Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teer (R4)

Last round at the Teer's, Kelly gave birth to Cheesecake twins Addison and Wesley and also adopted a puppy named Maxx and Serena found a perspective boyfriend in Amar Hoppes. Lets see what happened this week

Addison really loves Maxx

... and Maxx's dogfood

Clayton gets a chance card and decides to do the responsible thing

he's rewarded by some skill points and a promotion

Soon it's time for the boys to grow up into children

Here's Addison as a child (with his very unfortunate everyday wear)

And here's Wesley

The boys got along great and were almost inseparable

video games

Chess (in their spiffy new outfits from TSR)

and dancing ((that Tsang Footwork Award will be theirs!!!))

They even found time to do homework

Luckily Kelly could go back to work without having to get a nanny. She soon got back on track with her career

Before heading off to Sim State, Serena invited Amar over

They shared their first kiss

And Serena's first dream date (of 50 -- ugh!)

After saying goodbye to her now steady boyfriend...

Serena headed off to Sim State

Kelly met a friend downtown who helped her get some higher wages

And Clayton brought home another promotion

The next day the boys both brought home A+'s

And Clayton brings home another promotion

To round out the week, Clayton gets another good chance card

And a promotion

And so does Kelly

((yeah, learned my lesson with that one))
To wrap up this round, Kelly and Clayton transition into elders.
((I changed Kelly's hair to white to match her eyebrows and new outfits are definitely in order!))

((That's it for the Teers this week. Clayton and Kelly are so close to top of careers so hopefully it doesn't take that long. Tune in next for the Eichs))

Custom Content:
Wesley's outfit: boys will be boys collection by cerulean talon @ TSR
Addison's outfit: boys layered shirts (bikes) by binky13 @ TSR


Anonymous said...

A great start to your challenge. I read them all before i commented. I like your style of writing. Can't wait for more.

ASimWen said...

Ahhh. so the loading screen picture at the beginning of the post is what they look like then...not how they look at the end. thinks about Matthew in the last round..getting all those scares.

SK said...

Haha, nice scarf, Addison.

C said...

Just read through from the beginning. Good start! Looking forward to more.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Aw... they are getting old :(
Way to go on the chance cards this round! ;)