Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Devivio 2 (R3)

In the middle of the round, Pamela moved out of her parents house and into a new luxurious apartment complex in town (she's on a Wed-Wed schedule). Lets take a look at what she did now that she's on her own

The first thing Pamela did when she moved into her new place was go out to get some new clothes. At the store, she met Jack with whom she had 3 bolts of chemistry

Then she took him home to break in the new apartment

(he's #5 by the way)

The next night Pamela headed out the Crypt O Nightclub and tried out the dance sphere

I'm not sure that falling out of the dance sphere is the best way to pick up men though...

While she was chatting up the locals, Amin Sims came in... he wasn't too pleased that she was flirting with other guys

Pamela still managed to get Benjamin back to her apartment ((although I think he was mildly retarded because he kept turning around and giggling after every social interaction Pamela initiated with him))


From all of her trips downtown, Pamela's reputation started to rise

The chamber of commerce thanked her for her patronage with some free meal coupons

She also got a phone call from some random guy ((I think she may have been greeted by him at the nightclub???)) who hooked her up with a promotion ((I really have to let my sims answer the phone more often))

Nice gesture but Pamela already had the necessary skillpoints and friends to reach the promotion on her own.

With her new fancy job title Pamela didn't need a roommate but she wanted one, so Bruce moved in

And immediately started making friends with the neighbors

...or not...

((so Bruce's roommate profile said he was in the culinary career and he moved in in chef clothes but that night he appears to have spontaneously changed into the criminal career track... oh well, it's amusing watching him beat up the neighbors while Pamela is at work))

Pamela got a good chance card

nice! I believe a vacation is in order next round :)

Pamela celebrated her promotion and patent by heading out to FM karaoke bar where she met Pao

whoops, didn't know Benjamin was at the bar too...

hopefully Pamela's reputation doesn't suffer ((note to self... greet and befriend but do not flirt/kiss/do anything romantic until they're back at the apartment))

Pao accompanied Pamela back to her apartment even though he was in desperate need of a shower ((I worked too hard to not get to #7 in the short time I had to play Pamela this round))

Scoring: 1 point for Pamela reaching the top of the science career track

((well that's it for Pamela... it was fun getting to play downtown which I rarely ever did on my old computer because the load times were so unbearable. I realize now that some of those places are in sore need of renovation! Pamela will be taking vacation next round so hopefully I can get her closer to her goal of woohoo-ing with 20 different sims before she becomes an elder))

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ASimWen said...

hahah I love Benjamin Long. I make him playable usually as soon as I get a chance. Congrats on the great chance card!