was simply stunning as a child

Phoebe Vijayakar

Since Phoebe grew up she and Wendy were even more best friends... they were always running around with each other keeping themselves entertained

Scoring: 1 point for Wesley's Nature Hobby Plaque

Household Net-Worth:

((This house really felt like it dragged along for some reason, and I don't know how I ended up with 50ish pictures because I don't remember really much going on, heh. Anyway, the girls are ADORABLE! I lubs them sooooo much. Also, YAY plantsim Jeannie, I've been trying to get her to turn into a plantsim for like 2 rounds now and it finally happened... Now I just need to decide whether I want a plantsim baby or not... hmmm... One little glitchy thing happened:

I usually don't set lifetime aspiration points for kids until they're teens because I don't want them to be awake all the time I'm playing, but I noticed that Wendy already had her bar maxed out so I checked and sure enough she has 16 LTA points to spend???... this has to be a glitch I think so I'm not going to count it for points but I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before? Anyway... Off to the Wades next, just gotta edit pictures this afternoon and also, University is coming up I promise :p ))


SK said...

AHHHH, the cuteness is overwhelming! Jeannie definitely needs to have a plantsim baby to go with her other adorable legitimate and illegitimate baby! (Pao's progeny...le sigh, so gorgeous.) Love this house!

Liz said...

I think I'll have her spawn a plant baby too... then maybe I can try for the plantsim generational bonus (I don't really want to play 10 gens of plant sims though!)...

I LOVE PHOEBE too, she's adorable... I really need to marry the mailman into the hood, but he (like Meadow Thayer keep eluding me!)

jungfrun68 said...

You do have the mailman genes now - it's great!
I'm Waaay behind in reading, have been so busy. (Still is, but steals some time for my favourite blogs :))

Liz said...

Pao's genes are so great! I really need to marry him into the hood (sooner rather than later!) and I think I have an idea of who he might be good with. Glad you're getting caught up... I'm woefully behind on some blogs too...