Monday, January 5, 2009

Teer (R2)

Welcome to round 2 at the Teer Household, last round, the Teers were very productive, bringing home a string of promotions and efficiently skilling. Unfortunately, Clayton wasn't able to find a job in his chosen field of Law Enforcemnt, so he tried his hand in the culinary field. Lets see what happens this week.

((Whoops, forgot a loading screen picture, I'll see if I can find one to put here. I also don't have a picture of their house, it will be getting a remodel soon though as it's a super boring box with a tiny living room))

The girls kicked off the week with small rewards from school

Serena also brings home Amar Hoppes from school ((I think these two will be a couple b/c they will have really ridiculously good looking babies :) I guess we'll have to see what aspirations/lifetime wants they roll))

And let the promotions start to roll in...

Promotion #4 for Kelly

Promotion #4 for Clayton (check out that awesome flair!)

And (finally) Promotion #5 for Kelly

Yay bookshelf!

And there's one more promotion by way of chance card

((lol that wins the prize for my favorite chance card so far))

And finally, something more interesting...

Happy Birthday Serena! And now for her aspiration:

Well it's not Romance... that's a good thing

Serena Teer - Scorpio
Pleasure (LTW: have 50 dream dates)

argh... well at least you can accomplish 50 dream dates with one mate...

Serena tried to knock out a few dream dates right away

Serena brought this guy home from school... alas, no chemistry

She didn't have any chemistry with Darren Eich either

Serena decides to call the matchmaker to see if she can have any better luck finding a suitable date

and out of the sky comes Orlando Bertino... They have one bolt of chemistry... You'd think that 3000 simelonians she'd get better than one bolt... stupid matchmaker!

Oh well, Serena gives the date a go anyway

Yeah, you're not so great yourself Orlando...

While Serena is checking out the dating scene, Clayton gets an interesting hobby chance card

Well, duh! of course you're going to stand out in a bad way when you wear your Halloween costume to work in the middle of spring! ((side note: I didn't realize that hobby chance cards could actually affect your job, I guess I'll be a little more careful with them from now on)) The demotion isn't a big deal though because when Clayton got home, he FINALLY found a position in the law enforcement career track

That afternoon Kelly brings home another promotion

At dinner, Sofia talks excitedly with Serena about her intentions to start college at Sim State University

She applies for scholarships

((She should have gotten the cooking one too but I forgot to apply for it before I hit review to take the screenshot and she was already on the taxi to uni -- oh well))

Sofia heads off to Sim State University

With their girls all grown up, Clayton and Kelly decide to see if they can produce and heir

Step 1: try for baby

Step 2: listen for lullaby

Step 3: consume cheesecake

Step 4: TWINS!

And Clayton rounds out the week with his first promotion on the way to his lifetime want

Scoring: 0 this round

((That brings round 2 to a close for the Teer Household. I'm super excited about Sofia going off to uni with Guy and about the twins! Hopefully Amar Hoppes doesn't roll a romance aspiration because I really think he and Serena would make a great couple... plus then I can keep the neighborhood more manageable for a while))

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