Thursday, January 29, 2009

Devivio 3 (R4)

Carla Devivio graduated Sim State Summa Cum Laude and headed off to make her life back in Silvervale. Carla moved into the reasonably priced Coral Villa Apartments close to the community area. Lets see how she's doing her first week as an adult

Carla took a position in the Dance Career track ((it was the highest paying on the computer and it seemed to correspond to her skills pretty well))

She quickly moved up the career ladder with her first promotion

((it's too bad her shift ends at night... you can't see the full glory of her work uniforms))

The next day while she is at work the apartment spontaneously starts on fire

Damn that faulty wiring in the apartment complex. ((This was totally random... Carla had been gone for about 3 hours and didn't fix herself breakfast this particular morning so there's no way that there was something left in the oven...))

On her day off, Carla invited over a friend from Sim State, Mitch Indie

((He and Carla look cute together, too bad she's got 12 more woohoos to get out of the way before she can settle down))

During her time as a tap dancer, Carla gets a chance card

Good call, although at this point, Carla had already maxed out her body points. Oh well, she comes home with another promotion

Carla has another day off and decides to head down to the Simolean Arcade where she starts a gaming competition

See the blonde to Carla's right... he's Carla's next woohoo :)

Having max enthusiasm in games and high logic and mechanical skill, Carla easily wins the gaming competition

The next two days Carla brings home back to back promotions quickly rising to the top of the Dance career track

Unfortunately the landlord had gone home for the day, so it looks like this world class ballet dancer had to fix the dishwasher herself

Carla had also earned enough aspiration benefit points to get a secondary aspiration -- she chose knowledge ((this was good because Carla was already rolling up knowledge-related wants to earn skill points, so it worked out. I live in fear of the day I get a romance sim that rolls a secondary aspiration of family or vice-versa))

To end the week, Carla invited over Bruce Benson and they had a little fun in the apartment complex hot tub :)

Scoring: 1 point for Carla reaching top of Dance career

((That wraps it up for Carla. It was amazing how quickly she flew through the ranks of the Dance Career. Now that she has a secondary aspiration of Knowlege, it should be easy to get her to the top of another career path quickly... I'm thinking showbiz for the next one since it pays big money. She's at 9/20 woohoo's so far -- it should be easy to get her LTW fulfilled, I think I'm really getting the hang of this romance sim thing. Round 5 incoming!))

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