Monday, January 26, 2009

University C1

Last round at the Annya Var house Guy proposed to Sofia and they headed back to Silvervale to start their life together. Five incoming freshmen moved into the house: Carla Devivio, Allan Pushard and his girlfriend Jaiden Hurt, and Darren Eich and his girlfriend Melody Tinker. There was lots of drama caused by Carla's romancing -- especially since she and Allan couldn't keep their hands off of each other. There were some mascot fights, and some hobby plaques earned. Lets see how the house fared with the addition of the new students...

Darren welcomed his sister and the new freshmen to campus

They all decided to pledge the Greek house.

Tia and Kurt decided to move in while Serena and Amar decided to brave the dorms for their first two years ((we'll check in on them on the second part of the uni update.))

The kids enjoyed spending time together before classes started

Melody was preparing lunch and started the stove on fire, even though she had 7/10 cooking skill...

She promtly endured a lecture from Carla

Annya Var hosted a toga party to welcome the freshmen to campus

The llama did something to irritate Melody

Unfortunately she lost...

This random Prof. crashed the party and helped herself to a frozen beverage

She then Smustled for a little and left ((weird!))

Carla went out looking for her next woohoo and she met Corey Thomason

I don't have a picture of it, but they both got heatstroke... Carla was passed out in the attic for a few hours because nobody had a high enough relationship score with her to revive her (Corey is still walking around campus with a red face from his romp with Carla). Melody, Darren and Allan also got heatstroke from exercising but luckily they were able to be revived.

Tia earned her games hobby plaque from spending hours and hours on the poker table ((I swear this is all my sims would do if I wasn't such a micro-manager))

Carla invited over Bill Dalton who she had her eye on since she started at Sim State

This one was a gimme because they have 3 bolts, he just never stuck around long enough for the woohoo to happen even if Carla invited him to spend the night

While Carla was out looking for #5 a random fight broke out in the student union

That's Prof. Alec fighting with a student, we'll get to know him a little better later on in the post ((FYI Prof. won!))

Carla still managed to get Stuart Landchild back to the house and up to the attic

In the meantime Kurt and Tia declared their majors -- neither of them decided so I picked what I thought they'd be best at.

Kurt chose biology because it is the only one that will help him in his chosen path of Oceanography

And Tia chose Art because of its versatility

Darren also earned his gold robotics badge (hopefully he doesn't die before finishing a Servo!)

While he was working on his first Servo, he earned his tinkering hobby plaque

Melody also earned a hobby plaque in games

Carla started making friends with the kids in the cool llama jackets

She earned herself Big Sim on Campus

and bagged #6 -- Zion Deppiesse

((I like Zion, I might make him playable somewhere down the line, although I forget what his aspiration is... I want to say it's fortune???))

Remember Prof. Alec from the student union? Well Tia decided that she wanted to fall in love with him. Here they are on their first date:

Tia earned some major academic brownie points and some good reputation

((Can someone tell me what this means please?))

Tia invited Prof. Alec over the next day and they fell in love easily

With all the friends (ahem lovers) the girls were making, the Greek house skyrocketed to level 6!

Carla also earned her gaming talent plaque

And so did Kurt

((Maybe the gaming leader should just join the Greek House, she spends a ton of time there))

With all the hobby plaques being earned this round, the gypsy showed up and gave them a genie lamp

I couldn't figure out who to give the wishes to so I let the 3 senior girls wish for Peace of Mind

Their last days on campus were very busy...

While Melody was using her platinum aspiration to power-skill, Carla brought home woohoo #7 - Edwin Sharpe ((platinum aspiration+cool shades+smooth talk=easy woohoo!))

Jaiden also took advantage of the platinum aspiration and cool shades earning herself Big Sim on Campus

Soon it was time for the graduates to head back to silvervale

((Maxis you suck for programming belly shirts for men!))

((Boo! What happened to the custom hair /cry))

And I saved the best transition outfit for last...

((/facepalm -- a unitard for males for EVERYDAY... srsly???))

Scoring: 11.5 points (1 for each Summa Cum Laude graduate [4], 1 each for Tia, Melody, Carla and Kurt's gaming hobby plaques [4], 1 for Darren's tinkering hobby plaque, 2 for Carla and Jaiden achieving Big Sim on Campus, .5 for Darren's gold robotics badge)

((Well that wraps up the events at the Annya Var house this round. It was fun and eventful. Don't you just love the random fights that break out at Uni... I know I do. We'll be catching up with Carla at the end of this round. We'll catch up with Allan and Jaiden and Darren and Melody at their respective houses in Round 5. Stay tuned to see how Serena and Amar did in their first half at uni next.))


CarlaluvsSims said...

I'm loving your Prosperity Challenge blog. The perk about the reputation going up should show in your reputation bar. (Something new with Apartment Life, I think) It is the button in the top left of the personality. I hope I explained that right.

Anonymous said...

Well Liz, I just loved this blog, it was quite amusing and I think I learend some good tips, looking forward to the rest of the story... XOXO

Anonymous said...

Btw- Do we have to have sims 2 seasons for the genie? and how did u create the custom hair?

Liz said...

the genie lamp (I think) is from the Freetime EP. I didn't create the custom hair (the most complicated things I can do are paintings and wallpapers!) and I honestly can't remember where I got them, I think they are listed in the post for Round 3.

Eien Herrison said...

((Can someone tell me what this means please?))

Like CarlaluvsSims said above, the repuation is to do with AL. Have a good reputation and random townies will give you furniture discounts, help with promotions/higher wages. Have a bad reputation and look forward to promotions being blocked, furniture prices being increased, and everyone wanting to have a go at you :P