Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eich (R3)

Last week at the Eich house - Darren tried to get his first kiss and failed. Tia lost her homework and almost failed out of school but was able to bring her grades up. Tia also grew into a teen declaring a romance aspiration and Tyrone finally found a position in the Law career to start working toward his lifetime want. Darren and Tia also got into private school. Lets see what happened this round

With all that catching up she did on homework last round, Tia was able to raise her grade to an A+

Ever notice that the bus driver and the taxi driver NPC are the same person?

Darren tried again for his first kiss, this time with Melody Tinker

((she'll need a makeover at uni, but he likes her a lot and their relationship rose really fast))

This time Darren's efforts were successful

Melody is quite the mischievous one she'll get along great with the bunch headed to Sim State this round

Tia is really into fitness

so she decides to take a part time job in the military career track (still no medical career for Darren yet though)

Here she is on her first day

She'll just beat those 20 men into becoming her lovers

Ericka decided that she wanted to try and be nice to people for a change, so she invited Shannon Perry over to try and learn the ways of the light

Shannon was happy to teach her

And here's Ericka the good witch with her cauldron and spell book

Unfortunately, Ericka wasn't able to practice the ways of the light for long. The next morning her time had come to an end

Despite his mother's passing, Tyrone is able to get a good chance card and a promotion at work

((Don't you turn away when I'm trying to take a picture of you!))

And he brings home another promotion the next day

Tia brings home this guy from school. I don't remember his name, it doesn't matter anyway since he's just a number

And he gives her her first kiss

That night, Tia reaches the top of her career track

The next day brings yet another promotion for Tyrone

Julio also gets a nice chance card

And promotion

Tia also gets a chance card that turns out well

The next day, Julio gets yet another promotion -- he's getting really close to the top of that career!

That evening, Darren applies for scholarships and heads off to Sim State

Unfortunately the rest of the week didn't go so well

Julio had a bad chance card

Crap! and he was so close to the top too...

Why do you have to have a lifetime want that you just don't seem cut out for....???

Oh well, Julio got right back in the saddle

Unfortunately, Tyrone got a bad chance card too

Luckily he just got demoted

And the end of the week, Julio and Tyrone are right back in the swing

Hang in there guys, you'll reach top of career eventually!

Scoring: 0 points but I have a witch toward the creature bonus

((That's it for the Eichs... I was so stressed out with the firing and demotions but otherwise the week went pretty well. Unfortunately Darren didn't get that great of scholarship money. For a knowledge sim, he didn't want to get skill points so he was cranky most of the week. He'll be heading off to uni with Melody whose stats I'll update in the uni post.))

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Ooooo more bad luck from chance cards! You sure get a lot of chance cards...