Saturday, January 10, 2009

University B

This round at Sim State University was a lot more eventful than last round... lets see what happened shall we?

After graduation, Guy was finally ready to ask Sofia to marry him

Sofia still had some apprehensions about getting engaged though

She headed home to start planning their wedding while Guy stuck around the house to welcome his sister to campus

Here are the new students that are arriving from Silvervale

The crew gets into the Annya Var house no problem and boosts it up to level 4

With the new group moved in to the house, Guy heads back to Silvervale to start his new life

Carla being a romance sim and all... She and Allan can't seem to keep their hands off of each other ((much to my chagrin))

Doh! Here's Darren telling Allan that he needs to be careful since Jaiden is living with them as well ((these were completely autonomous actions, I swear I'm not causing drama))

Here are the girls' makeovers

Jaiden Hurt - Leo
Popularity (LTW: become Hall of Famer)

Melody Tinker - Virgo
Knowledge (LTW: become a Mad Scientist)

And I decided that Carla had outgrown the pigtails so here is an aspiration appropriate makeover

Carla hits the gym to keep up with her fitness

She also decides to work a few hours in the Cafeteria so that they can continue to upgrade the house

The llama mascot shows up, fortunately he doesn't cause any trouble, just makes some funny gestures at Darren and Melody

Allan works a few hours tending bar on campus

((this place is getting a remodel at some point methinks))

And Melody puts in a few hours as a barista

That evening when the kids get back from class, Allan decides that he's going to make out with Carla right in front of Jaiden... needless to say, it doesn't end well

Allan goes inside to brood, and Carla and Jaiden go at it

Poor jilted Jaiden gets her butt kicked... Carla definitely has 9 body points to Jaiden's 1

Allan tries to apologize to Jaiden but she's not having it yet

You've made yourself a nice big mess didn't you Allan?

On a non-drama note ((don't worry... more drama in a little bit))

Darren picked a physics major

Melody picked a mathematics major

Allan picked a biology major ((although I'm not sure how it will help him achieve his goal of criminal mastermind))

Carla didn't have a preference so I picked a literature major for her since it seems to be the most versatile

And, finally, Jaiden didn't pick a major either so I picked Drama for her since it was the only one that was related to the athletics career track

Carla went out prowling for men that aren't her housemates

This is Connor Johnson, Carla thought he was hot

She brought him back to the house

and lured him up to the attic where he became Mr. 1/20

I will let the next series of pictures tell you the story of what happened next...

Allan, didn't I tell you a few rounds ago that she was a man-eater? ((side note: I laughed so hard that while Allan was smacking Carla around, Connor greeted and waved at him))

Despite all the drama, Carla and Connor's evening turned out to be a dream date

Realizing what a moron he had been, Allan tried to patch things up with Jaiden

it took him the next 3 semesters to rebuild his relationship with her

At least one relationship this round is functional

Awww, geeks in love, how cute :)

Jaiden took out her aggression at the gym

and managed to become fit

The cow mascot showed up finally and decided she wanted to pick on Melody

Melody decided she wanted to get fit so she could effectively deal with the cow if needed

Darren and the llama bonded over their mutual interest in cuisine

Darren's new friendship with the llama bumped the house status up to Level 5

Apparently the cow didn't appreciate that the llama was so well liked around the Annya Var house

Aww, poor llama!

Eventually Allan convinced Jaiden to forgive him and they became best friends again

The kids made enough grant money that they were able to add a dart board and pool table to the main level recreation room

Darren also bought a robotics bench and earned his bronze robotics badge quickly

Allan also earned his Arts & Crafts hobby plaque

Carla invited Gilbert Jaquet from Silvervale over to visit campus

They got along very well

So well that Carla showed him up the the third floor

While Carla and Gilbert were romping in the attic, the cow was picking more fights on the main floor

((I wasn't able to stick around to see who won since I had to give Carla's date my attention))

At the end of sophomore year, Darren earned a silver robotics badge

And Jaiden earned a gaming hobby plaque

Scoring: 4 points (one each for adding Jaiden and Melody as playable sims, 1 on Allan's Arts & Crafts plaque, 1 for Jaiden's gaming plaque)

((well this was quite a chance from Guy and Sofia. Uni took about 6 real life hours to play this round... although I'm sure future rounds will take even longer. The house got a complete remodel -- which I will post next uni update -- it was also a lot harder to keep track of 5 students all on different schedules. Jaiden actually missed her final in her third semester and ended up with a C+. As soon as I moved them all to uni, Allan and Carla were all over each other so I knew the drama was coming I just didn't realize how early it would hit. It was quite funny. We'll be heading back to the neighborhood next to see Pamela Devivio's exploits now that she's on her own.))

Custom Content:
Jaiden's Hair: RaonSims
Melody's Hair: RaonSims
Carla's Hair: XMSims
Melody's Glasses: Black Glasses w/ Sparkles by griffysgirl @ TSR

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