Friday, January 2, 2009

Pushard (R2)

Welcome back to the Pushard house. Last time the Pushards adopted two dogs, Cymoril and Leroy in attempt to fulfill Margery and Mathew's lifetime wants. Allan also transitioned into a teen and adopting a life of fortune. With winter setting in, lets see what the Pushards got up to this round.

Here's a picture of the house doesn't it look so pretty covered in snow ((I'm planning on doing some landscaping once spring hits))

And the interior

The first thing Kenya did after her grandson's birthday was go out and buy him some new clothes ((in addition to his hideous western-wear top, he also got stuck with the white unitard workout outfit...)

After calling a taxi home, Kenya admired the fountain at Boutiques d'Vale...

...She thought it would look prettier with suds...

As promised, here's a picture of Allan with his makeover and LTW

Allan Pushard - Leo
Fortune (LTW: Become a Criminal Mastermind)

The next day, she and Mathew shared a second dream date

During work that day, Kenya got a chance card.

Alter the Role Sheet worked for Kelly Teer

apparently not so much for Kenya though :( damn those militant librarians ::evil grin::

When Kenya searches for a new position that evening, she realizes that she hasn't been fired but just demoted

Oh well, we'll take a higher paying job in the athletics field anyway

Luckily, Mathew had a better day than his wife and was able to reach top of his career track

Kenya wrote a series of restaurant guides to bring in a little extra money

The Pushard's snowed in the next day and made the best of it.

I guess even sim snow doesn't stop the post office

Allan invited over Marsha Bruening ((I was trying to see if these two had any chemistry but they don't... I'll have to find him another woman))

Mathew and Kenya took advantage of the snow achieving Dream Date #3

Margery built a snowman

that attracted a special visitor

((so cute! I just installed Seasons before playing this challenge, so I didn't know there was a penguin that would come by in the winter))

After their productive snow day, it's time to get back in the swing

Kenya gets a promotion

So does Margery, bringing her to the top of her career track

and Mathew actually gets a useful hobby chance card

and a cuisine hobby plaque

Mathew and Kenya ring in the first day of spring with another dream date (this is #4... 50 seems a long way off but I've been having them drink liberally from the elixir of life)

Kenya also decided to start a garden

((the beginning of the week was so awfully boring that I needed to do something with this group to keep them busy for next round, especially since Allan will be going off to uni))

Allan went out to the mall to pick up a cell phone and he ran into Carla Devivio

Don't even think about it Allan, She's a Romance sim and she'll break your heart

Apparently Allan got his grandmother's mischief gene...

He decided the fountain would look better with suds too...

Kenya reached the top of her career track

Although she weathered the winter, Margery's time came to an end

Sorry to see you go, but you were just too boring to get any elixir this week

The house was also sorely in need of some upgrades so the inheritance came in handy...

...Especially since the headmaster was due for a visit

Mathew gave the headmaster a nice tour of the redecorated house and then they all shared a nice meal of porkchops and baked alaska

Don't the men look handsome in their formal wear

Unfortunately, Jessie had a little accident with the baked alaska

Despite Jessie setting himself on fire with the baked alaska, the headmaster was still impressed with the Pushards and Allan got a spot in private school

Scoring: 1 point for Mathew's Cooking plaque

((and that wraps it up for the Pushards round 2. The first half of this round was incredibly boring... Jessie managed to max out charisma, cleaning, and creativity so he's close to achieving his lifetime want. I doubt I'll get Mathews but I really like him so I want to keep him alive for a while, plus he's kinda necessary if I even want to attempt Kenya's LTW. Allan will go to uni next round along with Carla Devivio and Darren Eich. Next round I'll be working on his friendships with them so that they can all get into the greek house that Sofia Teer and Guy Devivio will start at the end of this round.))


ASimWen said...

The little penguin will come by in other seasons too if you leave fish out. Put one on the ground and he will come to eat it. Put one on the wall and he will come in the house and talk to it. ;)

QueenofSimtopia said...

I am catching up on your blog and I love it! Your pictures are very well-taken and amusing.
This in particular made me laugh:
"Sorry to see you go, but you were just too boring to get any elixir this week"