Thursday, January 29, 2009

Devivo 2 (R4)

Last round Pamela moved into her own place - an apartment at the new luxurious GoldTone Apartments. She found a roommate, Bruce, who didn't get along too well with the neighbors. In the middle of the week, Pamela got promoted to the top of the Science Career track and at the end of the week she received a nice bonus from a chance card. She also racked up the woohoo's and some reputation downtown. Lets see what she got up to this week:

Pamela decided she wanted to use her bonus money to go on a nice vacation. She heard that there were maps buried all over Silvervale that told travellers how to find secret locations so she spent some time digging in the back yard of the Apartment Complex.

Pamela took her map and headed off for a relaxing vacation at Three Lakes

Once she got to three lakes she checked into the hotel

And then relaxed in the hot springs

After settling in, Pamela took her first tour

Pretty nice bonus :)

She then headed off to the park where she tried her hand at axe throwing

And Log rolling...

The next day she invited over a man named Jace Fuchs that she met while playing at the park

((She wanted to woohoo in the hammock))

Jace looks a little dizzy...

Pamela was feeling a little stiff after her hammock romp so she decided to learn the local massage

After her massage she was feeling limber enough for another woohoo

This is Cole Fleig, another lumberjack from Three Lakes

Pamela then took her secret map to the Hidden Burrow where she met bigfoot!

They slap-danced

and did some fishing

Pamela took her leave of bigfoot to take another tour ((plus she really had to use the toilet!!))


At the gift shop, Pamela met a fellow tourist named Sullivan Vijayakar

While they were there, Sullivan got pick-pocketed

Pamela still got Sullivan back to the hotel's hot tub

With the final woohoo of her trip, it was time for Pamela to head back home.

When she got back to Silvervale, Pamela kicked Bruce out and found a new roommate, Kaylynn who was much more pleasant ((except that Kaylynn sleeps in the same bed as Pamela... very strange))

Pamela also called up a few of her acquaintances for some woohoo:

Anthony Sims ((Remember Anthony from last round -- he possibly helped Pamela ascend to the top of her career)):

Checo Ramirez ((whoops, according to the sims wiki he's got a family!)):

and her neighbor, Neil Chalmers ((Bruce was always picking fights with Neil so I was afraid to have him over)):

((Neil was actually the last woohoo of this round, but he fit better into the story here))

Pamela then rolled up this want:

She was feeling a little lazy and had tons of extra cash laying around, so she called up the Gypsy Matchmaker -- Luckily the matchmaker came through and set Pamela up with one of the town's firemen -- Neil LeTourneau

She hired the maid, Remington Harris, just to get the hook-up ((Kaylynn is a very neat sim so they really didn't need a maid)). At first they didn't get along, but after several $100 tips, Remington warmed up to Pamela

With all of Pamela's lovers, she managed to make it to the top of the influence meter

While she was out hunting for more service sims ((do waiters/bartenders/etc. count as service sims or is it only the ones that come to your house??)), Pamela thought it might be time for a make-over:

((All the community lot NPCs were female -- I swear I went to about 10 lots and ALL of them were female))

We'll leave Pamela chatting up this bartender downtown. In her search for woohoo with service sims will Pamela start to bat for the other team?

Scoring: 0 this round

((well that's it for Pamela -- she's sooooooooooo close to achieving her LTW [16/20 -- I discovered that she got a free-be from the "mystery sim" that the game designated the father of her children]. I have to say, I'm definitely starting to warm up to my romance sims, it's pretty fun... Speaking of Romance Sims, we're going to catch up with Carla next))

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CarlaluvsSims said...

I've never seen the 5 service persons woohoo want. Good luck with finding the rest of your service people. This blog is so much fun to read!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Hahahahahahahahaha "bat for the other team". Wow.
I always have bi romance sims... it makes it easier :)