Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hoppes (R2)

Welcome back to the Hoppes residence. Last week, Darryl and Jill Hoppes adopted a child named Amar. Lets see how the new family is doing this week.

Here's Jill tucking Amar in ((I didn't know where to put this shot but it was cute so I had to include it))

Darryl realized that he may not have much time left so he purchased a robotics station and started working on building his skills so that if something were to happen to he or Jill, Amar would have a servo to take care of him until he goes off to Sim State University.

And Darryl earns a bronze talent badge

Inspired by his mother's love of art, Amar began skilling his creativity

Unfortunately all that practice on the robotics station doesn't help Darryl at work

Since Jill was doing so well selling paintings she was able to quit her job

Amar brings home his first A+

As a reward Jill adopts a puppy named shelly

Shelly instantly fit in with the family

The next day, Amar had his birthday

I think he's wishing for non-pink PJs

Blue plaid works... now for the aspiration:

At least it's not Romance...

And here's Amar after picking up some new threads

Amar Hoppes - Aries
Popularity (LTW: become captain hero)

Here's a nice shot of the family eating breakfast

Those burnt omelettes look delicious don't they?

And to round out the week, Shelly grows into a dog

Scoring: 0 this round

((And that's it for the Hoppes family. Sorry their updates are so short, it's rather boring playing this house especially after playing the super hectic Devivio house... I'm sooooooo glad that Amar didn't roll a romance aspiration, I'm already going to have my hands full with Carla and Tia. Now I'm super excited to play the Teers to see how Amar and Serena get along. I was able to bump up Darryl and Jill's aspiration meters enough to have them both take a swig of elixir of life, so hopefully they hang in there until Amar gets back from uni))

Custom Content:
Amar's Teen outfit: Faded Green by grizzelda @ TSR

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QueenofSimtopia said...

Amar is really attractive... for an adopted kid (that sounds harsh, but mine always look like they got mauled or something...)

That dog is soooo cute!