Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eich (R2)

Last round in the Eich house, Ericka picked a fight with just about every man in the neighborhood (not really but it seems like it). Tyrone and Julio both got careers in the athletic field and Tyrone excelled even though it's not his career of choice. Unfortunately Julio didn't have as much luck but continues to climb the athletic ladder to reach his life time want. Tia grew into a child and Darren grew into a teen declaring a life of knowledge. Lets see what they got up to in Round 2:

Here's a picture of the Eich's house ((sorry its dark)):

And the interior: First Floor

Second Floor

And here's Darren with his makeover and LTW:

Darren Eich - Taurus
Knowledge (LTW: become chief of staff)

We'll start off the week with Darren trying to get his first kiss. He invited over his friend Opal Raymond who he has a crush on.

At first she seems to reciprocate Darren's crush

but then she rejects him. Aw, poor Darren :(

Tia also has some bad news

((ugh, I don't remember leaving these kids in such bad shape))

Ericka wanted to go to a community lot, so she stopped by the mall.

She runs into Shannon Perry the good witch who shares her love of grilled cheese.

Kelly Teer also wobbles by with her gigantic twin baby belly ((this was a pretty good picture of Kelly's pregnancy that I wasn't able to get while playing their lot))

Back at the house, Tyrone gets a good chance card

And Juilo comes home with a promotion

That evening, Tyrone helps Tia with her homework to try and bring that D up to an A

((So I totally lost Tia's homework, whoops. She did homework for like 2 days straight to catch up, I think there were 4 on the pile))

The next day, Julio and Tyrone both bring home promotions

Ericka also did something useful and earned a cooking plaque

Tia was so busy catching up on her homework that I completely missed her transition

here she is all grown up, and now for her aspiration:

and wait for the lifetime want...

Tia Eich - Aries
Romance (LTW: have 20 simultaneous loves)

((well this is goign to be interesting...))

Well on the plus side, Tyrone gets another good chance card

and Julio gets another promotion

((side note: Julio has a huge crush on that guy he keeps bringing home from work -- 3 bolts of chemistry))

Tia heads out to the mall to buy herself a birthday present

((she got stuck with bad gym clothes and something else))

She also picks up cell phones for her and Darren

That evening, the headmaster came over for dinner

Tyrone gave him a nice tour of the house

And then they enjoyed a nice dinner of Salmon

Luckily the tour and dinner impressed him enough that he overlooked Tia's C in school

Unfortunately I had Ericka cooking dessert when she left for work, and she forgot to take the Berry Pie out of the oven

I don't know what's up with my sims and setting desserts on fire lately

It seems to be the Eich's lucky night because that evening, Tyrone is able to find a position in the Law career (after Darren fixed the computer)

Here are some shots of the the Eich kids in their new school uniforms

Don't they look spiffy?

And we'll round out the week in the Eich household with two more promotions

Scoring: 1 point for Ericka's cooking hobby plaque

((well that wraps up Eich round 2. This round was so-so nothing major really happened other than I almost lost the kids to the social worker for losing Tia's homework -- they really should add a feature like in university where all you have to do is click the kids and tell them to do homework instead of having to find it in the house. I really really really don't like Tia now... that lifetime want is going to be difficult ::grumble::. Other than that, I'm glad that the men are now on track with their respective careers. I wasn't able to get a teen career in the medical track for Darren yet though, so he's just been working on the associated skills. It's really nice to have teens that want to learn mechanical so they can fix things. Stay tuned for the Devivio's next))


SK said...

LOLOLOLOL @ Tia liking guys who stink and have muscles. She'll be bringing home a construction worker any day now.

ASimWen said...

Haha poor Tia...if you don't like her she doesn't have a chance. :)

I admire they way you do headmaster visits, everyone all polished in their best clothes. Heck, my simmies do them in pajamas and often burn dinner. LOL

QueenofSimtopia said...

Ooooo another fun lifetime want! Luck you...

I love that house! Did you make it from scratch? I am jealous... all my houses are the same two story rectangles :P